3D Text Shadow


Style & Design, Editing, Typography, Articles styling

DEMO available! This plugin can create 8 kinds of 3d texts (for free). You should be using font-size bigger than 50px (it looks really better). There's no JavaScript, merely CSS3.

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I seem to think it's easy to use the typography plugin... Implementation:
- {neon}your text is coming here{end}
- {white}your text is coming here{end}
- {red}your text is coming here{end}
- {red}your text is coming here{end}
- {blue}your text is coming here{end}
- {black}your text is coming here{end}
- {glasses}your text is coming here{end}
- {navy}your text is coming here{end}

If you'll like it then plz vote me, or join me on Google +, or Facebook. Thnx

Anti-bot Anti-bot
Paid download


By Unisoftdev
Site Access
Easy to use (only install and enable). This plugin is capable to be identifying approximately and faking almost 400 kinds of harmful bad bots harvesting links, emails, images, videos, or sowhatever they can download and crawl. The plugin is written in a PHP code (it is not a classic .htaccess file). Web server knows signature of a web browsers, or else software named: "user agent". This plugin obt...
Prevent right click Prevent right click
Paid download

Prevent right click

By Unisoftdev
Site Access
Protect your copyright. Disable right click and prevent websites being copied! This is a simple, easy to use automatically working plugin that disable web visitors of your website to communicate with the browser through right mouse button. This Joomla plugin works globally across all the pages, so disable right click button of mouses anywhere. It will be preventing them to select and copy your te...
Social networks Social networks

Social networks

By Unisoftdev
Articles Sharing
You can check live demo. This plugin will be appending social share buttons under a content of your articles. It will be displayed on the bottom of every one article on your website. There will be displayed 3 social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Plugin displays 3 buttons under articles: - Facebook - Twitter - Google + Settings: No needed settings, very easy to use. Only ins...
Social share button menu Social share button menu

Social share button menu

By Unisoftdev
Social Share
DEMO available! It's very simple to use plugin that will add a social share buttons on the left side of your pages. It will be sticky, not moving when you will be scrolling pages. You will need to check manual how to enable it within your articles, however on my pages is a documentation with a photo and it's very easy. This plugin is adding buttons for: - Facebook - Twitter - Google + - Pinteres...
Image Effect Unisoftdev Image Effect Unisoftdev

Image Effect Unisoftdev

By Unisoftdev
DEMO is available! Image Effect makes two things: 1. Render a polaroid image background around photo and a box shadow. 2. Animation when you are hover photo with your mouse. There's option to combinate it, mix with else image galleries from 3rd party providers. Still should be full compatibility. This plugin ought to start immediately after instalation and you don't need any line of code. It wil...
3D image 3D image
Paid download

3D image

By Unisoftdev
DEMO is also available! One demo is better than thousands of words. 3D image is a Joomla's plugin making your photos/pictures, or images more realistic. The plugin is adding css3 (stylesheet), so is very lite and doesn't kill your browser performance. More particularly, this plugin is adding animations, change positions, angles and box shadow under images. The plugin is reaching the same perfor...
Exit intent popup Exit intent popup
Paid download

Exit intent popup

By Unisoftdev
Popups & iFrames
Demo available! Exit intent popup becomes visible at the moment when a mouse has hovered above a browser bar. This exit popup has built-in the config file that enable you to customize a content of the popup through that same WYSIWYG html editor as you're using to edit articles. You can display a text such as discounts, photography, links, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter code, Google Adsense, or whate...
Easy Youtube video Easy Youtube video
Paid download

Easy Youtube video

By Unisoftdev
Social Media
This is a simple plugin enabling you to instantly insert a video from YouTube into your articles. The Easy Youtube video plugin needs to know just the URL of the page where's displayed the video player. You'll copy and paste the URL, after put it into: [video][/video], like this one: [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62JaG4MmKP8[/video] That YouTube video plugin is pretty easy to use and...
Uni Photo Gallery Uni Photo Gallery
Paid download

Uni Photo Gallery

By Unisoftdev
6£... The plugin can create a photo gallery of 1-7 photos for each one gallery and make as many galleries as you're possible to make articles. Noticeably, this is for integration within articles. You are able to configure the height of your gallery and make a decision how many photos you wanna use. I don't limit you how to use the plugin. You can use it as well for a commercial project. You'll ne...

3D Text Shadow

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Mar 25 2016
Date added:
Mar 17 2016
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