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CRMery is the one and only native CRM solution for Joomla! Experience the power of a full featured Customer Relations Management solution without ever leaving your website. No more per-seat per-month charges. Pay once and no more. Store your own data safely and securely on your own server and under your complete control, works natively in your Joomla! site.

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Manage all your leads, contacts, companies and deals with ease. We've put extensive work into creating a system that makes less work for you. Follow intuitive layouts to quickly keep up to date and make your CRM worries fly away. We have too many features to even know where to start listing them, but here are a few.

Leads & Contacts
CRMery makes entering your leads and contacts a breeze, or if you prefer, import them from your other systems. It's that easy. Then begin tracking conversations, notes, documents and contact details for each of them. AJAX sorting and updating makes CRMery function lightning-quick, no more waiting for every click to load a new page.

No more guessing who is getting things done and making it happen. Quickly see where your deals are and which leads are hottest. Track your conversions, your sales pipeline and so much more. Use your dashboard graphs to be instantly greeted each day with the stats that matter most to you. But wait, that's just the beginning! CRMery lets you create your own custom reports to track exactly the fields that matter to you. Then with a push of a button you can export your data in an easy to use format.

That's right, these days it's critical to be able to access your information from anywhere. CRMery has a full mobile layout designed specifically for your smartphone and geared to quickly get you the information you need most. Get information on a lead or contact including quick access to auto dial phone numbers, emails, or click an address to instantly receive a Google map and even turn-by-turn directions!

Then there's Companies, Events, Tasks, Calendars, Goals, Leader boards, Documents, Twitter feeds, Email Inbox Auto-Merging, Daily Emails and more...see we said there was too much to mention.

Come try the demo to see for yourself. We are confident this is the CRM solution you've been searching for-and then some! Have questions? Just ask us!


Cannot review as there is no trial, just a demo.

Ease of use

From the demo, it appears to be relatively easy to use.


I have tried to contact CRMery numerous times for a basic pre-sales question and have not gotten any response.


Not clear if this will work on a Windows mysql joomla latest install. That was our pre-sales question we can't get answered.

Value for money

This is not an inexpensive Joomla module, but priced well for a CRM system. I wish I could use it!

I used this to: The plan was to use it for managing our discussions and tasks related to customer leads and orders. We can't trial it, and don't know for sure if it will install on a Windows mySQL Joomla latest system. I suspect this is an easy yes, but the lack of any support from CRMery


I think the functionality is probably OK.

Ease of use

Seems fairly easy to use, based on demos. Need to see it in action w/ customised fields.


As a first time user, I'd appreciate a higher level of support, perhaps even a list of consultants who can customise.


The documentation is not very intuitive to navigate. Email responses are riddled with broken links.

Value for money

I'm still determining financial ROI. The high price, as compared to other Joomla components, might be worth it for more energetic support.

I used this to: I'm trialing it on a non-profit client. If it goes well, I'd love to use it for other clients, as I want to encourage (and pay for) robust, native Joomla, well engineered/supported components.

Awesome product!

Posted on 28 April 2015

It is very flexible, which takes some time to get it configured to your likings, but it's well worth the effort.

Ease of use

I found most of the features self-explanatory. Those I couldn't figure out got clear by just playing around on a test installation.

Value for money

It's reasonable priced.

I used this to: To maintain press contacts.


Program says it does things that any other CRM will do. Be prepared for a lot of set up and communication back and forth with support.

Ease of use

Poor documentation. Only very simple instructions


Support is given on the easy questions. Anything difficult is put off or called a bug and then it just dies.


Only very simple information, not detailed enough for doing anything but very ordinary tasks.

Value for money

They don't stand by their product and will not refund you money for ANY reason.

I used this to: A lead generation site.

Great CRM system!

Posted on 20 January 2015

CRMery is one of the best Joomla extensions I've worked with. It rivals the pricey cloud based plays and puts the data in your control.

Ease of use

Very easy to deploy and use. Some small inconsistencies in user experience but overall amazing! Most users won't need to look at a manual.


Amazing support. Developers you can really reach with answers you can reall y use.


