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RSEvents!Pro takes Joomla! event management a step further and comes with built-in solution for all related aspects such as visibility, social sharing and communication, registration, SEO and of course, payment.

» Compatible with Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x

» Locations - Google Maps integration, AJAX auto-completion, get directions, URL, HTML descriptions, photo gallery.
» Recurring events at the click of a button - choose repetition cycle (days, weeks, months, years), end date, repetition days and more.
» Attach files to your event - your visitors can easily download them (eg. flyers, presentations, archives etc).
» Allow users to add their own events in the frontend.
» Increase your website's traffic - SEO semantic events, tags & multiple categories.
» Social sharing - allow people to rate the event, like it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
» Groups - fine tune the permissions of your visitors by using the Groups option.
» Event Subscription / Registration - configure the start and end dates of registration, allow unsubscription up to a certain date, overbooking, owner notifications, discounts
» Seating Chart - show a visual representation of the seats available through the configurable Seating Charts option.
» 12-hour date format as well as 24-hour format support!
» Several emails available - Registration, Activation, Unsubscribe, Subscription has been denied, Invite, Reminder, Post Reminder, Event Moderation, Tag Moderation, Report, New event subscription
» Auto-archive old events!

» RSForm! Pro - Create your custom event subscription / registration form with our popular form builder.
» RSMail! - Show events inside your newsletter with the click of a button.
» RSMediaGallery! - Use the friendly interface of our gallery management extension to manage your event's gallery.
» RSComments! - Allow comments on event pages using our own commenting system
» Other comments - Facebook, JComments, JomComment
» Avatars - Gravatar, Community Builder, JomSocial, Kunena, K2
» Content - Show your event in an article by using the Content Plugin.
» Payment Plugins - Offline Payment available by default. Others are purchased separately (2Checkout, ANZ eGate,, eWAY, iDEAL, MyGate, PayPal, Virtual Merchant).
» PDF Plugin - Create PDF files (with barcodes) that your subscribers can print!

» From your Google Calendar
» From your Facebook account
» Directly from your own CSV file
» JEvents v2.0.10
» JCalPro v2.2.13
» Ohanah v2.0.4

» Create Event
» Single Event
» Events
» Categories
» Locations
» Calendar
» Map
» My Subscriptions

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Reviews: 10
I tried a component for the management of events and found in rsevent a formidable extension. I also bought the template rsevento that integrates seamlessly with the extension. Support incredibly fast and competent. Five stars!!!
Reviews: 2
After upgrading to Joomla 3.3.3 did the extension not work properly anymore. A ticket was submitted and immediately picked up by the team who discovered that this was related to another extension.
This tool was temporary disabled, and meanwhile reported to the other developer. Once this was fixed all worked fine again
Reviews: 2
RSEvents Pro is easy to use and easy to configure, until you need an option that is not there by default. Luckily, RSJoomla's support desk provides excellent support. I'm no newbie at template overrides, but the ones they helped me with I couldn't have figured out myself. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 14
Using RSEvents Pro, you cannot do some very simple recurring events. For example:

Town Hall Meeting, every 3rd Wednesday of every month.


Budget Meeting, every 2nd Friday of every month.

Since some months have 5 weeks, it completely throws off the scheduling and you wind up with almost random event days scheduled in the calender. Not good!

Yes, believe it or not, this is the "Pro" version. Support told us to "manually enter those kind of recurring events" because they cannot be done with RSEvents Pro.

One other difficult issue is setting the time of events. You have to click and drag left or right on the time setting to adjust it. No manually entry of the times. Took our office manager ten minutes to figure it out. If it took HER that long, users on the front-end adding events are going to get a little frustrated setting the event times as well. Very difficult.

The support is good, no complaint there. But this recurring event issue needs to be addressed. Apparently they are not interested since the component hasn't been updated in a long time. We had to switch to another component that actually DOES do recurring events accurately.
Owner's reply

I can assure you that RSEvents! Pro is updated constantly:

The bug you've mentioned was being worked on (not something you can solve in a few minutes), thus the reason why support told you which workarounds were available.
I'm not sure if you can classify an entire extension including its support based on a single feature.

