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Start generating serious revenue with this powerful powerful and scalable advertising solution!
SocialAds is an extremely powerful and scalable advertising solution which brings the best innovations in online advertising to the Joomla World. Leading Advertising systems like Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads as well various Ad networks have been researched while designing SocialAds.

With SocialAds, you can be setup in minutes ! With a super intuitive Ad Designer, flexible targeting options and quick checkout flow ensures that your Advertisers have the best experience of banner ads and actually enjoy advertising on your site.

SocialAds goes beyond Social by giving you all features of a full fledge ad management system and includes innovations like AdsinEmail and targeted remote ads.
SocialAds has the following Features:
1. Multiple Targeting Options and Untargeted Ads
2.Contextual Or Keyword Targeting
3.Geo Targeting
4.Social Targeting
5.Targeting Plugins
6.Maximised Advertising Real Estate
7.Ads In Email
8.Our Super Sexy and intuitive Ad Designer
9.Ads are Responsive
10.Variety of Options for your ad content
-Text Ads
-Image/Banner Ads
- Video/Flash Ads
-Combination Ads
-Affiliate Ads
11.Self Service Advertising
12.Flexibility to incorporate any kind of a site and to allow any kind of Ad layouts
13.Zones give you full flexibility to create different Ad units in varying sizes
14.Better Bootstrap Implementation and awesome ad creation wizard
15.Backend ad Creation/Editing
16.User and Ad and ad data Caching
17.Manage Your Ads
18.Native Joomla update support
19.Backend and Front end ACL Support
20.Basic Tax Handling
22.SocialAds supports 2 awesome Revenue models
23.Ad Wallet Mode with Campaigns and Budgets
24.Extensive Email Notifications
25.Multiple Payment Gateways:
-JomSocial Points
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order
-Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)

To view all the features in detail and see more awesome extensions visit

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Reviews: 6
Hey Techjoomla good job guys.
I love all your extensions and support.
Reviews: 2
We've used SocialAds for some time and recently gone through an upgrade to SocialAds 3 hoping it would get better. We've had to make modifications to the source code of SocialAds because of bad design and lack of important features.

The codebase of SocialAds is at first sight structured as MVC. But it isn't and it's complete mess. It's extremely hard to follow what's happening inside the code, trying to change e-mail messages and basic translations is hard because it is split between files and function names are misleading.

For example the function getInvoiceDetail(..) does not return anything and sends a mail TO the e-mail address provided in for sending mail FROM in Joomla config.

On top of everything the code is filled with commented out old code.

With that said. Some things work ok and a good programmer could fix this sinking ship in maybe a week, making it acceptable.

It has actually got a little bet better to SocialAds v3 but to the next version I hope TechJoomla burns every single line of code and start fresh. Doing it the right way.
Reviews: 1
Well, what can I say except they have amazing support and amazing components. If you got problem they will fix it as soon as possible. Looking to work with them in future.
Reviews: 2
Awesome product! Awesome Support! they just make it happen!
Thanks a lot for your support!
Reviews: 3
Aniket is awesome.

I have been in the tech space for 30 yrs but have not had to actually do development work for the last 20yrs. My current project has made it necessary (Happily) for me to start developing again and I was very pleased to see how far the open source community has come because it is the future of tech. One particular standout is Techjoomla in that they have some very creative,innovative and useful extensions that are speeding up my development time and lowering my cost. Social ads is one of those extensions that meets its description and is very valuable in commercial applications.

Outstanding pricing configurations for ads and the management of ad zones

Easy to install and integrates with Joomla seamlessly

Easy to configure by following the instruction

Detailed documentation that is easy to follow

Besides their useful extensions their support team was OUTSTANDING and in particular I have to shine the light on ANIKET who supported me on Invitex, Social Ads and acted as an intermediary with the Broadcast support person who was also good and responsive.

As a veteran of tech, I know that everything doesn't always work perfectly so the key is support not only for your project but more importantly it is the key to the growth and success of opensource.

