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UIkit Modules is set of joomla 3 modules based on uikit framework. Best off uikit components turned into easy to use joomla modules, to help you display your custom content and joomla articles in a nice dynamic way.

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- Grid Stack – two column layout with text and media
- Slideshow – responsive image slideshows
- Slideset – image sets that you can loop through
- Switcher – tabs & switchers
- Accordion – expanded and collapsed lists
- Slider – items you can scroll with the mouse, touch gestures or a regular navigation
- Gallery – images display in a grid with filter navigation (loads images from specified folders)
- Grid – Display your joomla articles in a dynamic grid with filter navigation.
- Pricing Table – Add uinlimited pricing tables and slide true them using slideset component.
- Popover – Map your images with info markers.

###Change Log:


Added "Strip HTML" option to switcher module.
Turn this option off if you dont want your article content to be stripped off any html, note that "chars limit" option will not work if "Strip HTML" is disabled.


All modules rewrited and optimized
Optimized joomla articles db queries
No support for K2 and VirtueMart.
Rewriten and optimized plugin with few new options.
Article Grid module is renamed to Grid
Two new modules added: Pricing Table and Popover
Added more display, layout, styling options for all modules. Now you can style your modules to match your theme directly from module options
Added lightbox option to all modules. Now you can choose image link between regular link and lightbox.
Basic ordering is now available for custom content.
Responsive improvements


Posted on 08 November 2017
Works out of the box.
Ease of use
It does complicated things, but the UI is amazingly good.
Who would need it? See documentation : )
Complete, thorough, and clear.
Value for money
At $9 per site, licensing is steep. It will keep me from installing it on most sites I develop.
I used this to: Interactive popover on an architectural site plan. It's brilliant.
Works fantastic ! The Extension provides a wide range of applications and enables you an impressive presentation, based on your preferences
Ease of use
Backend-Panel is self-explanatory
Fantastic! The support response very fast, is very friendly, professional and really cares for working out a solution! Thank you
Not needed, The extension is mainly self-explanatory
Value for money
Very good price-performance-ratio!
GMap Location!
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GMap Location!

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Maps & Locations
GMap Location! is an Joomla module that allows you to easily add google maps to your website. It comes with easy to use interface and with advanced settings to help you easily customize your map apearence and controls, add unlimited number of locations and markers, add map navigatation with dark and light style. Set up and display google map on your joomla website in minutes!!! Features: Unli...

UIkit Modules

Last updated:
Jul 21 2016
Date added:
Aug 13 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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