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A Joomla forums extension for all your needs, simple with lots of features:

  • Nested forums support.
  • Lock/Stick topics or tag forum topics, tags can have priorities.
  • Advanced search by relevance.
  • Posts reporting and topics manual activation by admins.
  • Posts attachments.
  • Favorites list.
  • Featured topics list.
  • Users voting and a reputation system.
  • Private messages.
  • Auto replies.
  • Global and distinct forums permissions.
  • Rich text editor.
  • Extended new topic form fields.
  • Users profiles and ranking system.
  • Topics subscriptions.
  • Notification emails.
  • Emojis!
  • Themes/Styles support (only 1 is provided).
  • Strong moderation tools (mods can drop spammers and/or their topics/posts with 1 click).
  • Reply to posts directly by email (IMAP required)
  • Simple data migration tool for phpBB bridged forums & Kunena to ChronoForums.
  • Multi language support, currently we have the following ones: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portugese and Swedish, thanks for our users!
  • And more.....

Great alternative

Posted on 06 May 2020
All the features that you may need to manage a forum and even more
Ease of use
Very easy since the beginning, i was afraid that as a forum extension it was complex but that's not the case
I used this to: My Joomla website to add the ability of a forum for customers of my website
Limited to 2 forums - which are enough to review to confirm whether it does what you want, but costs $19.99 to unlock full functionality.
Ease of use
Didn't bother - switched to Kunena
Now in the v2 a lot have been much more easy. It works great almost right out of the box. with very little configuration.
Ease of use
There arn't so much to configure although the permission's needs a little bit of work to set up, Everything else is very easy to set up
The support questions in the forum could take a little time before beeing answered but thats understandable since it's a free extension.
It's more or less self explained so I had no need of it. Some questions are explained in forum and there are some documentation (for v1)
I used this to: Community forum on several sites that I have. There is no need for any other extension unless that you want a lot of difficulty settings and configuration.


Posted on 06 February 2017
All you want in a solid forum application.
Ease of use
Simple setup. Not difficult to set up at all.
From the very little I've needed, very fast and not techno speak.
Not really needed. Good forum, and adequate dox.
I used this to: An e-commerce site selling after-market keyless entry and ignition systems. Love it. Had used "the other" big name in forums for Joomla many times in the past, but the latest version of it didn't like the older template of the site I was installing it to. Looked terrible.
JS Validation language's Chinese only shows simplified Chinese, Please add traditional Chinese.
Ease of use
This field is required's simplified Chinese is "请输入此项", NOT "请输入此此项".
Lacks a lot of features you commonly find in other forums, very bare bones. What it does have, if its not bugged, works well.
Ease of use
Relatively easy setup, though settings are not very intuitive.
Sometimes you get answers in their forum regarding issues and bugs, but usually not. Software is not very well maintained, bugs never fixed.
Forget about it lol.
I used this to: Support forum for product development
If you operate an English-language forum, basic range of features and have the patience and willingness to persevere, this is a god choice.
Ease of use
Fairly easy to use. As others have also commented, a little tricky to setup.
Hard to say: support forum at the developer's website is not very active. On the other hand, the lack of questions may be a good thing (?)
Official documentation is virtually non-existent. A user-written guide available at the website is a must-read for first-time users.
I used this to: Overall, a reliable forum that actually works! A viable alternative to Kunena (the product includes an automated migration feature). As a forum product to allow my users to discuss issues and share information—to grow my website content.
Works very well!
Ease of use
Little tricky to get the forum up. Some issues about user rights.
I only wish there would be support for Tapatalk!
So, far I am using chronoforum in one website and I am pleased with its usage.

Easy to manage categories, forums and posts.

I would like to see more support though in the multi languages part.

Keep up the good work!
The support from the developers of this non-commercial software is fantastic! I tried to install Chronoforums on a basic installation of Joomla 3.2 using the J32 sample data.

After some problems I succeeded in getting the extension up and running.

It does everything a forum should do - and more! The layout is great and the software is FREE! I reckon it will be a world beater in a year or two!

But there are still some issues, which I have described in a sort of 'User Guide' - which you can find on the ChronoEngine forum. It's called 'User_Guide_to_Chronoforums.pdf'. I am not allowed to publish a link here, but you can probably find it with a bit of searching.


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GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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