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Phoca Email Component

Phoca Email is a Joomla! component. It is very simple component with minimum features. There are two ways to use this component:

- Phoca Email is used for sending emails from other components like e.g. sending Invoice, Delivery Note or Receipt from VirtueMart component
- Phoca Email can be used to quickly send emails from Joomla! administration site.

If Phoca Email is used for sending emails in Joomla! administration, the following features can be select:

- Email can be sent to one user, more users (email addresses should be separated by comma) or to selected users which are stored in Joomla!
- Pure text or HTML message can be sent (e.g. to use the component as newsletter)
- Article can be selected and sent (e.g. to use the component as newsletter)

Phoca Email does not have any user directory, etc. It is really simple component to send emails (not to recive them, etc.). As user directory, the list of stored users in Joomla! can be used.

The only function of this component is to quickly send emails (if it is used in Joomla! administration by itself). This is not email client and should be not used as email client. Please, don't review this component, because e.g. it doesn't recieve emails, or it does not store sent emails, etc.

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Reviews: 3
This is a great, simple module for sending professional looking emails from Joomla Admin.

Only one thing missing: you can't BCC a group such as 'Registered' users.
Reviews: 10
I'm surprised that Joomla doesn't provide a single user contact point for administrators, however this component is really handy for single and Cc and Bcc copies too. incorporates integrated editor making quick messages really easy to compile and send. Thanks Dev for this free handy tool.
Reviews: 1
Excellent component.
Install and easy use.
Thanks Phoca!
Reviews: 6
Excellent component: install and use.
Thanks Phoca!
Reviews: 3
Does what it should. Works like a charm, easy and simple.
Reviews: 1
Its best way to send invoices to customers from my simply e-shop powered by Virtuemart. Thank You!