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Content Templater ComponentPlugin

Content Templater - make predefined content.

With Content Templater you can create predefined reusable content templates.

Not only can you make complete standard page layouts, you can also use Content Templater for text snippets. So any piece of text you want to use more than once, just make a content template of it! You can also set just about all the content options there are.

Under the editor you will get a list of available templates. If you select a template, your predefined content will be pasted in your article or other content item. And all the options you have set in the template will automatically be set (like title, alias, publishing settings, show icons settings, etc.)

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Reviews: 1
This extension saves me SO much time. I use multiple fixed templates on various sites and it's definitely a must. I'm currently using the free version but thinking about paying the subscription since it adds even more publishing options.
Support is top notch too. Great extension and great publisher!
Reviews: 1
Excellent component, easy to use to change the layout of the articles. Easy to use just a few lines of CSS code to draw the border, and background properties to the characters. Fast and good service of free support. Once you have created the template is really easy to recall it. Probably will buy the paid version!
Reviews: 8
This extension should be appended to the standard Joomla!
Good idea and good execution.
Support also at a high level. Congratulations and recommend!
Reviews: 8
A newspaper or magazine that may have a different format for different sections can get a lot of use out of this. Saves a lot of time, easy to use, 5 stars all the way.
Reviews: 7
Saves you a lot of time when you pre build some content templates. Great if you have multiple people editing your site!

NoNumber Support is first rate even for free versions!
Reviews: 6
Content templater is a very useful extension.
It saves you a lot of time when creating content.
I use it as layouting tool and am very happy with it.
Reviews: 7
I just started a project for a client with less experience on CMS and so I looked around for some additional helpers.
As I already know nonumber extensions, I gave this Content Templater a chance... and loved it from the first second!
How simple it a can be to create article-templates .. ;-)
This makes my life (and clients too) much easier as I can now create well designed articles and the client just need to adjust details within when creating new articles...
The way of handling additional options is great and very usefull.
Till now I didn't have an issue with this extension - but I already know that the support given by Peter is excellent!
Reviews: 13
Save time.
It is not a cck at all but you can do lots of stuff way more easier than with a cck.
Great for:
Consistency in editing.
Saving time repeating templates.
Using plugins and classes
And imagine using that in conjunction with snippets, replacement, scripts, articles and modules placement: check other extensions from Peter...
My Joomla love is greater thanks to NoNumber extensions.
Reviews: 19
Make the life very easy. thank you Peter the funny man!
Reviews: 3
Easing your life when need for recurring HTML snippets.

Very useful.
Thanks to the dev.
Reviews: 5
What can you say.. a FREE module that can basically layout a article with using CCK, understand that it cannot update a article that has a prior template changed.. but that is waht CCK is used for. Quick and dirty.. many features .. and FREE.. Had a issue with current build.. within 20 minutes answered and new rev. was generated to correct issue.. A must have!
Reviews: 9
Almost all extensions by NoNumber are a must for any website, and this extension is no exception.

I work with other people and this extension makes it extremely easy to create templates that anyone can use. It works not only on articles, but also on categories, modules, or wherever you can add content.

If you find yourself using the same pieces of code once and again, then this extension is a must. It boosts productivity and makes it very easy for less experienced people to get started.

Support is also great, even if you are using a free version of the extension, or any NoNumber extension for that matter.

Thanks to Peter for developing such great extensions!
Reviews: 6
As a long time user of Sourcerer, I downloaded this extension with every confidence - and that confidence was not misplaced. It works first time - and does a terrific job.

Peter's support is excellent too - I emailed him on a Sunday, expecting a reply sometime Monday. 15 mins later I had a solution (the problem was my fault incidentally). For a free extension that is just exceptional.

Look at his website for his other extensions.

Thank you Peter.
Reviews: 9
Its a very useful component. So far I was copying the html code (from code editor) to reproduce a similar looking page in a new article. This component has simply made my life easy.

Thanks a lot for this one.

Reviews: 4
It is extremely useful to have content templates ready to use for your contents. Such functionality should be in the core imo.
Reviews: 3
Perfect for setting up Category Blogs for non-technical users.

On our site we have lists of completed projects that are filled out by miners in the field.

With Content Templater, all they have to do is select our Project Template and all the settings and article layout is done for them.

This has saved me countless hours of work, not to mention drastically reducing the amount of training documentation!

Thanks Peter for putting so much time and effort into not just this extension, but all your extensions.
Reviews: 2
I have been trying to use this with the formu for frontend admitting of the event. Little bug occured, wrote the author and the replay was within couple hours. Now it is working perfectly, highly recommend to everybody, who is trying to adjust frontend forms for the clients. This extension does miracles... Thank ou Peter.
Reviews: 26
This is a must have - something you appreciate more and more after you start using it.

It not only helps productivity but also helps to maintain consistent style. And it is so easy to get started and use it.

Given that it's free [well I know he would like a donation]there is no risk - install it and see how much it will make your life easier.
Reviews: 1
Hi all ! I am using this extension for a collaborative online magazine (w joomla 1.5) and only few contributors are actually concerned about the general outlook of their articles. This component help me keeping everything graphically consistent. It works perfectly.

Not only the component is very well designed and well thought but as soon as I pointed out a tiny bug to the developer, he kindly send me back a corrected version (in like one hour !). Chapeau!

If only Content Templater could also prevent users from posting in the wrong category...!! Then, it would be definitely the best online magazine's editor's friend !!!
Reviews: 2
I have used this extension since 2 years and it is simply amazing.
I have many editors and intranet was terribkle with many styles and layouts. After installing this extension all was wonderful, finally the same style and layouts!!!!

Thank you very muvh!!!
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