The JED Team is hard at work providing frequent updates to the new Joomla Extensions Directory. Minor bug fixes will be published on a daily basis. In order to provide adequate time for testing, major bug fixes will be published on a weekly basis.

Issue Reporting

The JED Team uses the JED Issue Tracker system to track issues. Click here to create an account so you can submit an issue.

Bug Tracking & Versions

Bug tracking issues submitted to JED Issue Tracker will be closed as things are fixed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the fix has made it to the live site yet. At the very bottom of the JED you'll notice a version number in an x.y.z format. X indicates a major release update (this will stay at 0 for the foreseeable future). Y indicates a major weekly update and Z indicates a daily minor update. All of this will tie to issues on JED Issue Tracker. If an issue is fixed, look to the version number on JED Issue Tracker and cross reference the version number on the live site to see if the fix has been implemented.

Git Branching Model

Review a branching model similar to what the JED Team is using for releasing new features, minor bug fixes and major releases.