Vik Slider is a module to create slideshows. It also works with images and text (even HTML). More than 15 transiction effects.

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Recommended. Great team.

Posted on 29 November 2013
This extension is simple to set up and use. The support, however, for a free extension, is superb and rare. My thanks to the team for providing this extension.

Very Pleased

Posted on 13 July 2013
I tried several slideshow modules before this one and they all were complicated with features I didn't need. All I wanted was a simple display to show photos in rotation with the ability to link from each image. This module worked perfectly. I did get an error when I first opened the module, but once I created the image folder with the name and path indicated by the error, the error disappeared when I saved the module. If you want a very simple image rotation module with a nice selection of transition effects, stop wasting your time and download this one.
In search of a (relatively) simple image rotator module for one of my websites, I tried several extensions. They all had flaws, for example the fading-out and fading-in being not really smooth.

I stopped my search with VIK Slider: It worked out of the box, after a short period of puzzling about the unorthodox requirement to create a folder named "vikslider" to keep the images, instead of having the opportunity to assign just any deliberate folder (which would be the well established standard).

VIK Slider produces a nice, smooth transition from one picture to the next, and I will use it on this site.

I am giving not five but four stars due to the following problem: As far as I see, there is no opportunity to assign a deliberate folder keeping the pictures. Therefore, obviously, only one instance of the Module can be put in use on the site; it seems impossible to employ multiple copies of he module, each with its own folder keep the pictures. If one employs multiple copies of the module, they all would refer to the same "vikslider" folder...

A workaround might be to hack the php files of each copy and make it refer to a differently named folder. I have no tried, yet, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

Anyway, the lack of an option to choose the picture folder is a certain downside of this extension.

It just works

Posted on 15 April 2013
Great slideshow, it just does what it says. No trouble and no difficulties to install.
Thank developers for decision to give us for free this professional module. It works exactly I expect. Let God bless you! :)

The best by far!

Posted on 08 October 2012
I've been searching high and low for an out-of-the-box image slider that works perfectly with the latest versions of Joomla... VikSlider really is the best I have found.

It's easy to set up, comes with a variety of cool effects built in and, most importantly, when I had a small issue and contacted the developers, they got back to me straight away with a solution.

If your looking for an Image Slider, stop here, you've found one!

Thanks :)
After downloading nearly a dozen image rotators and image sliders, NOT ONE, was able to accomplish the task except VikSlider! I run joomla 2.5.3 website and needed an image slider that could EASILY link external and internal URL's and this did it 1-2-3! I use this in a module on home page and it is very easy to upload and set-up. The only thing I had to do was create a folder in my images folder entitled vikslider (/images/vikslider/image1.jpg) and it worked like a charm. A good variety of slide effects to work with as well left-right button navigation if you want.
Vik Booking Vik Booking
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Vik Booking

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VikBooking is an Independent Booking Engine (IBE) for Joomla designed for single property accommodation businesses. Currently the only Joomla Hotel Booking extension to be certified by TripAdvisor, it perfectly fits all the needs that Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels and Apartments, Camp Sites etc... have. Build your rooms booking website with VikBooking. No other similar extensions can offer wha...
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Vik Restaurants Vik Restaurants
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Vik Restaurants

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VikRestaurants is an extension born to build a complete reservations system for your Joomla website. Designed for any kind of restaurant, from the most simple to the most classy one. Structured in two main sections: Restaurant and Take-Away. Create your Menus with the food that can be ordered online for Take Away with Delivery or Pickup Service. Draw your Rooms/Areas, compose and customize your Me...
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Vik Appointments

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Vik Appointments is an extension born to build a complete appointments-scheduler system for your Joomla website. Designed to schedule and organize appointments of any kind, for any kind of service, business that needs to have a real and efficient availability calendar. Accept reservations online and schedule the appointments for each employee in a smart and efficient way. Vik Appointments can be b...
Vik Channel Manager Vik Channel Manager
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Vik Channel Manager

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The very first native Hotel Channel Manager extension for Joomla! It works together with Vik Booking to synchronize Availability, Rates, Inventory and Bookings with various hotel portals where your property is listed. A complete channel management system for Hotels. Vik Channel Manager will let you interface your own website with online booking channels like Expedia,, Agoda etc... and...
Vik Rent Items Vik Rent Items
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Vik Rent Items

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Vik Rent Items is an extension designed for building a complete hiring system of any kind of item. Rentals of multiple or single items are allowed, with or without quantities. Designed with a powerful and flexible rates management system that perfectly suits all the needs for Bikes, Tools, Heavy Machinery, Camping Equipment, Inflatables, Sports and Fitness Equipments, Party Supplies, Luxury Clothi...
Vik TripAdvisor Reviews Vik TripAdvisor Reviews

Vik TripAdvisor Reviews

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Module for showing some of the reviews on TripAdvisor about your structure. Just set the property id and link of your structure on TripAdvisor....
Vik Secure Vik Secure
Paid download

Vik Secure

By e4j Extensions for Joomla
Security Tools
VikSecure is an extension that offers a lot of security services to protect and sanitize your Joomla! website from hackers, bots and malware. Given the strong relation between the Joomla! framework and Vik Secure, the extension can be installed starting from Joomla! 3.5.0. Reports : keep track of the actions performed by the users that try to do something suspicious. Admin Token : protect you...

Vik Slider

e4j Extensions for Joomla
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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