Reviews: 3
I recently purchased RSEvents and RSEvento Template, I have nothing but rave reviews for both as a combo or standalone. They were easy to implement, the modules and extensions worked like a charm with little review of documentation and the preset themes were very good. The one thing to watch out for is that the demo shows events in a nice Pinterest like grid slider which is very cool. To get that effect you have to assign the Upcoming Events module to the After Content position which is specialized to create the style and slider. The documentation does not reflect that. Otherwise it is prefect and this issue does not diminish its 5-Star Rating.
Reviews: 2
No bugs, easy to use, perfectly working after installation and highly customizable, this is an excellent extension, with great customer support too!
Reviews: 1
Super extension - easy to install - easy to use, what more could you want. And by the way the support is just great. I can only recommend
Reviews: 1
Initially, the statements provided by RSJoomla on their websites were very promising.

Let me preface that everything below is with respect to the software and it's limitations - NOT the support. Their support in answering questions in a timely manner [whether I *liked* the answer or not] is top notch! On with the review...

(From the RSJoomla website) :: "RSEvents!Pro was built to be as easy and intuitive as possible, yet having all the features that you may need when managing events on your Joomla! 1.5 or 2.5 website. The endless features and integrations list is the confirmation that you needed in order to decide in favor of our extension."

I was very excited to really dig into this software, as well as paying for their additional RSFormsPro module to really make it sing for event registration and management.

I'm by far from a PRO, as many have written - and it doesn't take a PRO to use the software. It is easy enough; but that is where it ends. This is FAR from a complete 'Event Management' software package where an 'EVENT' is anything more than a free/paid event such as a birthday party, simplistic event/concert or gathering.

In my support request after exhausting every option in the software I could fiddle with, I asked how to do the following scenario:

-Secretary wants to register 4 coworkers (individuals) for a 3-day event ["conference"].
-The conference has a 1 time fee per individual of $395.00
-There are 6 optional seminars for an additional charge per individual, per seminar.
-All 4 individuals want to attend the same 2 [of the 6] optional seminars, whereas its $200 for one of the seminars per individual, and $400 for the other seminar per individual)

Using the above, Support *did* provide a 'work-around' example. But, that example quadruples the amount of Real information needed, quadruples the amount of time needed for the registrant [the secretary] to register the participants, and doesn't allowed for a "single checkout" solution. Every single registration must be completed and paid for separately; Ie. four different transactions. This doesn't take into account other deficits in ticketing limitations, layouts of venues and an, in my opinion, public 'too much information' simplistic and un-customizable display method with regard to how available tickets are shown. And, there is a limitation to one ticket-type per purchase. If you have a "Preferred" type and "VIP" type, for example, you can select multiples (as defined being available within the ticketing routine) of one ticket type or the other type, but not 1 or more of both types of tickets. Lastly, even following the video directions, , when followed - did not match up in real life to the results in the video.

Summation: The product *is* a decent/fair product, but is far from "having all the features that you may need when managing events...". Basically - if you want a single event with a few ticket prices, it will fit the bill perfectly.
Owner's reply


I have to agree with you on some points:
1) Support. Thank you for commenting on the support received - we aim to improve that even further and we always go the extra mile to help our customers.
2) The extension's purpose. RSEvents! Pro is an event management extension. What you were looking for is far beyond the needs of the average RSEvents! Pro user (perhaps an extension aimed at event registrations solely?). Yes, our extension doesn't provide a way for a group to be registered (e.g. input the number of individuals, add each details, select optional seminars, calculate different prices, essentially transforming it into a shopping cart), but we never advertised that it did. We aim to keep RSEvents! Pro as easy and hustle free as possible. Although it's not by far "simplistic": you can set registration start / end dates, a date until subscription cancellations are allowed, different payment methods, overbooking, maximum attendance, discounts, ticket charts (i.e. a visual representation where a user can select a specific seat), different ticket pricing/number of seats per ticket/number of bookable seats per user and so on.

I also have to tell other people reading this that you can purchase different ticket types in RSEvents! Pro. You may have left the option disabled in the Configuration. Below is an excerpt from our docs:
Multiple tickets: if enabled, multiple ticket types can be purchased.

Thank you for your review.

Reviews: 1
Incredible Truth plugin I have tried several and this has been the best, my classmates ask me to copy the plug-in memory
Reviews: 2
I wish to congratulate the creators of this extension that is not only comprehensive and affordable, but their after sales service is more than excellent and helpful. Congratulations and thank you for them.
Reviews: 1
I have been using RSForms Pro for years and was quite comfortable adding RSEvents Pro to my list of "go to" extensions. When I ran in to challenges with RSEvents Pro I submitted a support ticket and within 12 hours, someone got back to me with a logical, simple solution that I had overlooked.