Techjoomla and ANIKET are excellent examples of the future of opensource and I will buy more extensions from them in the future and highly recommend Social Ads.
Reviews: 3
These guys know the meaning of true technical support. They will help answer questions and solve problems and if all else fails they will go to your site and help identify and fix the issue. I cant say enough about their true customer service.
Reviews: 3
support is there whenever you want.
very good extension, not expensive if you calculate that you will get money from that advertising and it will let you be more calm, no need to worry about making banners, the client choose everything alone,you just wait your money, highly recommended :-)
Reviews: 3
I've bought every great Techjoomla extension, but this is the best for me!! Fantastic and very simple to use and make your site profitable! Works great with Jomsocial
Reviews: 2
This extension for joomla is just what I was looking for, in continuous development and a great support! The price is great considering the potential of the component, I recommend it to those looking for a permanent solution to monetize using advertising system identical to that of Facebook.
Reviews: 1
I must point out first, that I am NOT an affiliate nor a partner of TechJoomla. Yet?! Wink, Wink... Nudge, Nudge. Kidding, I'm Kidding. lol =)

However, Regardless of the few negative reviews. The team at TechJoomla is one in a million for Development and Customer Service! Constant feature Updates, Bugs get squashed very quickly and Tech alteration questions are answered within 24hrs (if not the moment you refresh your email's and support tickets).

SocialAds is Amazing! You cannot ask for a better advertising component. And somehow they continue to improve it with new features every 2-3 months. If you are looking for an ad component for your site or you are a developer and have clients that need to generate revenue with ad space, then this component is your stop! Besides being very cheap for everything it does, it's also too easy to set up and has API and Source Code to manipulate it into exactly what you and or your clients could ever need and want.

I currently subscribe to and use many of there components on my Joomla/JomSocial site. Such as:

People Suggest
Email Beautifier
Profile Import
J!MailAlerts with JomSocial Plugin
JBolo! - Chat for Joomla and JomSocial

And I am eyeing there Like/Dislike component right now =) I won't spam there review page with a link to my site. But take my word for it, test one product of there's. Like a new tattoo, you will Itch for more!

Thanks you guys!
Can't wait for more Great TechJoomla Stuff!!
Reviews: 17
I would like to mention first that it is not the first extension that I purchased from but I am also using Invitex for about a year now.

This is mainly to mention about their support, they are an active team that always answer to queries within a maximum of 1 business day, which is normal support time frame for businesses, people looking for instant support on request are not 'normal' because everyone needs to have some rest at some time of the day!

It is now about a week that I decided to invest in the purchase of SocialAds for the development of our new restaurant guide website, as every extension, we need first to understand the main functionality of the extension, follow installation instructions, set-up all required features prior to get it running etc. If after following these steps, we still have some issues, then, we request support from the developer and I must say that till now, the support, as usual, was perfect.

Just a simple comment about the review that someone posted regarding SocialAds, about the fact that what happened if ad spaces remain blank? Well, as a website administrator, it is our role to maintain ad spaces, also, it is our role to make our website known to the general public to get visits on our website and make people interest to advertise on our website, if we do not have any visitor, of course, ad spaces will remain blank for life!

SocialAds provides us all necessary features to run a full advertising website, latest version even include video ads, which is more than perfect, to fill in blank ad spaces, we can simply create sample ads and place them in zones to give visitors an overview what and how they can advertise on the website.

Making the difference between a non-commercial and a commercial extension is so easy but been using Joomla for quite a long time now and exploring many available extensions, till now, none of the available 'free extensions' and even other commercial extensions can be compared to SocialAds since its features are unique.

The only issue we encounter with SocialAds is that here in Mauritius (our country), we do not have access to payment options (credit card) such as Paypal, 2Checkout etc. that are integrated with SocialAds, we inform the developer about it and they inform us that new payment plugins shall be available within the next 6 months, we can for the meantime use the integrated Jomsocial point system to make people purchase points through our shopping cart and update their points within their profile and use these points for their advertising needs.

