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Appointment booking component for small business.

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Feature packed and reliable.


It does everything it claims to do, and it does it so well. Not a single issue with the functionality of this component.

Ease of use

Very easy to setup and use.


The support is phenomenal. Thank you developer!


Documentation is well put together and easy to follow.

Value for money


I used this to: Hair salon resource booking.


Great Functionality.

Ease of use

Very Easy to be used, more even the documentation provided has all information needed.


Great Support from Mr.Rob


Very Simple and Clear

Value for money

It deserves that amount

I used this to: For meetings and conference rooms in our company. I would like Mr.Rob to change a little bit the design.


as said in title, whatever your special requirements, ABP does it.

Ease of use

given its complexity it is very logical and, yes, simple


outstanding. The product is top, support is so as well.

Value for money

very good. get the lifetime version and enjoy all the improvements which are constantly developed

I used this to: A boat booking website. This can get very complex with bookings per hour, dedicated timeslots, bookings per seat, private bookings with many extras to choose from. ABP 4 does it all and now works smoothly on mobile devices now with the added accordion feature.


Excellent, easy to configure and add custom fields, has a beautiful "Front Office" view for my staff to view appointments people made

Ease of use

Very easy to use


Excellent response from developer


Outstanding written documentation

Value for money


I used this to: I used this on my office website for parents to make medical appointments for their children with me


This app has great functionality including a great GUI calendar. There are a few things that could be added, and the dev is working on them

Ease of use

Super easy implement and use with blazing fast performance compared to other extensions


The support of this extension is spectacular!


The documentation has really had a lot of detail put into it. If it isn't working, just search the PDF and the answer is in there!

Value for money

The plan options for this extension are very reasonable, especially for a "lifetime" subscription

I used this to: I use this for a consultation booking system for health consultations from our site. It works perfectly for us, and works great on mobile devices (a HUGE bonus that many developers miss). Great performance from the extension with lots of options and flexibility

This component easy to use and very flexible. Have outstanding solution for bookings in time slots.


Posted on 25 November 2013

This is beyond any shadow of doubt one of the best extensions I have ever used (and I have used a lot). I'm a very demanding person and this extension really suits all my needs. The support is THE FASTEST I have ever tried. Believe me, I'm a very picky person and to come here and say all these things about an extension it is because ABPRO is really worth it. Thank you guys and keep up with the great work.

SEO not compatible

Posted on 04 September 2013

Component works perfect but we cannot have SEO FUNCTIONS ENABLED on joomla.

What kind of professional site i will create without have seo enabled??

Developer should create things correctly and not fully compatible with joomla

developer should mentions this as a warning before buy extension.

Owner's reply: ABPro is Joomla SEO compatible, built and tested with full Joomla SEO. Most of the 20+ demos on the site are running with Joomla SEO enabled. It is not tested with any 3rd party SEO plug-ins.

Best Support Ever

Posted on 23 August 2013

Before functionality, software is all about support. I have been in this business for 10 years and those people are from the few who reply to every request within less than an hour. Seriously!!

Thanks folks for the support, and for knowing your product this much. Effective, and Efficient.

As for the product, it solved my issue (booking tests online) in my case. So dynamic and so flexible that you can utilize it for any business process that requires booking.

Impressive. Best of Luck.

The component works as the owners said, but most impressive of all is his tech support, not only it is excellent, but it is really fast.

I found myself with a few issues due to the complexity of my project, I was doing something unconventional.

As soon as I reported them my issues, they responded immediately within minutes, including weekends.


Rob Stevens
Last updated:
Sep 20 2016
Date added:
Oct 17 2008
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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