To help minimize confusion for what requirements are in place for listings and what is allowed/not allowed, the JED Team has created the following table.

Extension Distribution

 AllowedNot AllowedRule ReferenceInvokes Editor's Note


  X TOS 1.1 N/A
Per-Domain Usage   X   N/A
Support Per-Domain X     N/A
Restrictions to Edits   X   N/A
Backlink to Developer X     X
Registration Required to Download X     X
Commercial (Cost to Download) X      
Non-Commercial (No Cost to Download) X      
Additional Framework Required X     X
Software as a Service (Case-by-case) X     X
Non-GPL License   X    
Promoting Features Not Included In Listed Version   X    
Require a Commercial License Key to function   X    


Trademark Usage Compliance

 Requires OSM RegistrationRequires OSM ApprovalForms to CompleteRelated Error Codes
Domain Name using Joo, Joom, Joomla or anything similar X X TOS 1.1 TM1, UR1
Conditional Use Logos X     N/A
Limited Use Logos X X   N/A
Extension Name includes Joo, Joom, Joomla or anything similar X X   N/A
Site or product packaging uses an Altered Joomla Logo X X   N/A


Extension Functionality Checks

 Rule ReferenceNoteAllowed to
Error Code
Installs through Joomla's Installer     X N/A
Extension Needs a Hack to Install       N/A
Installation Requires Manual Copy of File       N/A
Extension Hacks Core Joomla Files       N/A
Modifes other Extension Files   Must notify user on install and revert changes on uninstall X  
Component Admin Configuration Functions on Install     X X
Module Can be Published     X  
Plugin Can be Activated and Functions     X  
Errors Return on Install       X
Modifies folder/file Permissions without warning        
GPL Headers In all PHP Files     X PH1
License Tag in XML file is Correct     X LC1
Sanitization Statement at top of PHP files     X PH2
Listed on the VEL   Must be marked as resolved on VEL list before publishing. See    
Update Servers listed in XML file     X US1