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Auction Affiliate for eBay Module

Displays an eBay auction item. Highly configurable. One auction item per module instance. Multiple modules possible. Optional affiliate tracking included. No hidden affiliate trackers! Works on restrictive shared-hosting environments too. Works in all timezones and on all eBay Sites.

Why is this module useful?

* It offers an easy way of showing your website visitors what you are selling on eBay
* Simple configuration - the minimum is to simply enter the eBay Item number in the module configuration.
* Optionally manages affiliation tracking of your selected eBay auction.
* Use it to direct web traffic to your eBay auction, which means that more people will bid, which in turn means that you can potentially realize a higher final sale value.
* Use it for your own or other people's items on eBay.

What does it do?

It displays the following:
* Auction item image
* Description heading text
* Date and Time the auction ends
* Remaining time before auction ends
* Number of bids so far
* Price and currency
* Location and country of item
* Auction status: Active or Completed

It also manages:
* The retrieval of the auction data
* Tracker affiliation

* JSON and XML API encoding
* Uses cURL if PHP's file_get_contents does not work (very relevant on shared-hosting servers)

Langauge Support:
* English (GB)
* German (DE)

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Reviews: 2
For what this is, I'm sure it's an excellent module. But I was looking for a module that would automatically update with my auctions coming up for closing the soonest. In other words, I didn't want to have to manually update my module with item numbers. I wanted a module that would access my store and simply display the items coming up automatically. If this module ever offers this function, I'll be all over it!
Reviews: 5
This was, what I exactly needed and when I contacted the developer for enhancement proposals, he immediately adjusted this extension.
I see, he is someone who has excellent knowledge and I had the best support - and all that for a free extension - marvelous!