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Facebook Slider Widget is here to help connect your website visitors with your Facebook page. All joomla websites can benefit from having this Facebook like box extension. Once Facebook Slider Widget is installed, visitors can view Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook friends and Facebook cover photos, without travelling to your Facebook page. Facebook Slider Widget is a completely free Facebook like box extension, and comes with free customer support from our Facebook widget specialists. Download Facebook Slider Widget today to naturally integrate your Facebook page onto your website.


Download Facebook Slider Widget and use Facebook to find new social media connections. By downloading Facebook Slider Widget and displaying your Facebook account directly onto your website via this Facebook like box widget, you can gain Facebook friends, Facebook shares and Facebook likes. You may be having a hard time deciding which Facebook like box widget to choose. Luckily, Facebook Slider Widget makes it simple for web visitors to view your Facebook cover photos, Facebook friends, Facebook likes and Facebook shares, without having to travel to your Facebook page. Facebook Slider Widget is one of the few free Facebook like box extensions and is compatible with all Facebook pages. So make the most of your Facebook account, download Facebook Slider Widget today.

Facebook Slider Widget Product Specifications & Benefits

Facebook Slider Widget can be displayed as a simple Facebook icon, or expanded to display Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook cover photos and Facebook friends.

Facebook Slider Widget doesn’t just provide social media benefits, Facebook Slider Widget also comes with the following product specifications:

  • Facebook Slider Widget is compatible with all joomla module websites.
  • Customizable Facebook like box format including adjustable Facebook like box heights and lengths.
  • Customizable color schemes for the Facebook like box display.
  • Customizable borders and headers for the Facebook like box display.
  • Free customer support from our Facebook widget specialists.
  • Display or hide Facebook cover photos, Facebook likes, Facebook friends and Facebook shares.
  • Facebook widget that is jQuery enabled.
  • Instant Facebook newsfeed displayed remotely.
  • Easy and free Facebook widget download and installation process.
  • Joomla module backend configuration for all Facebook pages.
  • Concealed Facebook widget display that is hover enabled to hide the full Facebook like box display. Simply hover over the Facebook widget display to slide open the Facebook like box.

The smartest business owners integrate Facebook into their business websites in order to take full advantage of all of the social media benefits provided by Facebook. Make the right choice, download Facebook Slider Widget for your website. Facebook Slider Widget is a customizable Facebook like box that can easily display your Facebook likes, Facebook friends, Facebook shares and Facebook cover photos directly onto any joomla module website. Allow web visitors to view Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook friends and Facebook cover photos, without having to leave your site. Download and install Facebook Slider Widget today.

Works well.
Don't like the advert to a 'MED' store at the bottom. Totally in appropriate.
Uninstalled now.
Ease of use
Easy to install and set up.
Easy to use.
I used this to: Was for testing and using in learing Joomla.
Purely fantastic extension, no issues at all setting it up.
Ease of use
Simple to setup and the documentation is more than enough to complete it.
First class support, snappy reaction times. Issues are determined rapidly.
Exceptionally point by point and simple to utilize. Simple to discover what you're searching for.
I used this to: To connect Facebook page with my website.

Facebook widget

Posted on 15 January 2016
Works great
Ease of use
Easy to use
didn't need it
easy to follow
I used this to: for my Facebook widget feed on my site. works nice

Simple and WORKS!

Posted on 05 December 2013
I have tried a few other similar extensions but had trouble with them conflicting with already installed modules. I gave this one a try and it worked flawlessly. VERY simple to set up and get going. Great extension, thanks!

Awesome !!!

Posted on 03 October 2013
Extension is great, Definitely i would recommend to others to use it as well !!!

Not showing

Posted on 26 August 2013
I installed this and followed the instruction but this is not working on my site, the only thing that is showing is the button of Facebook and when i click or hover on it nothing appears .
Installation was a breeze and does exactly what it says. Good job.
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Facebook Slider Widget

Vladimir Korush
Last updated:
Dec 07 2018
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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