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Rich Snippets Vote Plugin

Rich Snippets Vote plugin for Joomla!

Google can display rich snippets in search results for articles or products that have a review system compatible with Google Structured Data.

Rich Snippets Vote is a plugin for Joomla! which adds structured data support (using standard) for Joomla Voting System and K2 extension. This plugin is compatible with any other voting plugin based on Joomla Voting System.

By using this plugin, you can boost SEO for your website and you can strengthen your website position in SERP. By displaying structured data in Google search results, your website's links will become more attractive to users.

Rich Snippets Vote uses structured data format, being compatible with all major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing.

To test the functionality of Rich Snippets Vote plugin and how Google displays votes in search results pages, you can use Structured Data Testing Tool provided by Google.

Rich Snippets Vote features:

- users can choose how code is displayed

- users can display the text "review" or "vote" in search results pages

- display structured data in categories, sections and frontpage

- multilingual support

- uses format

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Reviews: 1
when adjusted easily and very fast response to questions from the author. In a word, perfect.
Reviews: 5
This plugin is very easy to use, and works with K2.
Don't forget to switch display to users to "no" if you don't want to design rich snippet display.
Thanks !
Reviews: 4
This extension works very well. Easy to setup and configure. Great job from the author.
Reviews: 9
Excellent plugin. Does what it claims. If you use rating system on your web site then this plugin is a must.
Thank you to the developers!
Reviews: 2
The tool works well and does all it is created to do. Easy to manage.
I'd like to have options how stars should look and where to display them.
Very good tool.
Owner's reply

an option was added and you can now display the structured data code (rich snippet) before or after the article's content.

Reviews: 1
this extension works fine and is realy great to use. i love it! and the support in the forum is also excellent. they have done a great job.
Reviews: 9
Ah, so easy to use, does exactly what it says. This plugin can be so beneficial that I'm surprised I don't see more people using and praising this. I recommend using it in conjunction with the oh-so-wonderful "Extra Vote" plugin!
Reviews: 5
I've been using this extension for a while and it installs easily and does pretty much out of the box what you need to start you off with microdata snippets.
However two small side notes: I'm finding it dificult to find support for this plugin because I have a question. Secondly I would also really appreciate it to change the type of micodata sets used. Some of my content is recipes the other business listings and another reviews but they all are set as type: 'article'. Maybe this could be an idea for development.
Owner's reply

For support and questions use our support forum:

Reviews: 1
Great extension, thanks a lot for delivering this to us for free.

However, for my website I would like to place the voting stars somewhere in the article but not on top, where they use to be. Is there any code I can type for calling this plugin to show up wherever I want to?

Thanx for the support.
Owner's reply

You can use this feature: Display to users -> No. Using this, normal users will not see the actual rich snippet code.

Reviews: 1
Couldn't be easier. I recommmend it.

One question though: I run a Spanish-language review site.

Is there a way to change the snippets to display the spanish 'Calificaciones' instead of 'Reviews' next to the stars and number of reviews?
Owner's reply

You can hide it to normal users by choosing Display to users -> No. The voting system will be displayed and only bots will see the actual snippet.

Reviews: 7
I've test this plugin on Joomla 1.5 & 2.5. & is working perfectly but I've put a few hair our of my head for 2 reasons. 1- I did not know that is was not working on (blog format but only on single article). 2 We must give us at least on vote to show up on google R.S Tool test.
Anyway, it is a super plugin and thanks to developper.
Owner's reply

Indeed, if there are no votes, the structured data code is useless, and the rich snippet is not generated.

Reviews: 4
The plugin is working nice. I gave a 5 stars rate because first i was think it didnt work. I sent then a message and the response within 24 hour. The plugin was working already. I was forgotten to clean the website cache.
Reviews: 3
works on Joomla,K2 articles 1 min install,
any mod that improves your chance of being seen in search results is an asset to your site, This is a FREE mod that most developers would charge a tidy sum for.

Do not underestimate the importance of rich snippets, let your competitors do that :) THANKS FOR THE MOD
Reviews: 6
First of all I must say this is quiet contemporary plugin (No other adjective came to my mind) and this is just falling behind in no of user, main reason of which is that 90% users hardly even know what rich snippets are, so how are they supposed to use this plugin, but as more and more awareness spreads they shall know what they have been missing all the years. :) Thanx Developer for making it completely Free!!! May God Bless you!! :)
Reviews: 1
I installed the plugin, activated, have social button, but when I do the test, does not appear any vote, and the article has a vote of google.

It is there a time delay of google?

from already thank you very much!
Owner's reply

You have to wait for Google Bot to recrawl your pages.

For further support and questions use our forum.

Reviews: 5
Plugin works perfectly, it is perfectly integrated with the system as I didn't even notice that it was already working.
The support on the website is excellent as well.
I recommend this plugin