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The most comprehensive Invitations system for Joomla with OAuth Contact Import, automated intelligent invites, rich invite content, tracking, points integration, reminders and much much more !!

InviteX was written with a very clear goal in mind - Help site administrators increase their site visitors and members using Viral Invitations. We can easily say that InviteX is the best invitation tool-set available for Joomla today. We not only give the best tools to help users import contacts and send invitations via email and private messaging, but also give some great features like rich content to improve the conversion rates of your invitation as well as automated invitations and reminders.
This is what invitex has:
1. Registration Invitations with support for multiple Registration Systems
2. Invitex Anywhere
3. Awesome Manual Invitations interface
4. OAuth API integration for Contact import from Major Email Services and Social Networks
5. Invite via URL
6. CSV Imports
7. Name Cards
8. Open Inviter Integration
9. Invite Only Registration
10. Invitation During Registration
11.Auto Connect Successful Invitees
12. Quick Contact Search on Import
13.Intuitive Imports View with Photos and Names
14. Invitation Tracking and Re Sending Invites
15. Domain Limitations on Invitation emails
16. Find Friends
17. Invitation Limits
18. Batch Processing for Emails
19. Stats Dashboard
20. Reward your users with Points Integration
21. Monetary Rewards via Affiliate systems Integration
22. Manual and Automated Invitation Reminder
23. Intelligent Automated Invitations
24. People Who Have Invited You
25. Rich Invitation Content using J!MailAlerts plugins
26. Personalize Invites with Data Tags
27. Social Network Extension Fields as Tags
28. Monetize your Invites with SocialAds Integration
29. Invite Unsubscribe
30. Detailed Configuration of Default Invitations and Types
31. Configurable Templates for HTML as well as text
32. Google Analytics Integration
33. Tight Social Integrations with JomSocial, EasySocial & CB.
34. Custom Landing Page
35. Invitation Expiration
36. Developer API
37. Native API Plugins
38. Invitex Anywhere API

To view all the features in detail and see more awesome extensions visit

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Reviews: 5
Great component to get free site traffic from satisfaied members I have installed Invitex on Joomla 1.5 and had some troubles getting facebook plugin to work on J.15. I created a ticket and developers have investigated the issue and updated the code to work on my old joomla installation.

Now everything is working fine.
Reviews: 3
Aniket is awesome.

I have been in the tech space for 30 yrs but have not had to actually do development work for the last 20yrs. My current project has made it necessary (Happily) for me to start developing again and I was very pleased to see how far the open source community has come because it is the future of tech. One particular standout is Techjoomla in that they have some very creative,innovative and useful extensions that are speeding up my development time and lowering my cost. Invitex is one of those extensions that meets its description and is very valuable in commercial applications.

Easy to install and integrates with Joomla seamlessly

Easy to configure by following the instruction

Detailed documentation that is easy to follow

Extension needs to be updated more frequently. This is not ALL Techjoomla's fault because Social Media system changes happen often

Documentation needs to be updated more frequently also

Besides their useful extensions their support team was OUTSTANDING and in particular I have to shine the light on ANIKET who supported me on Invitex, Social Ads and acted as an intermediary with the Broadcast support person who was also good and responsive.

As a veteran of tech, I know that everything doesn't always work perfectly so the key is support not only for your project but more importantly it is the key to the growth and success of opensource.

Techjoomla and ANIKET are excellent examples of the future of opensource and I will buy more extensions from them in the future and highly recommend Invitex.
Reviews: 1
I have a problem with regards to the allocation of Alpha User Points. The support is great, and my problem was quickly resolved. Very thankful for the good support.
Reviews: 2
I am using Joomla for 5 years on different websites, and is the first time I have to send a bad review. The extension have a lot of errors, every updated is coming with new issues. The support is terrible, even the ticket system is not working at techjoomla. I had to uninstall the extension because broke my website, and lose all the time my team need to configure it. Using RSFirewall I found a malware script after updated to the last version. My advice be very careful with this extension!
Owner's reply

The warning your are getting on RS Firewall is due to Open Inviter.

We do not provide this as an integrated package in Invitex & its an optional pack that you can install from their site.

We neither recommend or have it pre installed. We recommend using our native OAuth API plugins everywhere (This is also specifically mentioned in our landing page)

Regarding any other issues you have faced, we request you contact our support. The ticket system issues have now been fixed.

Reviews: 1
The Google Plugin doesn't work .
The Facebook Plugin conflicts with Jomsocial and crashes the whole site because both Jomsocial and Invitex are using the same Facebook class. Which is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard , why would a component that is mainly social be written in a way that conflicts right out of the box with the biggest social interface in Joomla.

