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JLex Review ComponentPlugin

JLex Review is powerful review system for Joomla! By using AJAX technogory will do your site faster loading. Easy integrate & setting into any component.

Main feature:
★ Antispam
→ With reCaptcha, guest with a suspicious ip,name or email can't review or comment anywhere. Your reviewing system will become more clean.

★ Avatars third-party integrated
→ You can easily integrate profile of other extension. JLex Review support almost popular extensions, include:
- EasySocial
- JomSocial
- Kunena
- Community Builder
- K2
- EasyDiscuss
- EasyBlog
- Gravatar

★ Integrate into any component
→ Just a few steps, you'll integrate it with any component that you want.

★ Comment each reviewing.
→ After a reviewing, users can comment, like, unlike or plus helpful. friendly interface for users.

★ Rate and like system.

★ Powerful filter (Ordering, Star match)
→ Easily set ordering default or reorder by star, date, popular...

★ Manage reviews and comment with report feature

★ Lock IP/Member, anti-spam
→ IPs, members locked can't review or comment anywhere on your site.

Try it and feeling...
Hope you will enjoy it! :)

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Reviews: 1
I also made this account to review this plugin. It's the best system because it has a detailed professional description of the reviews using a chart and testimonials. They also helped me make a rich snippet on the front page of my site showing stars and linking to google. Great service and great work.
Reviews: 2
This is my first review and i only registered to give my support to this great Extension.

Jlex works really fine and the support is really great.

Thank you dor this great tool!
Reviews: 3
Very good. Great extension and great support.
The pro version is the best and it is very cheap.
Work fine on all component. Mobile version is perfect
Reviews: 1
Nice extension just as I wanted. I needed some custom modification with the component and they helped me very well. Satisfied.