Documentation is available but a bit thin or disjointed. The user docs are more thorough than the admin side.

Value for money

Given the cost of the cloud based, big boys --- and the necessary commitment for any enterprise CRM, Cremery is amazing power/control/value

I used this to: Our in-house CRM system, allowing us to connect our CRM, production and intranet and avoid a lot of data redundancy.

After reviewing a multitude of extravagantly priced products, pulling through the convoluted task of custom programmers, sitting down defeated, impeded and worried; I met CRMery. In all actuality, I met David Hurley, who while at a conference found the time to forward me relevant information on what I needed the program to do. I purchased it, began customizing it, and for those of you who are accustomed to starting, finishing and ultimately selling products, then by all means buy this. This is the first review I have ever written for a Joomla extension. This is not a testament to being lazy, or lacking words of excitement, but rather this is the product where I know that my questions will be answered by a human, for a human, without much delay. The program is fast, straightforward, nimble, and full of customization. Spend the money upfront, because your time is actually worth more than you think.

This CRM will literally run your entire business. We used it for a large Chiropractor firm in Seattle.

We have been building high end joomla websites for years and this is one of the most captivating components we have seen so far. As far as internal staff systems this has them all beat.

-Cory Hofstad

CRMery defines a new level of Joomla Components...

This is a MUST for any marketer out there! I just love it! I am gonna persuade to all my clients that they need this. Great work!

CRMery! YOU are amazing! Thank you so much for your personal care. I’m thrilled to be using your product. It’s a masterpiece and I LOVE the possibilitys! You have raised the bar on customer care. Thank you again. I couldn’t be any more thrilled.

CRMery is an incredible joomla extension which I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy to use CRM.

It has a very clear and understandable layout, and there are multiple ways to do the same function to make it easier for the user.

They're very user orientated and are extremely happy to consider your needs as a consumer, understanding that it's the user who drives the program.

There customer support? AMAZING!!! We're in a different timezone to CRM and even with a small company they're online and promptly answering my questions in the middle of the night their time. Nothing is too much trouble and it's enthusiasm all the way.

While I have yet to find anyting 'wrong' with CRM per se, there is still room for improvement with functionality but they're regularly updating and improving and are happy to customise to your specifications.

very easy to use program that even an amateur can use (and I know nothing about extensions etc).

Nothing but praise for CRMery - definitely a program worth buying if it services all your needs.

We have been looking for a simple, easy to understand & use CRM system for months for our small business that will grow as we do. After trialling numerous open source solutions, including sitting through hours of webcasts we were over-joyed to find CRMery. This product rocks, takes about 5 minutes to install, another 5 to configure and off you go.

This is the first review we have submitted to JED, and the reason we did ... the world class fanatical support and well coded / designed extension.

My advice ... buy this extension! The code is well structured, commented and written; so if you are a PHP developer, its a great platform!

Thank you to CRMery, their online chat support (sorry, i only know you as 'staff') and to David Hurley for knowing how to look after their customers!

CRMery Form

CRMery Form

Paid download | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | CRMery Support
0 reviews
CRMery Form Plugin is a plugin for the CRMery component. CRMery must be installed for this plugin to function. This plugin will replace the shortcode [crmeryformXX] with the appropriate CRMery Form Wizard HTML. Place the shortcode text generated by the CRMery Form Wizard anywhere within your website and this plugin will automatically find and replace it. You can add the shortcode to a module, content item, K2 article, or any other location within Joomla!
CRMery Lead Notifier

CRMery Lead Notifier

Paid download | CRM | CRMery Support
0 reviews
CRMery Lead Notifier is a plugin that works with the CRMery extension. This plugin will send an email to the person assigned to a particular lead form. This plugin requires CRMery to be installed. How it Works The CRM lead notifier will trigger whenever a new lead form (created with the Form Wizard) is submitted. When the plugin is triggered it will send an email notification to the user who has been defined as the owner of that particular lead form. How to Setup The CRMery Lead Notifier is extremely easy to configure. Simply enable the plugin and enter an email subject and any additional information you want added to the body of the email.


CRMery Support
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Sep 12 2016
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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