Total mess ...The back-end plugins screens are outdated as well.
Owner's reply

Almost all extensions use the base facebook class provided by facebook under their official recommendations.

The right way to avoid this happening is to make Facebook available as a library in Joomla & all extensions using it. Or all extensions using the correct Joomla way of Loading classes which avoids such conflicts. Invitex already does this..

However, we have talked with the JomSocial guys and resolved this. I understand your issues have been resolved by support now. I hope you will consider revising your review..

Reviews: 4
Techjoomla and Invitex is how a Extension and suport need to be. ALLWAYS i get a very competent and friendly Awnser on my Requests in no time, the developer help me to configurate and give me hints in a very professional manner i recomend this Extension to everyone. The Functionality of this Extension is also outstanding and beyond it is a must have tool on every Joomla site to invite new Members !!!
Reviews: 2
5 stars to this extension and 10 stars to costumer support:).
I'm very happy with this component.
I recommand to all this extension.
Thank You!
Reviews: 5
Very good extension and support is REALLY great !!!

Just one thing is that Facebook, twitter or linkedin have limits for invitations so we are waiting Techjoomla found a solution to avoid these limits. Not hack but getting data in a queue and sending them with networks limitations
Reviews: 1
I was very happy with this component! I had a few small issues out of the box that were mostly because of plugins on my site, but the support and response was outstanding! The issues were fixed in a timely manner. I even hired them to customize a plugin for me and it was completed very quickly and works beautifully! Just as I wanted. This is a great component!
Reviews: 5
Their apps are good, their support is great, and they go the extra mile to accomodate your needs.

Definitely recommended, I will buy again from them.
Reviews: 3
When you are looking for an app, its more important before what the app do is the service, i had some problems during the installation, the team was there for me always! really recommended! this app have many types of invites that your site will be popular in little time, must install it and use it if you want to increase the number of your members!
Reviews: 4
Great extension, works fine.

I had a issue with other component and they fix it very fast

Thanks Vaishali
Reviews: 3
Great component for everybody who think seriously about your social!!
Works very well, easy to use and setup and what it's very important- with fantastic Techjoomla support!!
Reviews: 2
i was skeptical when i read through what the app has to offer. It seemed to good to be true. its does exactly how it described. very good job
Reviews: 1
At first I was very frustrated because the invitation per link was not working. The support answered my question in less than 24hrs. The problem was that i published the send invitation menu items as private. Once I made it public, the register with invite option is working perfectly.

My advise is if you have trouble with this extension, write a support ticket and wait 24hrs before becoming frustrated.

The extension works and is very good!
Reviews: 2
I greatly appreciate the commitment, patience and efficiency of the entire team Techjoomla because I met very well all the time I needed support. Thanks again and congratulations on the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff support Techjoomla! The InviteX is an excellent and powerful tool that can enhance access to and visitation of any site quickly. I recommend InviteX! Congratulations to the entire team Techjoomla!
Reviews: 2
1) Is not working at all
2) Zero Support, i asked twice
2 days ago i was happy because i found this extension, i was even hoping from help from them to use it with another module,
2 days after script is not working, sends no emails/invitations and not even one response to my 2 emails that i send them.

Money thrown away.
Owner's reply

Hello MariosTe,

1. You requested support on a weekend on a Sales email. Ideally you should have added a ticket to our support system. Since it was a weekend, we replied first thing on Monday morning to your email.. But we are still to response a response.

2. Did you read the docs to setup Invitex ? From your description in the review, it seems you have not setup the cron.

I would request you to use our support to solve your issues & consider changing this review. Thanks !

Reviews: 2
I like this extension because:

1) Do what it says or at least almost all.
2) The support is very very good.

I would recommend this extension. The money will be greatly rewarded.
Reviews: 1
I tested Invitex_v2.4.2 _rev330 with J1.5 and it's working very great
But when trying it with J 2.5 it had a very strange bug;the tiwtter API shows Linkedin and both are not working!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe this issue will be fixed in next realease.
Owner's reply

Looks like you are using a very old version.. Please test with the latest version which currently is Invitex_v2.5.1_rev372.

We would appreciate it if you post a revised review !

Reviews: 1
Installed this plugin and it seems to work reasonably well, however there were a number of bugs which made me loose confidence. JQuery did not load when using the Admin section, meaning that saving the config was impossible, consequently I never got it to work for anything. Even the send manual invite button failed.

The login code is good and works fine (I tested it outside of the component) but it needs some finishing touches / testing
Owner's reply

Hi Will,

Are you using the latest stable version? The latest is 2.5.1-
As we had released a beta which you might have used. Please contact our support for help with this. It would be great if you revise your review once you have done this!

-Techjoomla Team

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