We have been making a honest and loyal review to SocialAds, as we did for all other extensions that we have used so far and we definitely recommend SocialAds to other Joomla lovers as it definitely worth it and the minimum subscription fee asked by the developer is really the minimum they could asked for such a wonderful extension, thanks guys for your wonderful work.
Reviews: 3
really a good component, with only tho defect:
1 it's not integrated with other components different from cb and JomSocial.
2 inability to sell pre-packed packages.

for the first problem i can suggest to give to the users (or to the admin) the possibility to make the banner depends from the URL (in this way should be possible have different banner for different parts of the site - ex: different category of ads manager)

apart of these things the component works good, i've bought it and im fairly satisfied.

if these two features should be implemented, SocialAds should be the best ads manager ever made!
Owner's reply

Hi Yonkie !

1. We integrate with quite a few other extensions & SocialAds can also be used without any Social extension. I suggest you look at the latest version & feature list

2. Ads on specific URLs. You can easily achieve this using Zones & Modules. Plus using advanced module manager

3. Packages- You can expect that in upcoming versions. But generally we feel the current approach is more flexible..

Reviews: 2
feature are interesting i just think paying for this is not make sense. many free plugins make more sense - also what happens if no one buy the ad space?
Owner's reply

Have you actually used the extension ? The 3 stars seem a little unfair :(

SocialAds is a full Advertisement management system for Joomla offering the most advanced Advertisement platform in the market as of now. With extensible targetting including Geo, Social & custom as well Zones & Ads in Emails.

If no one buys Ad Space, we have the option to let you display Affiliate & Google Ads to use the space till you get your own Ads. There is no other free extension available that gives you all this..

Reviews: 3
Very good component and the support is outstanding.
Reviews: 5
Excellent choice for adding semi or fully automated advertising to your website. The developers stand behind this component and are ready, willing and able to offer their assistance. Special thanks to their support staff like Mr. Dipti for the time they spent until all my issues were resolved.
Owner's reply

Thanks tasoulis for your kind words ! We aim at making SocialAds the best & most flexible advertising Choice for Joomla ! P.S. Thats Miss. Dipti ;)

Reviews: 1
I must say that aside from having this very good app it also comes with an excellent support! I had problems installing social ads and they were with me until it was fixed! They're committed to the excellence of their product. Don't just take my word for it. Try their products and you'll see. I'm a happy customer. :P
Reviews: 4
Great job with this extension! I use it to monetize advertisements on my website and it's ease of use makes that possible. Works very well with JomSocial as well! Any issues have been solved by their prompt customer service. Very trustworthy individuals. Thanks Techjoomla!
Reviews: 3
This extension does what it has to do for monetizing in a professional way your site.
Very powerful, versatile, and comprehensive. Many options,extendable with plugins to cover your customized needs, so you can find your own solution.
Support is superb. Thank you for the extension.
Reviews: 1
The extension is easy to install and to configurate. It exactly works like it is discribed, so no surpises. If you read the documation carefully it is easy to get the extension working!

I had a problem and submitted a ticket to the support. They answered me a few hours later and also after I react they answered after a few minuts, thats what I call a professional support. They also fixed the problem with given admin details for me.

I'm happy that I chose this extension.
Reviews: 1
I have just joined the joomla site solely to write a review on this extension. I have downloaded, installed and played around with over 100 extensions for clients and myself and as you can see this is my first review. If you have a community based site and you want to make advertising pay and not be bogged down with heavy maintenance, then you must get SOCIALADS.

It is so much easier to explain to clients that they are getting FAR more value for money by targeting their Ads and on top of that, SocialAds virtually makes it hands free to maintain them.

I am sold and the support has been fantastic. There is nothing worse than paying for something and then the seller dissappears. These guys have been extremely helpful.
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