Make no mistake, this extension is very powerful and well worth the money. The support is top notch. Not sure why you would get any other Event Management extension....or form management for that matter.

About the only thing I would like to see would be an easier filter to find events. Similar to a simple Joomla filter would be great....however....I am sure there is a rhyme or reason to the design they currently have.

Keep up the great work! I look forward to all of the upcoming updates whenever they are released.
Reviews: 1
I use RS Events in more than one site for clients. The extension itself is thorough, easy to use and an extremely good value for money.

What prompted me to write this review however, was the top notch quality of the support. If you plan to do anything of consequence with your website you would do well to choose RS Events as this is a team that will support you.
Reviews: 1
I recently bought this component and I'm very pleased with it and their support.

I had a problem with the calendar module tooltip which was not working due to the template I was using and these guys fixed it almost immediately when I could not get any help from the template provider.

They absolutely rock!
Reviews: 5
I would consider myself to be an experienced Joomla User, having developed more than 40 sites on the Joomla CMS platform ranging back to Joomla 1.0 and through 3.1.1.

RS Forms Pro is absolutely one of the best extensions that I have ever used, and so I was very excited to try RS Events Pro from the same developers. I have not been nearly as impressed with this component as I was with their last one.

To their defense, perhaps my expectations were too high because of how incredibly pleased I am with RS Forms Pro. However, RS Events Pro has continuously given me bugs, conflicts, configurations that aren't very intuitive, and features that I expected which are possible with RS Forms Pro but not with RS Events Pro. In short, I stopped using it all together and am just using RS Forms Pro now as a registration component for events. I really wanted the ability to limit the number of tickets being sold, but the trouble that I've been through with RS Events Pro has been more headache than it's worth. I'll continue to use JEvents and RS Forms Pro to accomplish my goals.

I've never left a review that was less than positive before, and I certainly don't mean to steer anyone away from this company. Their work is generally top-notch. This component just doesn't seem to be on par with their other work.

Their support is helpful (to a point) and generally reasonably quick to respond. Because of their assistance to me and the other components they offer, I'm not going to leave a negative vote on this component... This component has some awesome potential, it just needs to be a little more intuitive.

Reviews: 1
Great component so far, it meets my expectation. Like anything else, first need to study and get familiar with. Excellent documentations. The component has a slight glitch with the template that I was using, the support team was very knowledgeable and was able to isolate the problem quick and provide a solution for the issue. I am using this component for paid workshops and webinars. I am also using RSForms! and RSMembership! for this website. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Very polished and flexible component, can make a killer solution together with RSforms. Tried other solutions for registration but this is by far the best one.

And the support ? Great.
Reviews: 1
I tried multiple components before realizing that RSJoomla had a event ticketing/registration component. My mistake! Easy to configure and it works!

Set up downloadable tickets with barcodes, discount coupons, multiple ticket prices and with the integration with RS Forms I am able to capture additional information during registration - Easy modification of the language files allowed me to change button labels to meet my needs

- Yippee! Thanks RSEvents Pro -
Reviews: 7
This is not my first run with RSEvents. This time I'm employing RSEvents Pro for a busy Joomla 2.5 website with lots going on, and I'm very pleased.

There has been a considerable amount of work put into this extension, and it shows. I've given it top marks because I honest believe the developers have earned it.

What I did right this time was - read the documentation. The system works, when it doesn't, read the documentation a second time.
Reviews: 7
I have used the other event registration components and they are always difficult to configure. I had the specific requirement to have a ticket with a barcode attached to be emailed with the event registration confirmation. RSEVents and RSForms work together to achieve this. Be aware that this is quite complex to get working how you want it, and there are a few limitations at this stage which I am sure will improve but the most important thing is that it does the job, better than the other components, and the support is good and there is quite good documentation and information on the forum.
Reviews: 2
I've been using RSEvents!Pro for the first time for a client website that organizes all kinds of activities.

Had some problems with it at first, mostly due to lack of documentation or hard to find documentation. The support forum is not a place to find answers. It's community driven, but there's no active users.

Opened quite a lot of support tickets. But got great support from them! Even helped me out with some modifications!! Very much thanks to the developers / support staff!

My client is using this component and are very happy with it. It looks clean and is easy to use. Has a lot of features and views can be customized to your needs!

Looking forward to future updates with even more awesome features!!

I can recommend this to anyone that needs a activities / events website. From basic to full featured!

Used RSForms!Pro in conjunction with RSevents!Pro to make very elaborate subscription forms. Will never ever use any other Forms component!!!
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