CloudHotelier Hotel Reservation System


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CloudHotelier HRS Engine (Hotel Reservation System) is a Joomla extension that provides a professional hotel reservation system.

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CloudHotelier Hotel Reservation System

HRS Engine can connect to any data source compatible with CloudHotelier API, like the provided by our HRS Manager.

Excellent user experience

CloudHotelier HRS Engine has been developed carefully to provide the most enjoyable user experience in the market. When users feel comfortable and in-control, direct reservations in your hotel website will boost.

A logic and intuitive reservation process make the users feel more confidence of what's happening on the website. More confidence means more trust, and higher conversion rates, so the hotel gets more direct reservations.

With no external windows or redirections

CloudHotelier HRS Engine integrates seamlessly on the website, just being part of it. The users will make the reservations on your website, not at a third party website. Doing so, not only increases trust but also creates more engagement with the customers, increasing definitely the number of direct reservations.

Features at a glance

  • Easy to install and set-up
  • Responsive: optimized for mobile and touch devices
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Different booking confirmation methods
    • Booking requests
    • Classic payment systems, like Paypal and bank payment systems
    • Modern payment system, like Stripe
    • Card details as guarantee and tokenization services
  • Unlimited hotels and room types
  • My Booking and automatic cancellations
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Highly customizable with CSS and template overrides (including emails)
  • Extensible via plugins
  • 100% integrated on the website
  • Specially designed for hotels and accommodation companies


By Xavier Pallicer
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CloudHotelier Hotel Reservation Manager
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CloudHotelier Hotel Reservation Manager

By Xavier Pallicer
Booking & Reservations
CloudHotelier Hotel Reservation Manager CloudHotelier HRS Manager (Hotel Reservation System) is a Joomla extension that provides a professional administrator panel to manage availability, rates, and hotel reservations. The HRS Manager exposes a data source that can be connected to any reservation system compatible with CloudHotelier API, like the provided by our HRS Engine. Powerful but easy...

CloudHotelier Hotel Reservation System

Xavier Pallicer
Last updated:
Feb 20 2017
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Aug 05 2016
GPLv2 or later
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