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evoSEO for Joomla is a brand new component and plugin to simplify on article SEO for advanced but mainly for inexperienced users. Currently on working beta version for K2 content, Articles content and Virtuemart Products with plans on extensions to support other content and product related components.

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Current functions available:
- ** [0.1.1]** - Fixed bug on single language Virtuemart eshops on creating sitemap on the backend
- ** [0.1.1]** - Fixed error on sitemap backend. evoSEO now checks if the components ( K2 , Virtuemart ) are installed before proceeding to other related functions
- ** [0.1.1]** - Bug on saving changes on evoSEO block in Content & Virtuemart
- ** [0.1.1]** - Added support for Google News Sitemaps on both K2 and Content components.
- ** [0.1.0]** - Added Sitemap creation based on Menus, K2 Items, Content Items and Virtuemart Products.
- [0.1.0] - Optimized the redirection and alias check proccess.
- [0.1.0] - Better Multilanguage support.
- [0.1.0] - Added evoSEO basic functions to Content Component.
- [0.1.0] - Added evoSEO basic functions to Virtuemart Component.
- [0.1.0] - Live Product SKU checks on Product Creation and Product Edit.
- Title check based on current Google Suggestion on letter, words length and content relativity
- Link check based on final canonical link. Avoid duplicate links and aliases, a common problem on many Joomla sites.
- Link redirections provided on article edit to avoid 404 errors after changing alias on published content utilizing the built-in redirection system.
- Meta Description check based on character and word length and content relativity.
- Alias creation on title change. Currently working as “copy title” or “latin override”
- Keywords suggestion based on title, meta description and content. We give priority to keywords with most appearances in above fields.
- Utilizing “Keyword blacklists” we can avoid unrelated and useless keywords. The blacklist currently contains predefined words for English and Greek. You can easily add new blacklist words directly on article.
- Simplified article time scheduling with date and time pickers.

Next version planed extensions:
- Extended Structured Data Support for item specification on Google Search Results.
- Opengraph Data Checks
- Google Tag Manager Support
- On article Google Analytics Data Support
- Google Search Console connection Support
- Support Google Rich Cards based on JSON-LD markup
- Google News sitemap creation
- Complete Site SEO Checkup with suggestions based on site data and information provided by Google Analytics, Search Console and Social Media APIs.
- Checking How the article / product will appear on common Social Network posts and Google search Results.

Please keep in mind:
evoSEO component & plugin works without conflict on Joomla 3.5+ and K2, Content, Virtuemart with SEO suggestions but is currently a work in progress. We plan to extend it to a Full SEO component and we value any feedback or suggestions on improving the component.

Toutes les fonctions ne sont pas totalement terminées ... mais presque : les fonctions SEO liées à un article sont opérationnelles.
Ease of use
Très pratique, et si simple d'usage
Merveilleux : une demande de conseil, et le retour d'informations pertinentes arrive très rapidement. Sensationnel !
... doit arriver prochainement
I used this to: réaliser toutes les fonctions SEO de mes sites, Sitemap inclus !
I think it needs some improvements but it does what it says on my k2 site.
Ease of use
Very simple to use. If you follow the suggerstions you fix your items.
I ve send an email concerning the update and the blacklisted words and they responded in the day with detailed explanation.
I did need to search about something cause it was simple. I give a 95 cause if I didn't need to find it I m sure they did a good overal job
I used this to: I have a site with sport news in Greece. I have no knowledge about joomla, SEO etc and this helped me to do some basic things I found that are needed in google.
I started using it on a news portal I manage for authors in the site who don't know anything about SEO. Helped a lot on the results.
Ease of use
After showing it to the authors they used it without any problem. Helped that everything is on the page without tabs and many clicks
I didn't have any problem on the installation but when I asked about if there were any conflicts their respond to the emails was 10 minutes
I d like to see video tutorials on the next versions if they have more advanced features. For now is ok.
I used this to: I ve installed 0.0.1 on my news portal and 0.1.0 on my eshop. I can say that it helped a lot and saved a lot of time. Still needs more features but it does what it says without problem. I hope they deliver the features they plan on next version. I d like Structured Data Products
Beautiful interface! Very functional and easy to use. I look forward to the full version.
Ease of use
I hope to help me a lot in optimizing search results.
5 minutes time response. Just amazing job guys. thanx
good, could be better
I used this to: my joomla 3.6.4


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Dec 20 2016
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Oct 10 2016
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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