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SP Tab is a responsive, highly customizable and powerful tab module for Joomla that helps you to deliver the best content presentation to your visitors.
This module comes with 10 preset styles and each preset has 3 color schemes which ensure that the module will fit any types of website. If the built-in styles cannot fulfill your requirement there is nothing to be worried about because it has a highly customizable administration from where you can decorate your tab according to your need.

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Important Features
1. 10 Preset Styles
2. 30 Color schemes
3. Slide, fade and normal animation
4. Horizontal and Vertical mode
4. Highly customizable administration

Version 2.0
* Mootools dependency removed for joomla 3+

Version 1.9.1
* Fixed several bugs

Version 1.9
* Joomla 3.0 compatible
* Fixed several bugs

Version 1.8 (Joomla 2.5)
* Added responsive support
* Remove auto height bug

Version 1.7
* Joomla 2.5 compatibility added

Versions 1.6
* Minor bug fixed

Versions 1.5
* Added Cache compatibility for Joomla 1.7
* Tab item ordering added as order or title for Joomla 1.5 and 1.7

Version 1.3
* Joomla 1.7 support added

Version 1.2
* Disappear content on active tab clicked bug fixed.
* CSS color classes changed to .sptabred, .sptabgreen, .sptab_blue.

I've spent 3 whole days trying to find a free tab scroller and I finally come across this. Wonderful! Works so amazingly well.
Ease of use
It's so incredibly easy to use.
I used this to: I see people complaining about not being able to select articles and such. Anyone who isn't an amateur will know that you can use a cutom HTML module just like an article. Works brilliantly on mine!

Good extension !

Posted on 03 June 2013
Thank you for sharing. It very helpful with my projects. Thanks again !


Posted on 01 April 2013
Really useful.

Why are people whining about non-existent categories to choose from and no documentation?

It will load MODULES you select in tabs, as you can see in the module config.
i have used these guys lots of stuff and i must say they are organized and when they do their job they do it with all thier best ability unlike others. honestly there is less to do on their extensions everthing is done for you.guys you deserve another 5 star and here they are ***** with an extra on lol *
I used this extension on a Joomla 2.5 site and it worked great but when installed on Joomla 3.0 doesn't appear on front end of site no matter what options have been selected.

Hope the developers can get this fixed would love to be able to use it again on my updated site, worked like a charm on 2.5 but not at all on 3.0.
I would LOVE to know how so many people can give this mod a five star rating... it doesn't work... they claim that this mod is 'highly customizable' - but they forgot to mention that no where in your configuration - can you actually pick your article's or categories... matter of fact - there is no way to tell the module WHAT kind of content to actually display - just boxes of lorem ipsum... if you think i'm just making this stuff up - take a look at the thumb nails and tell me if you see anywhere that allows you to select what you are displaying.

unless i am completely missing something - other than the fact that so many of you actually gave this mod a '5', i would stay far away from this and look towards a more rewarding use of your time.
The standard of Joomla extensions is getting better all the time making it very easy for us designers to do our job. This extension is no exception. 10 preset styles, plus the ability to customise your own style. A really easy to use and well designed extension which the developer can be truly proud of. Thanks for your work.
It's just great. Easy in every aspect and runs on any browser.

And I quote the following comment, since it is the truth:

"In general, Joomla is easy to work, and if someone can't make this extension work properly, I don't believe the user can even manage to install Joomla.".

Now I wonder where the sixth star.

thank you very much and expect more.
Owner's reply: Thanks :)
Apparently is a good extension, easy to use and customize. But it has a bug for a long time and not repaired. It's free but has error and do not support. Not suitable for users of chrome and safari

Great Tab Extension

Posted on 10 February 2012
Great extension. I just installed the extension and got it up and running within minutes. Developer does not have documentation in website, but they have a forum where you can find and ask questions.

Considering that this extension is free, it's fair users do their homework before complaining. In general, Joomla is easy to work, and if someone can't make this extension work properly, I don't believe the user can even manage to install Joomla.
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SP Tab

Last updated:
Dec 04 2015
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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