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List Manager ComponentModulePlugin

LIST MANAGER allows to build different lists for your site.

Responsive design (Bootstrap)
Define your own input user form (Types, size, order, validations,autofitler, default values).
Show a complete manager for you & your users at the front end.
Add/Edit/Delete records in a very simple way.
Search/Order and pagination utilities.
Export records to PDF and Excel format.
Parameter configuration to show 'read only' lists.
Adding own css provided.
Import/export CSV data &record management from backend.
User restricted access to own records.
Access control list to configure rights for joomla user groups.
Configure different views for same list.
New Card and Shop list type, with new 'Buy now' Paypal button.
Comparative Module for Cards and Shop type.
Search and filter module.
Default order in Lists and Views by more than one field.
'Readmore' feature for text fields.
Key fields to avoid duplicate records.
Option to show detail on click.
PDF generation on each row

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Reviews: 1
Operation is simple and effective, I asked the developer to develop some specific function, it was very responsive.
I highly recommend this component.

Thank you to the development team

Reviews: 8
This is the best extension I have dowloaded - easy install, powerful list manager with update capability. The developer(s) provided instant feedback, suggested custom changes to meet my needs and implemented a solution so that future updates will be easy to implement with my custom changes. Fantastic - they even coded some custom code for me for a small charge.
Reviews: 6
I have to tell you that this guy is awesome. He let me feel like I was his only customer. I think he has a computer next to him to provide support even when he is on bed.

I had an issue and I gave him credentials to log in to my Joomla 3.1.1 site. He found the problem (which it was not related to his component) and he made me suggestions and also he upgrade his component to avoid the issue in just few hours. It is amazing!

My problem was that the Magic Quotes php setting was on and to properly use Joomla 3.1 you must set it to 'off'. So my problem was not his extension.

Fixing this issue I am avoiding any future issues with any other component, thank to his advice.

The extension does what it is intended to do and a lot more of what is on the description. Super easy to use.

Recommended 1000%.
Reviews: 1
Read the great reviews, liked the demo. Went to download and saw the option to complete an offer. A no time was I asked to create an account within Moonsoft. Completed the offer and received the link to download immediately, however you need a username and password which I never created and was never offered one. So I have paid $ for an offer and still have no software and no response from Moonsoft. Not a good first impression
Owner's reply

sorry but we replied to your email asking for instructions to download same day we received it. We explained you don't have to create an account with us, that it's automatically activated (and we also checked for your case it was properly done). That you could recover your password introducing your email at our site, and that you could contact us again in case you wanted us to reset your password from here and send you new data. Seems you aren't receiving our emails? Please check your spam folder, or let us know other email to contact you. We look forward you can download and review this comment, because it's about a downloading issue, and not about the extension itself.
Moonsoft Team

Reviews: 2
Very nicely designed, flexible, easy to use, good "quick guide" documentation. I encountered a glitch, apparently attributable to Community Builder. Moonsoft quickly provided patch to fix the problem.
Reviews: 1
I installed List Manager on our site to provide a phone directory of people in our organization. It works very well for this purpose.

The component is well documented and the installation went smoothly. It's very cool that the Moonsoft provides an MSTester component that you can download and install to test compatibility with their code before purchasing any components.

We had one little CSS problem out of the box related to our template but it was very easy to resolve and the support team is very responsive and helpful.

There are not a lot of bells and whistles here but sometimes simple is good.

Moonsoft's website is clean and good looking. It shows that these guys have a flare for elegance.
Reviews: 9
I somehow expected a little bit more, for example to make lists from existing tables and views. And it would have been nice to have had a "Detail View" page that could be linked to a data row.
Owner's reply

Sorry to find a so discordant opinion among the rest of great feedback we are receiving from users.
We do our best to show which features&functions does include the component, including 3 live demos on our site and a downloadable guide
explaining one by one all functions available. Also we have a presales questions email where everyone can contact us directly to ask
for more details before purchasing, usually with a 24h/response time.

So you feel dissapointed for not finding some functions we never claimed to include, sorry if any information mislead you about the features
you expected to find.

Going into detail, seems you where looking for handling data from external tables. This ext does read other table's data (in order to fill multioption/combo
fields, for ex.), but it's not intended to modify data from other tables of your database. We understand this is not the main purpose of this comp,
thinking that would be more suitable to use components under 'database administration' category more focused on backend view.

About your second request, with that short description we don't fully get the point about what are you looking for, but it you feel it could improve
the extension, you're more than welcome to work with us to develop the idea using our suggestions forum. If we find a good aproach, we could include it for next release.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Moonsoft Team

Reviews: 1
I'am using LM and I can say is very simple and quickly to attach at every page. Also the support is always fast and helpful. It is a component you must to have very very good.
Reviews: 2
List Manager is elegant, flexible and amazingly useful. It shouldn't be limited to this category, as it can be used for so many purposes, especially as an easy replacement for form creation and other organization tools.

Best of all, the developers are responsive, supportive, and dedicated to this product with updates and customized work. I can't recommend this extension enough!
Reviews: 4
The Component is simple but powerful and It works great. Thanks for your help, brilliant support!
Reviews: 1
List Manager does exactly what we needed for our site. It was lightweight, fast and user-friendly.

We needed a list that was easier on the eye than an excel spreadsheet. Having the ability to make changes/updates was key. User control was also very cool - allowing our managers to make edits to the list "per field" without giving our registered users complete control.

Support was excellent and thanks to Gestion and the Moonsoft team for the quick responses via email. Definitely worth your money!

Thanks for the great support. Will be looking forward to new versions of List Manager.
Reviews: 2
After I start using the BildCalc from this company, I was looking for a extension that could manager list of data. So I ask then a solution and in a few weeks they Build this excellent extension.

I do recommend this!

Thank you, Moonsoft, very much.
Reviews: 2
Been on the lookout for a datatype grid list and editor for quite a while now. Then ListManager came along.
Works 100%. I contacted support for some suggestions and was pleasantly surprised by the response.

I will definately work with Guillermo to make this the best datagrid table and editor facility around.

Keep it up!!!!
Reviews: 1
I love this component, I had a wish list of changes and suggested these to the developer and within a very short timescale they were made. My emails were answered straight away (even weekends) and my 3 requests were produced and working on my site.
Thanks for your help, brilliant support!
Reviews: 2
This is EXACTLY what I needed. I have assets that need to be categorised with differing fields. I also needed a module that would sort fields at the click of a heading.

Thanks heaps for a cheap and efficient module.
Reviews: 1
I had been looking for a while for something simple to create an editable list on my 1.6 site and came across this little gem.
It works great and has allowed me to quickly implement an updatable document index listing with little effort.

As for support:
Small problem encountered on installation of sample data (am using a non-default table prefix) so sent an email at 7:45 pm to inform - received a reply by 8pm which included a fixed install!
Superb, what more can I say?

As a early release component it does not contain a myriad of options but that is a refreshing change and does not detract from a simple, easy-to-use component which does it's job well.
Well done to the the developer(s).