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Yet Another Social Plugin is a plugin for Joomla! to display Twitter's Share, Google's +1, LinkedIn's Share, and Facebook's Like buttons. The plugin is configurable to most of each button's available options, allowing for quick configuration for your site.

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Features Include:
- Quick Configuration - The plugin can be quickly enabled with the default settings and be displayed on your site, or you can review each of the options to customize the experience.
- Customizable output - The plugin includes logic to enable you to completely override the output in a manner similar to any extension on your site by copying the output template to your site template's HTML folder. Or, you can add some CSS rules using the pre-defined classes to position the buttons just how you want them.
- Works with other plugins - Thorough testing has been done to ensure that this plugin, regardless of whether it is the first or last plugin to be run, works with all other content plugins installed on your site. And the plugin won't modify anything in any area that it isn't intended to either.

Not good!

Posted on 30 November 2012
I just installed the plugin and was full of hope because I need social icons shwon in a category view (listed articles in one category).

Im the backend of this plugin one is asked if one wants to show the icons in category view.

I chose "yes" and when I lookes at the site I am developing, there were NO icons in the category view. The articles in the specific category were all there but without Icons.

When I looked at the article itself (not in category view) the icons were visible.

The plugin does not what is promised. Very disappointing.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Owner's reply: Before submitting this review, did you make an attempt to contact me via the Issue Tracker or contact form on my website? If so, you would've found that I could have done everything I could to assist you with your issue.

Unfortunately, not all developers play well with others and cause some headaches for developers in making their code work. On my own website, I have to have my plugins in a specific order, otherwise one of the plugins causes issues such as what you are seeing.

So, before submitting negative reviews talking about how something doesn't perform as advertised, could you possibly try to contact the developer to see if they can assist you with an issue? I know a lot of developers would be more than willing to resolve an issue if one is reported than to leave something broken.


Posted on 13 December 2011
This plugin is very simple. It is easy to select what categories you want the social icons to show and you select top or bottom. I you want a quick simple plugin for social networking I highly recommend 'yet another social plugin' and it is way more than just another--it is awesome! Thank You!
well, the plugin loaded without any problem, settings was easy. not very hasty to do it. works like a charm, set it for at the top of the article so that it can appear on the article listing page too.

well, the problem is that the twitter button uses the title of the page when using it to tweet the selected article on the article list page, i mean category page. i don't what causes this or it's twitters fault but it sure is a serious issue.
Owner's reply: According to Twitter's API for the Tweet button, the default text for the tweet can be set in 3 ways. I'm using the data-text attribute, which I allow users to customize via the plugin's options. If the data-text attribute isn't set, then it defaults to what's in the page's tag. I can look at modifying that attribute so that it will use the article's title if the optional text is not set.

Great extension!

Posted on 16 August 2011
A simple but useful extension. I recommend ;)

Perfect and Simple

Posted on 10 August 2011
Thanks so much developer, installation is with a click, configuration is absolutely straight forward. I wish all extensions are this simple to use. Neat with Joomla 1.7!
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Yet Another Social Plugin

Michael Babker
Last updated:
Jun 20 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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