HSChromeLogger! HSChromeLogger!


By Hosting Skills
HSChromeLogger! enables you to log to your Chrome or Firefox Web Console in Joomla! using a simple PHP method call from the Chrome Logger library. For Google Chrome the Chrome Logger extension is needed; for Firefox 57 or newer the Chrome Logger add-on is needed. All data is sent via response headers and will not interfere with the content on your page. HSChromeLogger! is ideally suited for AJAX...
Copy Assignments Copy Assignments

Copy Assignments

By SUDesign
Admin Performance
When you duplicate a module, assignments are copied too, it's convenient! On the other hand, if you want to assign a new module type to the same assignments as an existing module, you have to do it by hand. All this is over! Thanks to this plugin, a new option in the parameterization of each module allows you to copy the assignments of an existing module! Created : October 2017 Update : Octobe...
System - Software Log System - Software Log
Paid download

System - Software Log

By Michael Richey
Data Reports
Each installer event on your system can be logged with this extension. New extension installs, manual updates, automatic updates, uninstalls and even extension param changes are logged. Tracking for Components, Plugins, Modules, and Templates. The plugin has a log viewer, allowing sorting, drill-down, and filtering by name or user. Features: Log all software changes Recover previous extensio...
Ruxin Admin Url Changer Ruxin Admin Url Changer
Paid download

Ruxin Admin Url Changer

By RuxinCode
Access & Security
This plugin is for changing the Joomla admin address. Easily change the management address to the desired address For example, convert administrator to admin www.yoursite.com/administrator -> www.yoursite.com/admin...
Assignment Previews Assignment Previews

Assignment Previews

By Alejandro Löwy
Admin Performance
System - Assignment Previews extends your module management adding a new extra Tab named Assignment Previews. This Tab shows a nice and clear overview of the Front-End Pages you assigned in the standard "Menu Assignment" Tab. You can set three different additional preview widths for responsive previews. Each listed Item opens a desktop version and three custom responsive preview widths as modal li...
SiteClone SiteClone
Paid download


By Barnaby Dixon
Hosting & Servers
Copy your Joomla! site from one server to another. If you have created a local Joomla site, and need to move it to a remote server, you know how long this can take. Let SiteClone copy your system to the new server, just enter your new server details and watch it work....
rkWWWredirect rkWWWredirect


By RK Joomlawork
URL Redirection
RK Joomlawork - rkWWWredirect Plugin This is a Joomla plugin for URL redirection / SEF. A simple, permanent redirect (301) from all non WWW URLs to WWW URL. Plug and Play. for Joomla 3.x compatible wih PHP7 Setup for frontend and backend free download Have fun :)...
Lab5 - jPowerTools Lab5 - jPowerTools

Lab5 - jPowerTools

By Lab5
Site Management
This plugin is a bundle of extremely usefull functions and tools, that you typically need on EVERY Joomla! website. Definitely makes your work with Jooma! much easier. jPowerTools is like a swiss army knife: Neat and handy! Maybe one of the most useful extensions or Joomla! Maybe. You decide. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// This Tools can: Übercompressors : - Minify...
Phoca Filter Options Phoca Filter Options

Phoca Filter Options

By Jan Pavelka
Admin Navigation
Phoca Filter Options System plugin is Joomla! CMS plugin which adds the ability to filter parameters in configuration options. After installing and enabling the plugin you will be able to filter options of components or Global Configuration. See video: Filter Options - Joomla! 3.9 Filter Options - Joomla! 4.0...