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Fields and Filters ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

Fields and Filters is a manager to manage the additional fields as well as the ability to filter them. (elements).
Component does not overwrite the Joomla core files.

- easy ability to manage fields
- 4 fields – input, image, textarea/editor, checkboxlist (checkboxlist field can be use to filtering)
- flexible configuration
- add fields to different position of the article
- add values field without first saving article
- convection of editing article view with Fields and Fields, does not require the opening of the component in modal window
- default field templates

- module to display fields type filters
- ajax filtering articles
- using the list view articles, without any additional CSS styles for the view filters
- default filter templates

Changelog - v.1.1.1
- One Installation for Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x.

- [fix] when the image field is saved, returns an error.
- [fix] after saving the article, thumbnails and/or images are not created in the image field.

- [new] now can change selector of pagination for the filters in Plugin Extension: content
- [fix] when turn on Engine Friendly URLs, pagination stops working.
- [fix] when the precision php is too low, the request filtering do not have permission

New features - v.1.1.0
- Fields could be assigned to many positions of Article/Blog/Featured for Fields
- Static - new group of Fields, once enter the value could be assigned to many positions of articles
- You can insert Fields anywhere on your site by using Syntax:
     * in the same article and component: #{field_id}
     * in another article and the same component: #{field_id,article_id}
     * in another component: #{field_id,article_id,option(e.g. com_content)}
- One can also use Syntax in description Fields
- Layout alternative/overrides in Fields

- New methods of comparison between Filters and Filter Values. This option could be changed in component, plugin extension (content) and modules
- Layout alternative/overrides in Filters

Fields and Filters require PHP 5.3+

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Reviews: 1
Congratulation for this amazing extension...vary easy vary simle but also vary effective..fastest support ever
Reviews: 3
This component is a easy to use solution for adding fields and filters to my content. Works as a charm. The other components I have been testing where far more complex and where based on a full CCK.

Special thanks to the developer Tom, who has been very helpful.
Reviews: 1
Extension works great and special thanks to developer Tom for the excellent support. Looking forward to the v 1.1.2 with dropdowns!
Reviews: 1
This is an absolutely brilliant extension if you are looking for an extensive, drill down filter for your content that doesn't modify Joomla core files and doesn't duplicate your content. This is a very well thought through component that is, once you spend some time with it, is very easy to use. Once you set it set up, it's all like a fairy tale from there on. I have never had a Joomla extension exceed my expectation before. I almost given up on getting a filter for my workout routines until I stumbled upon Fields and Filters. It didn't just work, it worked better, smarter and had more features than I ever expected.

There is something that has to be said for the support you get for non-commercial extension: Wow. I happened to use the latest Joomla so it wouldn't show the option in the back-end, it was not compatible. I sent a message to the developer hoping that maybe he'll know the exact issue so I could start looking into it, but I honestly didn't have high hopes of getting an answer. I got one just a few hours later and with a fix attached! Absolutely brilliant support, helpful and friendly and fast. I have never had a better experience.
Reviews: 1
Saved me a bunch of effort writing something similar from scratch. Although lacking proper documentation (a bit hard to find your answer scrolling through a video), the author always replied ot my queries in a timely manner.

I've created a search plug-in for J2.5 which allows to return a list of articles based items defined via fields/filters. Didnt have time to make an official release but if someone is interested, shoot me up and I'll share.
Reviews: 6
Easy to use - perfect for sites that only need a little structured data in their content without the overload of using a full CCK.
A little documentation added and a few more options in field choices would make it excellent.
Reviews: 1
Simple and useful.
I tried several kind of extension to add some field for my joomla articles. This is the real one that give me all I need.
And the developper give me hand to add fields for a specify component (Acymailing…). Thanks again.
Reviews: 4
I have tried many custom field solutions, and this one is very good.

It calls the db just a few times, even with many fields, that is a must have in terms of site performance.

One thing that amazed me, is the fact that it just saves the fields that are filled and this saves on db space and improves performance!

The support is great, I had two qiestions, and the developer replied within minutes, that's what I call dedication.

Finally, having new types of fields will make this an even greater extension.
Maybe creating field groups and define in which category these should happear would be a good idea also.
Reviews: 2
I use this great extension for filtering articles on my website and it is simply great. Easy to setup, with great video tutorial on Youtube and even better support from it's developer who did not hesitate to extend it's functions when I asked him to. I believe this is going to be even better soon!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use and versatile component for adding fields and filters, a must add-on to Joomla.
Developer support is simply great - questions get a through answer within no time.
Reviews: 1
I looked all over the web for an extension that would do what this one does and I finally stumbled upon this one and not only does it have what I was looking for, but also the developer offered great support, quick responses, everything you could dream of for a free extension. I strongly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 25
This extention MUST grown:
- Some more fields, like dropdowns, urls, geo, selects group, which must be styleable with custom css classes;
- Allowing nested/conditional fields;
- Filter output templateable, like category blog etc;
- All fields/values must be discretely available from DB, (not all field values inside of one array);
After this extention grows into described direction, all other CCKs will say goodbye. The cause is simple: there are many CCKs in Joomlaversum, but all of them have weak sides. The most weak sides are: using of own, not native Joomla content items, impossibility of detailed search within own content. This one can do both: create fields for Joomlas native content items AND do detailed search within own fields. Tomasz, do it good and consequent, and you will be quickly on top!
Owner's reply

Many thanks for your review and high rating. I added your proposals to my task list. If you'll have following solution please let my know.

I would like to comply my component to the largest group users as posible.