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Vertical Content Accordion Module

★ 100% Responsive.
★ All Versions(1.5, 2.5 and 3.X) are included in the package.
★ You can show any type of content like Facebook, YouTube Video, Texts, Images.
★ Precisely speaking, you can input HTML, Script, Iframe, CSS ... anything.
★ 4 Themes included. You can customize these 4 theme and can generate many styles to fit onto your theme.
★ There are 9 (nine) expand/collapse icon sets to choose from.
★ Apart from this, you may selectively control 5 effects that include:
-> Open - onClick/onHover
-> Collapse Previous
-> Scroll to Header
-> Persist Opened
-> Animated Speed
★ Very tiny.
★ Very easy to configure.
★ Compatible in all major browsers.

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Reviews: 3
The extension is a module. In the module you enter your titles and text content to be used in the accordion. There are other fields to format the accordion.

This is not a plugin to be used within an article. So, the content of the accordion must be managed within the module and it is not a WYSIWYG editor you are using.

Having said that the results look great and can be inserted into an article by inserting this standard Joomla thingy inside your article {loadposition XYZ} where XYZ is the position from which you want to pull all module content assigned to that position.

I asked a couple questions and Rajesh send me a very quick response with both an answer as well as a recommended change to my CSS for a problem I was having.

Great stuff!
Owner's reply

Thank you Paul! :)

Reviews: 2
We needed to make content of an article expandable and collapsible, and that's exactly what this module can be used for - among other things.

An improvement of this extension would be to create a plugin, which enables use of tags in articles and other content that would do the same thing.

But great extension that does what is says! And the support is excellent with very quick responses to questions.

Joomla user since 2006.
Reviews: 4
This product is simple to use yet very versatile and looks perfect. Great and attentive service. Would recommend it and will certainly try their other extensions.
Reviews: 3
This module is excellent. It makes my website look fantastic. The accordion design makes the pages much more user-friendly. I found it installed easily and was easy to use. When I've had an issue, the developer was very quick to respond. I highly recommend this module and would like to thank the developer for this tool and the good support.
Reviews: 1
The service they give is really great I sent a question and got a response in 1 hour. They helped me setup this module and im very thankfull!
Reviews: 2
This module is easy to use and easy to customize. Love it. Had some JQuery conflicts, but their support was quick and quite impressive. I was pleasantly surprised and will use this company's other products FOR SURE if needed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension for providing simple and effective accordian type presentation of content... it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Great support and friendly service.
Reviews: 5
A unique and user friendly content accordion, which allows for multiple custom styling and personal control.

Interestingly, you develop your content within the module setup (as opposed linking to the external content of an article or category).

The author provides excellent support and is seriously committed to the quality of their work.
Owner's reply

Thank You!

Reviews: 1
After installing 4 other modules, I bought this one. Super easy setup and very flexible styling. Was equally blown away by how responsive the team was in adding new functionality when I needed it. Had a response within 12 hours and a new version with the response. Thanks for such a great mod.