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With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we offer an easy to use, professional multiple hotel reservation software. Hotel Reservation is the supplier of hotel reservation software for the best hotel service provider winner of Zoover Awards 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Europe.

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Joomla Multiple Hotel Reservation is offering management and reservation solutions for all types of hotels, motels, B&B, resorts, apartments, etc. It's never been easier to build on your hotel portal platform.

This hotel reservation extension was designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your business.

Award Winning

Supplier of hotel software for the best hotel service provider in Zoover Awards 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Europe.

Key features:

• 5 easy configurable reservation steps, from booking dates to final confirmation.
• all in one tool to manage multiple properties or run a hotel portal
• multiple rooms/offers views
• manage rooms, taxes, email templates, points of interest
• choose between different styles for both the module and component
• flexibility in managing reservations
• children categories
• a simple, flexible way to set up room/offer rates
• dashboard reporting of reservations made
• clean & simple administration
• clients can reuse personal info from past reservations
• multiple reports on reservations, income, commissions, reservation countries
• multiple payment methods available: Paypal Standard, Wire Transfer, Omnikassa, Buckaroo, Offline Credit Card Processor,, Cash, JCC, PayFast, Square, BKT, Sella, Skrill, Stripe, Converge, 2Checkout
• channel manager integration to synchronize rates and availability
• reviews functionality
• Courses/Excursions
• over 15 languages available
• and much more…

Great functionality! Everything you need for a reservation system with many possibilities as it should be. It works perfect frontend&backend
Ease of use
Very easy to use and flexible changable to your wishes
Support is excellent! Very quick response and immediately fixing the problem I had with the template I use.
Together with the extension you get a comprehensive handbook with clear explanation. Big compliment!
Value for money
Definetely value for money. Comprehensive extension and handbook, and great support! Especially when you compare what you get for your money
I used this to: a website which offer packages to a festival. So it is not only usefull for hotel bookings as the extension allows you to change it to your wishes

The perfect one!

Posted on 30 July 2014
After trying several booking extensions I found the perfect one.

It's very easy to use and several clients liked it too as it offers a good level of customization.

The extension offer a lot of features and it's great value for money.

Due to some special extras at our site, we could not use the application out of the box. But with the great help of the people at CMSjunkie, all issues were resolved instantly - mostly over night. 100% satisfaction.
After trying many extensions to add the booking form on my website, I finally found this beautiful extension, full of features, easy to use them, easy to configure, just what I was looking for! Thanks to the inventor of this solid and functional extension!
I have chosen this reservation component because of the multitude of features and the simple and readable display. I have several apartments to rent and wanted to have the possibility to refer each individually. This extension help me to do that and more. We like the built professional features. Support was prompt and helpful. I wish I found this extension earlier. Thank you very much !!!
We've used this for bed and breakfast. We're several members and we needed a way to host our bed breakfasts. We came across this piece of software after Joomla was recommended to us by a friend. We found this to be exactly what we needed. A big thank you for creating this!

Simply professional

Posted on 28 November 2013
We decided to use this extension because it has a lot of feature and provides a good level of customization. We've been using this extension for several projects and our customers were happy with it and what it can do. Plus, the support is prompt and clear! And there when you need them.
After a few days of searching on web to find the best with the lowest price booking and reservation module, i found this. I was skeptical at first, but the module surprised me with all the features. It is very easy to use, it has all the facility u need and very very great support. Is the best module i ever bought and it helped me so much. Great experience with lot of smiles. Thank you!

Very nice support

Posted on 21 August 2013
Great extension and very nice support ! I recommend this one guys... ;)

A must have

Posted on 23 April 2013
I've been using this extension on a few websites.

The extension is easy to setup and use and offers a lot of options.
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May 22 2019
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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