mobilejoomla,2.1.24, malicious redirects.
google adsense file added that may redirect all sites adsense revenue to the developer. File is not deleted on removing extension.

Developer statement

Extension Update Details

Previously the free version of the Mobile extension added a file called ads.txt (recommended by Google) if it was missing from the webserver in order to show the support ads, as explained to users before download. This on the other hand meant that if someone were also showing ads on the site and did not take action on Google's notification about adding their own domain(s) to the ads.txt file, there may have been a risk that they might have lost some advertising impressions. However, the new version 2.1.25 has been updated so that the ads.txt file is not created unless it already exists, in which case the Mobile extension just adds a clearly marked line there. This case only applies the free version of the extension.

 new version number 2.1.25 Update Notice URL