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JLex Review ComponentPlugin

JLex Review is powerful review system for Joomla!.
The third-party of Joomla can integrate into any extension

★ Key feature:
+ Review item:
→ Multiple rating: Now, multiple rating feature are available in JLex Review 2. You can add one or more factor for each review

→ Split editor: Split main editor to multiple field (eg. advantages, disadvantages and summary). Also, you can easily custom these fields. Fully setting from label title, request field to BBCode third-party.

→ Number stars: JLex Review don't limit at 5 stars. You can custom number star that you want (6,7,8,9 ... ). Also, the summary board will be changed.

→ Gallery/Photo: This feature allow you upload multiple photos/images and embed it into review. All photo will be resized size when upload successful.

→ File attachment: As above, this feature allow you attach multiple file from client computer. Also, you can set access control to manage upload/download command. All files are stored in the safe folder

→ Map embed: JLex Review 2 support some API of Google Map. So, you can embed/insert any map/address into each review.

→ Social sharing: The social sharing feature also supported in this version. You can share review to large social network. Such as: Facebook, Google plus and

→ Comment system: Add comment each review. Addition, you can like/dislike or reply for each comment. In order to receive new comment from a review, you need subscribe this review.

+ Add-ons:
→ Vote/Quick rating: Vote/Quick rating as rating without review. All multiple rating or number star have keep.

→ Global profile: Yes, you can use profile (avatar+url) of third-party. Currently, we are support: JomSocial, Stackidea product, K2, Community Builder and Kunena. In addition, JLex Review profile are supported ;)

→ Applications: JLex Review allow you install plugins that supported JLex Review. Eg: Captcha, Emotion or Gallery ....

→ Responsive theme: Fully responsive template help your site correctly display in all device (smartphone, table or laptop...)

+ Security:
→ Access control: Manage what users can do by setting specific authority levels for them. Apply for each user group

→ Captcha plugin: Anti-spam bad review quality. You need install and enable captcha plugin before use this feature.

→ Blacklist: Deny all request from these users/IPs address. This is the best way to anti-spam in your site.
→ Report manager: Get reports from your users. There is base to filter users/IP address and add them in Blacklist

+ Notification:
→ Remote via email: Manage reviews via admin email address. If you are admin of site, you can delete/publish review in email UI.

→ Subscriptions: Subscribe to get the latest page's review and comments or replies. So your visitors will never miss any updates from your page.

+ Administrator UI:
→ Statistics: Statistics number review, comment and subscriber in period time (we

Report Extension




Reviews: 10
I consider this component with structured data absolute must for small business websites. Excellent support – amazing and fast. I tested few different components for reviews and this was the best. At the price you pay it is real bargain. But most important, support was unbelievable!

And if you are busy developer, working with clients you don’t have time to waste on bad extensions or component and you understand how vital is timely support.

Highly recommend.

Sincere thanks to the Developer.
Reviews: 1
Best plugin for the reviews that I've seen. And the best support I've ever met. Help on all issues.
Reviews: 1
I created my account solely to give a review for this extension. This team definitely deserves more attention as they have gone out of their way to help me implement this extension on my site. 5-Star service and 5-star extension. I have searched a long time for something like this and tried my luck with this one, was truly delighted with the result. good job guys! keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I also made this account to review this plugin. It's the best system because it has a detailed professional description of the reviews using a chart and testimonials. They also helped me make a rich snippet on the front page of my site showing stars and linking to google. Great service and great work.
Reviews: 2
This is my first review and i only registered to give my support to this great Extension.

Jlex works really fine and the support is really great.

Thank you dor this great tool!
Reviews: 3
Very good. Great extension and great support.
The pro version is the best and it is very cheap.
Work fine on all component. Mobile version is perfect
Reviews: 1
Nice extension just as I wanted. I needed some custom modification with the component and they helped me very well. Satisfied.