There is a variety of ways to navigate through the JED to find the extension that has the functionality you're looking for. You can browse by type, category, compatibility, cost, ratings and more. This article offers a few choices for finding extensions in the JED.

Searching the JED

Browsing JED Categories

Browse by JED Ratings, Reviews & More

Using the "Install from Web" Tab

Listing Information

Searching the JED

By applying filters to the search feature at the top of the JED, users can easily locate extensions. If you're looking for a specific extension by name, type the name into the main "Search" field. The filters are listed below:

  • Tags - informal organizational features that group certain extensions together based on functionality
  • Category - the formal organizational feature that categories extensions together based on functionality
  • Type - search specifically for components, modules, or plugins
  • Compatibility - search for extensions compatible with the Joomla version you're using
  • Free vs. Paid - search specifically
  • Has Demo - locate only extensions that provide a demo page of the extension
  • New/updated - search for new or updated listings
  • Score - search for an extension based on the score the community has given it

It's important to note that you can apply several filters at once in order to narrow your list down. You can click on the "Clear search" option at the top of the search form to start over.


Browsing JED Categories

To browse through all extensions listed in a particular category, locate the "Browse Categories" area on the front page of the JED. Categories are broad organizational tools used to group extensions together. Locate the category that most closely represents the type of extension that you're looking for. You'll notice that each category listed in this area includes the number of extensions in that category. You can click on each category to view the complete list of extensions in that category. You can also hover your mouse over each category to view a list of subcategories, which might help to refine your search.


Browsing by JED Ratings, Reviews & More

There are a few other organizational tools used in the JED to locate extensions. There are internal review and rating systems used to organize extensions and other tools like "New" extensions (listings that have recently been published). All of these are available to help you find quality extensions that offer the functionality that suits your needs.


Using the "Install from Web" Tab

When first opening the Extensions Manager you may have also noticed a message about the "Install from Web" tab. By clicking the "Add 'Install from Web' Tab", an additional tab will be added to your Extension Manager, allowing you to browse and install extensions directly through the administration area of your Joomla site. Please note that by clicking on the "Add 'Install from Web' Tab" you're agreeing to the JED Terms of Service.

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Once the "Install from Web" tab is added, you can browse through JED Categories or use the search and sort features to find extensions. You'll also be able to see what type of extension it is. Click on the extension's name to download it.


When the individual listing is open, you can view listing details, install the extension, view the listing in the JED or go to the developer's website. Please note that by clicking on the "Install" button you'll sometimes be able to install the extension directly and sometimes you'll be directed to the developer's site to download the extension manually.


Please remember that once you install a plugin, it can be found in the Plugin Manager; once you install a module, it can be found in the Module Manager; and components can be found in the "Components" drop down menu item in the main menu of the Joomla back-end.

Listing Information

Whether you're using the "Install from Web" tab or finding an extension in the JED, extension listings contain different types of listing information including any screenshots the developer included and an introduction, version, developer, update information. You'll also be able to view the extension type and compatibility information. Towards the bottom of the listing, you can view the extension's full description, reviews and other extensions offered by the same developer.

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