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'read less text' will control the article text: it is a read more alternative, much more powerful while respecting existing settings.

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• configure the automatic insertion of read more links (respect existing read more, or override),
• configure precisely the length of your intro text: in number of characters, words, sentences or phrases,
• customize the read more links to your liking,
• easily retain and adjust formatting of the shortened text,
• automatically create a linked image in the intro text,
• enforce login to read the whole article (block guests).
• Works on all output of all components; not just com_content.
• Fully supports multi-byte languages.

All this precisely on those pages you want. This plugin will ensure similar formatting on your site, even when different authors use different styles.

• For very site-specific configurations, you can use 'contexts' to precisely define when the plugin may be active: for which combination of components, views and articles. For a best understanding, it is advised to read the help text on the left side of the configuration page, and to use the Discover mode, which is a great aid for both setting up this plugin and checking its working.

Release 5.1c:
• Now also caching the default thumbnail, so that the article doesn't need to be rescanned every time.
• The option 'Respect Position Existing Read More' rejected the 'No' option. Fixed.
• Small performance optimization for J2.5.5+ (correctly this time).

Release 5.1b:
• Regression: thumbnail cache was incorrectly checked and therefore always considered invalid, causing a performance drop. Fixed. Huge kudos to gabs087!
• Small performance optimization for J2.5.5+. Kudos to gabs087 again!

Release 5.1:
• Fixed a warning when CURLOPTFOLLOWLOCATION was set while safemode or openbasedir was set.
• Word count was not always available. Fixed.
• Removing all tags could sometimes eat an extra space. Fixed (bis).
• Now respecting the option show
intro from com_content: if set, the full text is not considered when shortening.
• The suffix is split in two: an inline version glued to the last part, before closing all tags; and a post-version, after all is closed.
• Added a wrapper tag with class options, encapsulating each shortened article, allowing for further formatting.
• More flexibility regarding what to do within component or module scopes.

-- The last supported version for Joomla 1.x is v3.5 --


Posted on 29 February 2016

The discover function is amazing. Don't miss that one when you try this.

Ease of use

With the discover function it became easy. At first i failed but i never read manuals unless i really have to.


No need when you use the discover function... Sorry for nagging about that but i really loved it.

I used this to: My site where my writers never ever use the read on function in the editor.

Nice Plugin

Posted on 20 August 2015

Works well, however it seems to be in conflict with other extentions to be precise bt_socialshare on joomla 3.4 kindly check that out.

Ease of use

Fair in terms of its ease to learn


Posted on 06 August 2015

Not sure how the functionality is due to not understanding the manual.

Ease of use




I used this to: My blog.


Very useful and user-friendly.

Ease of use

Very, very easy to use.


It's so easy to use I didn't even need to contact the author or ask anyone.


The documentation included w/the plugin itself is more than enough.

I used this to: Inline readmore to introtext within the module, category blog, and article blog ... all pages with readmore link. (The default readmore as button sticks out like a sore thumb. IMHO, the readmore link shouldn't be formed as a call-to-action button.)


Replace that awkward Joomla system to make nicely formatted blog items with read more button, resize image with Links, control text length

Ease of use

Really easy , lot of information are included directly in the admin interface, straightforward.


No real support other than a JoomlaCode project page, but wit the include infos you should not need any


All Include

I used this to: I will use this now on all my sites to simplify for editors and site owners the automatic production of their blog section that are so important for bringing centralized news and announcements into a site to keep visitors coming. Should be part of Joomla core.


The extension automates limiting article text which gives a blog layout a nice uniform appearance. Works as expected.

Ease of use

There a lots of options but the learning curve ins't too steep. Took me about 10 minutes to get the basic usage figured out.


Haven't had a need for support.


There's enough on screen help to make it easy to work with. Apply a bit of heuristics and you can learn how to use it within minutes.

I used this to: I use the Read Less Text extension on several sites. I wanted to automate giving a blog page of articles a uniform layout (versus manual Read More insertions). It's a nice extension.

the best solution

Posted on 10 March 2015

i trymany demosite for vm one page solution, for me this is the best! I'm impressed.
I'll buy soon

Ease of use




If you don't use images, it will still work. But no images are shown in J3.4.0

Ease of use




Perfect for a Front Page Blog

Posted on 12 February 2015

Using v5.2 (r274) of this plugin and it is great for a front page blog. If you have multiple sub pages however - this product doesn't cut it

Ease of use

Very well documented throughout the settings page of the plugin. It seems that category=xx only works for the first entered category only.


Not even sure where support is for this plugin. The section for this seems to have new queries going ignored. Can't rate support


Very awesome documentation is included directly within the plugin. I think it needs an update however as various settings are not working.

I used this to: Custom company knowledgebase. Standardized Blog layout of information and articles. No core modifications.

Not so well supported

Posted on 17 December 2014
Ease of use

It is really very easy to use.


Support is not responding. I got response after many days. And they did not helped me at a CSS issue.


I did not used it.

I used this to: I never finaly used. Just lost time and money.

Read Less - Text

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