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Helpdesk Pro Component

Helpdesk Pro is a professional Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 support tickets /helpdesk extension developed by Ossolution Team. Building on the top Joomla framework and Twitter Bootstrap, Helpdesk Pro not only provide you an easy to use, features rich support ticket system but also a nice, clean, modern interface to end-users.

*Features :
-Nested categories : Helpdesk Pro allows you to define unlimited ticket categories in unlimited depth level. For each category, you can assign managers (multiple managers for a category is possible) to that category and when customers submit tickets to that category, managers will receive notification about the ticket. He can then access and reply to the ticket(both from front-end and back-end) .
-Manage tickets from both front-end and back-end : When managers/administrator access to tickets management function (from frontend or backend), he will see list of all support tickets from the categories which he is assigned as manager. He can then access to the ticket, post reply to the ticket, change ticket status, change ticket category, change ticket priority....

-Powerfull custom fields feature : Helpdesk Pro allows you to create custom fields (text input, text area, dropdown, checkbox.....) and assign these custom fields to categories. Each support category can has it's own custom fields . When customers submit support ticket to a category, they will be able to enter data for all additional custom fields which you created for selected category.

- Multiple attachments per ticket : When customers submit ticket or reply to a ticket (adding a comment), they can upload multiple attachments to the message (the maximum number of attachment per message can be configurable from configuration section of the extension).

-Allow public users to submit ticket: Helpdesk Pro has a config option allow public users to submit tickets without having to login. After submitting ticket, he will receive a confirmation email which has an unique link allows him to access to the ticket in the future.

-Ticket History feature allows logged in users to see all tickets which he submitted, view/reply/change status/rating for a support ticket.
- Multilingual support: From version 1.3.0, Helpdesk Pro support multilingual. You can now translate categories, email messages, statuses, priorities to all languages use on your site
-Powerfull search feature : You can search for a support ticket by sumitter user name, email, user ID, can search by ticket subject, description...

-Powerfull emails notification system:
+Sending notification email to managers/administrator when someone submit/add comment to a support ticket
+ Sending notification email to customers when support ticket is replied.

-Customers feedback : The extension allows customers to rate for your support . By having this feature, you will know how customers feel about your support and improve support quality if needed.

-Multiple ticket statuses and ticket prioriti

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Reviews: 4
I was searching for a good helpdesk component for joomla and I've found it. The component is very good and do what's promised but what makes me very happy is that the staff is very very helpful and helped me alot. If you need a helpdesk component buy this one, it's cheap and very well done...
Reviews: 2
After having such an amazing experience with Eshop from joomdonation I decided to use the Helpdesk Pro extension they offer as well to manage our support and integrate with Joomla without using a bridge.

We needed a helpdesk solution that was professional looking robust and that was completely contained within the site to keep the theme and professional feel. Helpdesk Pro fit that model perfectly.

At first there was a conflict between Eshop and Helpdesk Pro but within 2 hours the guys at joomdonation had me up and running. This level of support continues to amaze me.

My website is somewhat unique, I run a custom computer OEM company so the changes that they make for me are not something that a typical client with a simple shop would probably use. Even so they have been prompt, polite, and professional. My issues have been resolved quickly and some of my suggestions have spurred development to the product.

In all I have to say I'm impressed once again with the plugin, the support, and the overall experience. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
The customer support is excellent and if the extension is lacking certain functionality you can email the developer and they will add it for a fee which is great and will save you having to use more than one extension
Reviews: 2
Not only is this component extremely easy to install and use, it also comes with amazing service. Tuan was able to modify the component to my liking and made the modification process very easy.
Reviews: 1
After months of searching and much frustration of finding a job shop tracking solution that is easy to use and maintain, this help desk extension is a perfect fit for what I need. I have been in technology for years, mainframe and UNIX, dabble in HTML, built a few websites but am very new to JOOMLA. This was a snap to setup! I added my custom fields to track customer info and due date, worked with Tuan on some customizations and WOW! I have an easy to follow, easy to update way of managing jobs in my screen printing business! Every question, every request was answered quickly, customizations completed in record time. THANK YOU to Tuan and his team!
Reviews: 3
Beautiful,simple and easy to use, that is why I give 4 stars to this component.
And the fifth star is for this latest version: it is more that a simple multilingual component. There is an intelligent system which send the mail in appropriate language.
We all knows that multilingual websites has problem with notification mails of joomla components. We have to write the 1 notification mail in several languages. But this component propose to write different mails for the different language you have!

Brilliant! Genius! I wish all the joomla component could do that!

