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JExtBOX Article Auto Manager ComponentPlugin

This package (component+plugin) manages your articles automatically:
- Remove from Featured page
- Archive
- Unpublish
- Trash
- Move to Another Category
- Delete from database
- Empty Trash.


DEMO version is available now!

Joomla 3.x supported.

- 6 types of filters: Remove from Featured page, Archive, Unpublish, Trash, Move to Another Category, Delete from database, Empty Trash
- Unlimited, independent and easy configurable filters
- Component based filter manager
- Enabled/Disabled option for all filters respectively
- 2 type of limit: Age, Count
- Age unit: Day, Week, Month, Year
- Minimum (for age limit) and maximum (for count limit) number of articles
- Category and Include Subcategories options
- Execution period per filter: Hour, Day, Week, Month
- Execution time per filter
- Date for ordering: Published, Modified, Created
- ACL or Access Control List

More information & attention:
- Be careful for Delete from Database and Empty Trash filters.
- A filter doesn't work for current article, to avoid from 404 error.

Release history:
- 3.1.2. 2014-07-21. Minor bug - DS constant, was added to previous version, has been removed from component for Joomla 3.
- 3.1.1. 2014-04-13. Major bug 1054 error, related to "Order by" parameters initial value, has been fixed. Also a possible issue in one important function has been removed.
- 3.1.0. 2013-12-27. Joomla 3.x has supported. Database structure and Extension Name have been changed. Date for ordering and ACL options have been added. Demo version has released. Empty Trash new feature has added. And very optimal code written in advanced level.
- 3.0.1. 2013-10-24. Major bug in plugin has been fixed.
- 3.0.0. Minor bugs have been fixed. Joomla 3.x support in beta version.
- 2.1.0. Form for create or edit filters have been improved. New features (periodicity and execution time) have been added. Three minor bugs have been fixed.
- 2.0.2. Minor bugs have been fixed.
- 2.0.1. Minor bugs have been fixed.
- 2.0.0. Component based filter manager has been added. Joomla! 2.5 has been supported.
- 1.0.0. Initial version.

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Reviews: 13

I purchased this and its not working correctly with my template. I am sure it could work fine with other templates. It has good possibilities. I emailed developer for support, but after 3 attempts still no reply. As I am not a full expert on Joomla, and rely on support, for this reason only I cant rate this extension
Owner's reply

I think this bug (its not working correctly with my template) has been removed now. Check change-log/release history and compare it with PHP error message.

Reviews: 2
I use this extension for more then a year now and I'm very satisfied. Articles are automatically archived after three months and automatically the 'special article' indication is removed after two months. Hopefully it will be made ready for Joomla 3.0 as soon as possible!
Owner's reply

Thank you!