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This extension can be useful in many situations, such as:

An adult website in a country which by law requires to check the visitor's adulthood.
Want to display a cookie disclaimer or cookie consent according to the EU cookie law.
You display or sell sensitive content to be seen by children.
You want to give an advertisement before the user can view the rest of the site.
For a custom welcome message to your visitors or some kind of notification...

So you can easily display a disclaimer popup, content warning, adult age check, cookie policy, advertisement, ads, iframe, notifications... With html code on a jQuery popup layer before visitors can view any kind of your website content.

There are countries with different times of adulthood, so I recommend you write the resignation considering that fact. I.E.: "You must reach adulthood in your country in order to see this content."

In case you need a cookie dismiss or cookie control, if you let the "Popup text" field in blank, it will use a message that might be appropriate for your website according to the E.U. Cookie law. Of course you have full control over your messages.


✔ Two available display modes: "Full screen" (more intrusive) or "Cookie style" (footer only)
✔ Full integration with joomla 2.5 and 3.x template buttons, even with RocketTheme, YooTheme or more Joomla template styles
✔ Standard compliance: E-Privacy, E.U. Cookie law, (By Google) explanations have been followed rigorously
✔ Compatibility with all browsers - Compatibility with all screen resolutions and devices
✔ Write your own text or html code for your website disclaimer
✔ Write your own text for "Enter" and "Leave" buttons or for "I agree" and "See details" buttons (depending if it's for full screen or cookie display mode)
✔ Choose menu items where you want to display the disclaimer, or choose the menu items where you don't want to display the disclaimer, or all!
✔ Ability to select articles where you don't want to display the popup disclaimer
✔ Customize your disclaimer by choosing the text color, background color, background image header, mask opacity, effects duration and more
✔ Your cookie disclaimer or your adult age check will be unique using styles from your own active template
✔ Ability to combine the use of a cookie disclaimer with an adult age check on the same location (2 modules assigned to the same menu items with different display modes each one)
✔ Ability to remember or not (through a cookie) the disclaimer's acceptance during the days you have chosen *¹

*¹ In extension parameters, and let the users browse your site without showing the popup again. Or use the persistent mode for display the disclaimer on every page load.

✌ and many more features!

Translated into english and spanish. You can translate it easily to your language through the module options (in backend).

This extension does exactly what to expect from a content disclaimer. There are so many bad extensions out there. This one's just perfect!
Ease of use
Install, configure, watch it working. It's really that easy. Took my about five minutes form download to working within the site.
Can't tell you anything about the support since it just wasn't necessary.
No need of a documentation. This one explains itself in the great configuration.
Value for money
Not too expensive and I had to learn that there are more expensive extensions out there that just don't work as promoted.
I used this to: I activated this plugin for a German vapor site. It's not an online shop so it's totally fine just to have a content disclaimer instead of a real age verification with date picker and stuff.


Posted on 29 July 2015
Works as advertised and installs without hassle.
Ease of use
Works out of the box.
Kind guy! Thank you Adonay.
Value for money
Not really expensive.


Posted on 23 June 2015
The module is correct, to what has been created
Ease of use
Very easy to install and configure
Very good, fast and effective support
Value for money
Good price

Easy and clean

Posted on 20 May 2015
This extension does exactly what it says.
Ease of use
Very easy to use. Just install, assign menu content items to display, publish and, if you need, change some option.
Great support, quick and decisive.
Value for money
Five support months for the price of a burger? Thank you!
I used this to: Display a cookie disclaimer in all of my clients' websites.

Good work

Posted on 30 April 2015
This extension displays a popup in the middle of your website. It works nice!
Ease of use
Very easy
It is the first time I see this kind of support. Nice!
Value for money
Really cheap
I used this to: Display a message warning about adult content on some of my sites.

The perfect disclaimer

Posted on 05 March 2015
Very useful to enforce the eu cookie law
Ease of use
Very easy
Great support!
Value for money
Good value
I used this to: Display a cookie disclaimer on 3 websites.

God looking and easy to use

Posted on 13 February 2015
It simply does what it says.
Ease of use
Straight forward to use.
Value for money
Fair price for including support with it.
jQuery Content Disclaimer

jQuery Content Disclaimer

By Adonay
Site Access
If you have an adult website in a country which by law requires you to check the adulthood of your visitors, or you want to display a cookie disclaimer, or want to give a custom welcome message to your visitors, or you display or sell sensitive content to be seen by children, this plugin can help you. With this plugin you can easily display a disclaimer popup, content warning, or adult age check...

Content Disclaimer Popup

Last updated:
Nov 10 2016
Date added:
Feb 05 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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