Thank you so much for this amazing option!
Reviews: 4
After trying an "all-singing all-dancing" component I eventually gave up trying to configure it and bought this one - it is worth the modest price and much, much more.

The component is easy to configure (great when you are up against a deadline) and it works out of the box.

Excellent, I have used other components by this developer and should not have hesitated to buy this component.

In all honesty the best thing about this component is that it is only a ticketing system, it does not pretend to do anything else and if you are looking for a ticketing system that works then look no further.
Reviews: 5
This product does exactly what it is supposed to & makes support easy and simple. What makes the product top notch above all others is the excellent support that is given! I cant say enough about the developer, Great Great Great!
Reviews: 15
The component installs on a fresh joomla 3.0 instance without problems. Set up and configuration is minimal (at best) and doesn't take any time to get going.

Unfortunately the component doesn't offer much besides a glorified contact form. There absolutely no statistics or analysis of support tickets. No internal notes of any kind. No FAQ/self help sections at all. No ability to create tickets for clients from the front end. Actually there's no front end at all besides a support form. Back end access to support staff doesn't sound like a good idea to me, but I'm sure there's a market for that somewhere.

I can go on with the lack of features for a while but there's a couple of other points I want to touch on.

I'm personally not a fan on the inclusion of the entire bootstrap package included. It applies styling by default to certain joomla elements like the print/email buttons and white underlining on header tags and it's a problem when designing a layout since it creates additional conflicts you have to keep in mind. Also it includes jquery automatically so if you call JQ from your template you are going to have multiple instances on any part of the support component. The "include bootstrap" check box works for both bootstrap and jq so again you need to either include boostrap as part of the core site or dig through the component sourcecode to remove the additional jq calls. It's a hasstle to keep a clean environment with this extension.

Lastly I had the unfortunate need to contact customer support. When I ordered the extension I never received the e-mail with a download link. I contacted the developer and received no response. They finally got back to me when I opened a pay pal dispute.

If you intend to use this component on top of a generic rocket theme template for a hobby site maybe it's a good fit. If you need a helpdesk system with any actual production value I'd not recommend it.
Reviews: 2
It's a fairly new helpdesk system, but works great for my business. The best thing is really the support. I had a minor issue which was solved instantly. Great work!
Reviews: 1
This Addon works like a charm. We need a little installation Support to get it to work with our Template. We send the Ticket at Weekend. Monday Morning 8 Clock the solution Answer was in our Mailbox.
Great :)
Reviews: 2
I am very impressed not only by the very well written and useful Helpdesk Pro tool, but also by the awesome support by Tuan, the main contact for support on this tool. He has taken my feedback positively and added features and discussed my particular implementation at length.

There are many add-ons and modules available out there, but many are stale in development and have poor, or very lengthy response for feedback and technical support. Tuan is excellent in both response time and understanding of the issue or request, which makes this the tool to use for trouble ticket implementation on your Joomla! site. Great job!!
Reviews: 3
I have used Ossolution Team's products and they always work right out of the box. When I did have a minor complication after moving to a newer server Tuan (my support guy) was very responsive and alway eager to assist me in getting the issue resolved quickly and accurately.
Help Desk Pro is the third and last ticket in system I'll use. It has all the features my small business needs and my client have no problems submitting support tickets to me.

I am VERY happy with this mod.
Reviews: 4
Many developers will tell you that their extension is great. That is expected. But as a developer myself, and a person always interested in finding problems in other people's work, I have no issue with this HelpDesk Pro component.

Simple to install. Very customizable and easy to use.

If you want a component to fix your ticket management system on your joomla site, stop here. This is a clean component that will make you love your site. And, the support is great.
Reviews: 1
Helpdesk pro was just what we needed, we needed a ticket system which we could easily fit to our way of working, we repair apple products and this extension allowed us to run our online ticket system with very little configuration, which meant from the point a got it, the system was up and running for client use in under an 1 hour, this included testing time.

I have changed a few language files to make the fields display exactly what we wanted but Helpdesk Pro has a built in translator to change this for you.

When i needed a feature to change, it only took me raising a support request and asking for it and within a day the development team had told me how to do it via coding and within a few hours released another update to the core coding for general release.

I am very impressed at this customer service and will recommend this extension to everyone.


Reviews: 1
This extension is great, easy to install, configuring the tickets could be a little confusing if you have never used this type of extension before.

The customer support is excellent and if the extension is lacking certain functionality you can email the developer and they will add it for a fee which is great and will save you having to use more than one extension