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After failing to fall in love with any Joomla forums extension, and falling into troubles with bridged forums, I decided to build ChronoForums, and today it may be the best free forums extension for Joomla, check out a quick list of features below:

Categories -> Forums -> Topics -> Posts structure.
Lock/Stick topics or set forums announcements.
Topics tagging and advanced search by relevance.
Posts reporting and topics manual activation by admins.
Posts attachments.
Favorites list.
Featured topics list.
Users voting and a reputation system.
Private messages.
Auto replies.
Global and distinct forums permissions.
BBCode and WYSIWYG editors.
Quick reply feature.
Extended new topic form fields.
Users profiles and ranking system.
Topics subscriptions.
Notification emails.
Themes/Styles support (only 1 is provided).
Strong moderation tools (mods can drop spammers and/or their topics/posts with 1 click).
Reply to posts directly by email (IMAP required)
Bootstrap theme support.
Simple data migration tool for phpBB bridged forums & Kunena to ChronoForums.
Multi language support, currently we have the following ones: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portugese and Swedish, thanks for our users!
And more.....

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Reviews: 1
So, far I am using chronoforum in one website and I am pleased with its usage.

Easy to manage categories, forums and posts.

I would like to see more support though in the multi languages part.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 18
I've been using ChronoForms for a long time, after trying (and failing!) to build a forum with the most popular extension, I decided to go with Chrono and it was the best decision! Very easy to install and configure, no bugs with Joomla 3x and very nice looking, without so many useless widgets. Thanks Chrono!
Reviews: 1
The support from the developers of this non-commercial software is fantastic! I tried to install Chronoforums on a basic installation of Joomla 3.2 using the J32 sample data.
After some problems I succeeded in getting the extension up and running.
It does everything a forum should do - and more! The layout is great and the software is FREE! I reckon it will be a world beater in a year or two!
But there are still some issues, which I have described in a sort of 'User Guide' - which you can find on the ChronoEngine forum. It's called 'User_Guide_to_Chronoforums.pdf'. I am not allowed to publish a link here, but you can probably find it with a bit of searching.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a Forum, with complete features and easy to handle for a new beginner in Joomla like me.
My web site is running on joomla 3.0 and the choice of free forum is small enough, so I could try everything available. I can say that my first choice is Chronoforums for three reasons :
1) It has all the necessary features for a forum (moderator, email notification for new post and new topics, etc.) with out unnecessary gadgets !
2) It is very simple to understand and to install and to get it running
3) At last but not least if you do needs help, you can contact Max, which is very reactive and deadly efficient ! On demand, Max added some special features I needed and gave me some help and advise without delay and totally free !

So if you are looking for a simple but effective Forum and you wish to spend time answering messages instead of trying to understand how your forum is working, then stop searching here it is.
Reviews: 3
If your looking for message boards that are easy to configure, and looks good this one does the trick. I am a newbie to Joomla creating an intranet site for our faculty and staff and was looking for an easy forum tool. I am using Joomla 3.0 and this one is compatible. I had one small issue, I contacted support through their forums and they got back to me with a fix very quickly. Thanks to them. I am happy with this Joomla extension.
Reviews: 2
Chronoforums isn't there yet. However, IMO it will be there, and very soon.

First off, this forum package shows a lot of hidden potential. It is very simple to use and has large theming support out of the box since it is able to use phpbb3 styles - though many styles will need some simple CSS edits.

But where this forum really shines is with its developer. I sent Max an email asking about the potential to use a WYSIWYG editor with chronoforums. He responded quickly asking about what kind of editor I'd like to use. We had several back and forth emails talking about this project, and in every email he was very professional and willing to hear ideas and discuss them in a kind and professional manner - not shutting them down automatically or making the idea submitter feel unappreciated. It is important to understand that I am not talking about him just willing to accept any and every idea. I am talking about him giving good discussion and reasons when there was an idea that wouldn't work for chronoforums, and showing that he cares about his product and the end user. It was refreshing after having seen how developers of other extension makers can act.

Max's devotion and care for this extension and the enduser really propel this extension forwards. Because of such that I have seen from him, I am confident that chronoforums in time will become the number 1 forum extension for Joomla. All other developers should take lessons from him.
Reviews: 24
Am currently looking for a replacement for a forum I currently have so I installed this and am 'beta' testing it with some users. SO far, so good!! It looks very promising... Not to mention they are not rude when you have a question... can't mention the other software but I can say the other 'popular' one here isn't as good as you think... THIS one shows great promise!
Reviews: 3
Good script, i like its professional look. Simple, efficient and Yet haven't saw bug for the moment.

Good job developers