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JomDirectory is a very powerful multilingual component that give you the flexibility to create any type of Directory website: Business Directory, Product Catalog, Movie Database... and much more.

It has been developed using the latest standards and it is perfectly integrated with Joomla Smart Search, ACL, Users and Articles.

Administrators have complete control from the back-end.
You may define unlimited categories and unlimited addresses. Standard fields are not enough? You may enter as many custom fields as you like.
Enter your listings with photo, attachments, map location, etc. Define metadata for categories and listings.

Do you have an agency with many agents? Do your partners want to publish their listings?
They can do that on their own using the powerful Front-End Admin.
Use the Membership feature to define several subscriptions options and your partners/agents will have the tool to manage (enter/edit/delete) their own listings.
Administrator can review their posting before publishing. Detailed statistics will help your partners/agents to control how many visitors are visiting their listings.

Are you interested in feedbacks from your visitors?
They may rate and review all listings and administrators can moderate those reviews.

JomDirectory is responsive ready so you may create your directory site and your visitors may access it from any device.

Save time on design using the professional Business Pages template.

Main features:
1. Unlimited categories and sub-categories with images and descriptions
2. Multilingual Addresses with any deep levels
3. Custom Fields and Groups
4. Multiple layouts and colour schemes
5. Resizeable images and images ratio
6. Support to Joomla Breadcrumps
7. SEO friendly withg Rich Snippets
8. Multilingual
9. Joomla smart search integration
10. Powerful front admin with statistics, listing manage for front-end users
11. Ratings and reviews
12. Attachments with meta data
13. Membership with unlimited levels
14. Joomla Articles Integration
15. Control all messages being sent, Email content, From, To etc.
16. Responsive Ready
17. and much more...

1. Ajax Powered Live Map Search Module
2. Advanced Slideshow Module
3. Business Pages Template
3. Quick Start Package (fully-automated installation)

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Reviews: 3
Note: I am writing this on Aug. 25, 2014, but am reviewing a year-old version.

We installed this extension and within a few days, had my team inputting businesses from around the world into it. It was easy to train everyone on how to use the directory.

The map feature is excellent, the listings are quick to load, the search function is great and the ability for clients to upgrade their listing is handy.

I had some small issues with the slide show and got good support from the team over at Comdev and solved my issue.

I recently had a billing question and they went above and beyond to help. I'm very pleased with the service.

There are some small things that would be nice improvements - mostly UI and UX (for instance how the "back" button works), but looking at their site, it seems there are a good set of improvements in the latest version.

All around, a great extension!
Reviews: 7
We had a rough start with JomDirectory as it laid down part of our template layout (one of the latest 2014 templates from RocketTheme) and if it not had been for the great support from the ComDev team, we would have given up.

After being able to park this for us serious template problem, we got the JomDirectory to work at our web site according to our requirement specification.

JomDirectory has many well thought-through features, and one of the best is the section where you can configure fields, tabs, design and features on your own without starting to dig into the code.

We have and are and using other Joomla directory extensions and JomDirectory is for sure one of the best in the Joomla Community. We are not using the JomDirectory as a business directory but as a presentation and special developed showcases, for companies, cities and organizations, so we have by now changed quite at a lot.

As other have said in their reviews the documentation is not up to date but ComDev is in the process of rewriting it.

We have seen some bugs, but they have all been fixed within 3-12 hours and by this, I am able to state that the support is working very well.

If you are looking for a directory which has an elegant design and a flexible and easy custom configuration, I will recommend JomDirectory.
Reviews: 11
I really want to give JomDirectory a five star rating but can't since I had to ask for a refund.
Working with the support group was outstanding. Their response was quick and helpful. I bombarded them with over a dozen questions and comments all of which were replied to quickly.
My Thoughts:
1. Documentation:
At the time this review is being written, the group was in the process of rewriting the documentation, which is a great thing since the present documentation is out-of-date, and frankly, difficult to follow. I hope that the new version solves this problem.
2. Bugs and other crawly things:
Various little bugs exist that, in my mind, prevent JomDirectory 3.2-2640 from qualifying as full ready-for-service piece of software, especially at the price that is being asked for it. It is close to being a finished product. But being close and on target are not one in the same thing. The developers are working hard at it. And their response to being asked for support is fast. Nonetheless, having to write various inquiries concerning functions and issues that occur while configuring and input data into the application is frustrating to me as a website administrator and would be even more so to regular users trying to edit their listings.
3. The Deal-Killer for me was that fact that a company can not be listed under more than one category. The developers state that providing that function would drastically slow down the website speed. I don't doubt for a moment that a more complicated search would result in slower response. Just how much is debatable. But I respect their decision and will have to find my solution elsewhere which brings us to point 4.
4. Having stated my reasons for not finding JomDirectory suitable for my application, I asked ComDev, the developers, for a refund on a Saturday evening (US time). I received a refund within an hour. It goes without saying that I was and still am impressed.
If JomDirectory fits your needs and you are looking for a company that is responsive to your requests for support, you need look no further than to ComDev.
Reviews: 2
I have some experience with other directory extensions but JomDirectory is so simple and intuitive. Great online documentation explaining all directory functions in detail.
Well done! Thank you for a great product.
Reviews: 2
Great functionality that appears after start using the component, so configurable.. All the options are intuitive and easy to use. The customer service respond quickly I had a
questions answered in less than an hour. Keep doing a good work!
Reviews: 3
The component is well designed and full of features.
I especially enjoy the possibility to configure fields, design and features without programming changes.
Furthermore, as done with other components, programmers are always giving a great support.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
JomDirectory is handy, it's so flexible, we've used it on a number of totally different projects, one was for a customized car club and we used Kunena as a forum, the design integration was a heck of a lot easier than it was for Kenena.

Happy users all round, keep up the good work Comdev.
Reviews: 3
I have tried other directory extensions, however none of them had functionality needed for my project. Then I have switched to JomDirectory, out of the box well designed with many features. The customer assistance is excellent, highly recommended
Reviews: 2
If you want directory program, I can recommend this one. I requested a modification that I needed and the estimate given for this modification was very well priced. It appears to be getting active upgrades and bugs are dealt with in a reasonable time frame.
It works well "out of the box" and when a bug is found the author responds quickly
Reviews: 1
A little overwhelming for a beginner to configure, but the support from Comdev and his associates is superb.
I have an average understanding of Joomla and by no means am I an expert, however after reading documentation and customer help, I discovered a true power of this extension!
Reviews: 3
I want to thank the staff of jomdirectory. I purchased the component that I put in my company's intranet and I had so much success. In addition to congratulate for the excellent work in the development of the component, I want to thank the staff for the changes and the changes that have allowed me to customize the component to make it suitable to my needs. Thank you. Diego
Reviews: 2
This extension served me well for my business, initially some things cost me understand them a little (more because English is not my national language), but the support helped me to clear my doubts and fix the problems I had. I hope in the future, have more updates to your extension.

Thank you very much.
Reviews: 3
I'm a Joomla developer and I was looking for a directory for an American car site so my client could get users to show their trucks and trailers, it worked beautifully. Straight out of the box, there were no installation errors, took me no time to integrate the look and feel and his users love it, it's so easy for them to use, so they like putting stuff on, makes the whole site look brilliant.

The Google maps integration is sweet, and it's interesting to see where all the club members are dotted around the area. The sliders are cool too, nice and smooth and fast.

There's a pile of options, most of them I didn't need to concern myself about, I hate it when you've got configuration you have to do and can't find it, not the case here.

Job Done I'd say.