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Awo Email Login Plugin

This plugin simply allows the user to login with their registered email address. Install the plugin and publish it. Works alongside Joomla Authentication by allowing the user to log in with either username or email.

There is a version for Joomla
- 1.5.x
- 2.5.x
- 3.x

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Reviews: 4
Users don't need to use their username with this plugin to login. If they forget their password however, they still do need to use their username to enter the verification code in the forgot password process. So it doesn't allow you to use email as username everywhere you need to.
Reviews: 41
Don't you just love it when someone develops a perfect little extension to solve a problem? That's the case with AWO Email Login! Why this has never been made part of Joomla core is beyond me. Install and enable this plugin and, voila!, your users can authenticate with their registered email address. Absolutely could NOT be easier. Don't forget to add a language override so that the login form shows "Email Address" or "Email Address / Username" instead of just "User name". Thanks to this developer!!!
Reviews: 7
Good job. Very nice idea. Makes it very easy for users if you site is new and users may not remember the username they choose on your site. Hope the developer makes more extensions and make it free if possible !
Reviews: 29
It is a great plugin which should be part of Joomla core extensions. I personally do not like to use a username for login but my email which is much simpler to remember because on some site you have to use another username because your favourite one is not available
Reviews: 22
Super simple to use. Worked perfectly with Jomsocial 2.6 also and JFBC! Thanks AWO!
Reviews: 3
I was going for an other plug-in (to pay for) but than I saw this one. It is great!

The good thing is that it still sends the username and password. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
I use this plugin in most of my sites that still run Joomla 1.5. It's a lot easier for users to login with their email than having to worry about usernames especially if I have to create the usernames for them.

It would be great if the developer creates one for Joomla 2.5 since I am starting to migrate my sites.
Owner's reply

Thanks for review, and for pointing out Joomla 2.5 is not listed as one of the supported versions. This has been corrected and you can now download the 2.5 version.

Reviews: 12
I love this plugin working with Jomsocial + Kunena no issues :) The only thing i would love to see is a option to disable usernames from being used in the login so i can login with just my email.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.

Logging in by username is a joomla core plugin. This can easily disabled by logging into the admin section and going to extensions->plugins. In the 'Select Type' dropdown, select 'authentication', and then disable 'Authentication - Joomla'.

Be very careful. Make sure you have another means of logging in enabled within authentication, otherwise you could lock yourself out. Disabling 'Authentication - Joomla' disables username for both backend and frontend.

Reviews: 2
its a good plugin but its not compatible with jomsocial, It will be gr8 if it support.
Reviews: 12
Ive used numerous extensions from AWO development, free & commercial and all have worked brilliantly, most fairly easy to set up and start using within 10 minutes and support from Seyi is always great too.
AWO Development have even created a handful of bespoke modules and components for me.

A very big Thanks to Seyi & AWO Dev
Reviews: 12
Very cool, works as promised, no configuration, just allows login with email or username + password so added a little text to login module notifying users of their option. Three cheers!!!
Reviews: 2
Exactly what I was looking for, and it works with K2 login module too.
Reviews: 14
I really like this plugin. It makes it easier for the users to login. Thanks.
Reviews: 7
Thank you for this little plugin. Very helpful for my client's site.
Super easy and works out of the box.
Well done.
Reviews: 4
I do believe that a username is less friendly than my old, used for ages, e-mail. So it does make sense to use something that you really use on a daily base for a login. This plugin does just that! In the Username field you can enter either a username (easy forgetable) or your registration e-mail address. This is a good part. The bad part is that the Username field during registration is still mandatory... but this is due to the Joomla "heritage" not a plugin's flaw.
Thumbs up to the author!
Reviews: 16
I did not yet have the opportunity to look at the code, but as the description says: download, install, enable, and it works! Beatiful.
I love this kind of extensions, that focus on specific little issues and give a working solution. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Reviews: 15
Like they said, it worked so easy, just install enable-done!!Best of all it's free. I was going to get the other plugin that cost but came across this and I'm very happy with it. You guys are amazing and thanks a soo much:)
Reviews: 3
Not sure what is happening in the back end but works on first install
Reviews: 4
Like most good add-ons this is a very simple plugin that does just what it says with the minimum of fuss.
I have a club website that I want people to be able to use occasionally without having to remember their usernames... and this fills that need.
It allows login using username or email address interchangeably, and has a very small footprint on the system, just install it, enable it and forget it.