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Community Answers fits greatly into any community discussion website, be it a question & answers, discussions, knowledge base or technical support system. With great features and performance, it perfectly compliments your community website.

Key features:

* Mobile ready: Fully responsive design

* Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x supported.

* Built on beautiful Bootstrap framework and full compatible with Joomla 3 UI.

* Bounty System: Your users can trade points for best answers.

* Unlimited nested categories support

* Activities: Displays about user activities/alerts.

* Tags system for more manageable content for you and your users. New Tags page to browse all tags at one place. Admins can easily manage tags with Ajax enabled buttons to edit or delete tags.

* Answer Replies: Now users can reply to the answers given by users. It helps in clarifying answers.

* WYSIWYG Editor and BBCode editor support. You can use your Joomla editor or BBCode editor supplied. You can set up permission for which user groups can have this permission.

* Social Features:
Avatars Support: CjBlog, JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, Mighty Touch, Alpha User Points, EasySocial
Activity Stream: JomSocial & EasySocial
Profiles: All avatar systems above
Badges System: CjBlog
Points System: CjBlog, Alpha User Points, JomSocial, EasySocial
Sharing: Simple and powerful system to share questions to facebook, google plus or twitter.

* Advanced Search Page: Users can find questions with plenty of options what they are looking for.

* Multiple lists: Browse latest, most viewed, most answered, solved or unsolved questions.

Question Suggestions: Users presented with similar questions and questions in currently viewed question category. Users also presented with matched questions when they try to ask a question and let them avoid duplicates.

Report Questions/Answers: Authorized users, with report permission, can report any question and answers if found spam etc.

Emails Subscriptions: Users can subscribe to new answers/questions notifications. Now the emails are beautifully formatted with a neat template built on HTML and CSS and compatible with most Email clients.

RSS Feeds: Rss feed support for individual categories and all categories.

* Complete control: As an administrator you will have complete control of the question you are viewing. You can edit, delete, unpublish any question or answer and most of features are fully ajaxed.

* Voting: Simple and powerful voting/rating system for making answers complete.

* Permission System: You get full control of what you want to allow the users to do. Fully integrated with Joomla permission settings, you can control which user groups has permission to answer, ask, edit, rate, subscribe, manage, vote etc. All at one place.

* reCaptcha support for guest questions and answers, if you allow guest users to ask or answer.

* My Questions, My Answers and My Subscriptions, R

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Reviews: 4
Product does what it says out of the box and the support is exceptional... beyond the call of duty. Maverick never sleeps...
Reviews: 2
This works great with Corejoomla's Community Answers. Anyone that is looking for a clean, easy to use, and easy to maintain user generated content extension to quickly build automatic pages on their site...this is it! Very good and timely support - thank you for your excellent extension!
Reviews: 3
I've been using Joomla from the very beginning on. There are thousands of components, but many have one big problem: bad support. NOT at Core Joomla's. Maverick is the fastest and best supporter in the whole Joomla world.

I am using Commmunity Answers, Polls and Quiz on my site. The latest versions look very nice and the features are unbeatable. All 3 components are the best in their categeory. No need to look further or to be affraid spending money on. You can be sure that these components will work out of the box, do what they are described to be able to and will enhance your community with great user activity.

I am really thankful to Core Joomla realizing these components.
Reviews: 14
A very complete component, simple to administrate and the best of all mobile Ready. Have a good look on Normal browser and mobile browser. Works perfect without a problem.
Reviews: 10
I've been using this component in the older joomla versions and just upgrade it to the newer 2.5 and 3.x.

I'm writing this review because of the excellent support. I had a quite a few questions in the upgrading process and every time I got the help and answers I needed instantly or in a few hours.

It is a solid and easy to use component, has a professional look, it reduced my emails, and as a bonus it improved the seo for my websites through the new content!

Recommended component.
Reviews: 9
Community Answers has taken over where other Q & A components have fallen away.

The component is easy to install and configure with just enough functions to make it the best I have used (and we have tried most of them).

We are very demanding customers for any component we purchase and we have asked for support on numerous occasions to refine exactly what we need to do with the component. The support staff have welcomed our questions and have been very fast with solutions to any minor details we have found that needed attention.

Highly recommended and we will be purchasing other items from the developers of Community Answers. Thank you CoreJoomla
Reviews: 1
Greetings People,

Its is possible to build a good extension.

But it's success is it's support.

This one meets both.
It's a great, light weight and easy to use extension.

Team is doing it's best in reaching out to support by walking that extra mile.

I am thankful that I am in good company and encourage others to experience the same.
Reviews: 5
All the possibilities for creating a complex web Q&A like sites. We use this extension in the intranet of the company to create a simple and knowledge base of the legal Department. As well as for consultation of clients on standard legal issues.