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HikaShop is an E-Commerce extension for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x. It is built for simplicity and flexibility.
HikaShop also has a wide range of marketing tools, but also powerful statistics displayable on your HikaShop dashboard to help you manage your store.
It provides advanced taxes, zones, languages and currencies management for worldwide sales as well as advanced customization capabilities of your online shop in order to meet your website ecommerce needs.

+Highly customizable checkout process (workflow as well as layouts)
+Checkout steps reduced as much as possible to increase transformation
+Multiple currencies, with auto conversion based on currencies rates
+Product prices manageable in several currencies with quantity rebates
+Powerful dashboard
+Coupons and discounts
+User address custom fields
+Advanced tax management with multiple taxes supported + TaxCloud plugin for automatic tax calculations
+Payment and shipping plugins
+More than 60 payment plugins to handle online credit card payments including:
Paypal Standard, Pro and Express Checkout, Google Checkout, with AIM, SIM and DPM, Moneybookers, Bluepaid, EPay, SagePay, Payment Express, Payza, eWAY, SIPS ATOS, CM-CIC, HSBC CPI, iVeri, PayJunction, ServiRed, Innovative Gateay Intuit, CardSave, RBS Business and Global Gateway, AliPay, MIGS (for Bendigo, Commweb and ANZ egate), OKPay, VirtualMerchant, iPayDNA, PostFinance, PayBox, Ogone, Amazon FPS, CECA, eSelect/Moneris, Stripe etc
+Credit card plugin to collect credit card information for offline processing
+Australia Post, Canada Post, UPS, USPS, FedEx, CanPAR shipping plugins
+Shipping per weight/volume/zone/post code/product
+Events triggering plugins enabling you to extend easily HikaShop using standard joomla plugins without any hack
+Views customization override interface (Joomla MVC)
+Handle downloadable goods (with possible restrictions) as well as shippable goods
+Products and categories display module with a wide range of options
+Orders invoice, history and edition
+Native vote and comment system and integration with jComments and jomComment.
+Integration with Community Builder and JomSocial for orders listing in user's own profile
+Integration with XMAP for site map
+Integration with Joomla's breadcrumb module
+Integration with sh404SEF and Joomla's SEF system
+Translation interface to easily translate HikaShop in your language and share it with the community
+Import/Export products/categories information and export of orders
+Import from VirtueMart 1.x, VirtueMart 2.x, MijoShop, RedShop and OpenCart
+Integrated Documentation
+Administrator/User email notifications
+Dashboard statistics widgets
+Multilingual support compatible with JoomFish and Falang
+HikaShop is available in more than 20 languages
+A ReCaptcha integration plugin which enables you to display the recaptcha on your registration forms
+Possibility to force SSL on the checkout
+Integrated with joomla's breadc

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Reviews: 3
is a good shop with some interessting features. but it haven`t a cross sale function =(.

A Great solution for your joomla! shop
Reviews: 2
My only regret with Hikashop is :
Why I haven't used it earlier?
I build websites since 10 years. I used the old component of ecommerce for Joomla. Now with Hikashop, it's really a pleasure to rebuild my sites.
Thank You, verry much to the team for your wonderful Work.
About the support? Today it's sunday, i ask an advice and they answer immediately...
Reviews: 7
I've set up a few e-shops in the past years, used K2Mart and Virtuemart on earlier projects.

In the past weeks a new project emerged, looked really complex, I read over all the e-commerce solutions' descripitions I've not tried earlier. Finally give HikaShop Business a chance.

I still not regret it. Faster, more flexible with tons of FREE plugins, and what is really matter for me: kind, detailed and fast support. It's another dimension comparing to the earlier ones.

Config parameters are so detailed, that I get lost in the first time, but after a little time, you understand how it works.

I'm lucky to find that and made the correct decision on that day. Totally satisfied.

Thanks Nicolas, Jerome & all the team members!
Reviews: 5
I'm using the free version of HikaShop right now and I like its functionality. Slight (very small) learning curve to get it just right. But, once you got it - it's a wow factor that can give the more established commerce programs a run for their money.
Lots of nice options included with the free version. Can't wait to extend with the full version.
Keep up the excellent work HikaShop.
Reviews: 16
Very good shopping cart solution. Have been usig the paid version for about 2 years now and i am very please with it.
Reviews: 2
Even it is my first site that I developped with Joomla, I find Hikashop very good because it allows a wide range of possibilities, but always in a simple and reliable way, and the front result is beautifull.
Reviews: 4
I appreciate the great personalization of HikaShop.
It takes some time to understand:
- The menu architecture and integrated modules in HikaShop but once understood what did you want;
- Commands with "built-in" value to be tested to find out where the original value,
- The power behind each parameter to be discovered with the help online and very detailed in all languages​​.
  There the couple Hikashop-Akeeba Subscriptions "Core" that manages subscriptions as simply a product.
And finally the forum moderators with answers relevant to 90% in the next hour.
I tested and used for over 2 years and after having tested all I put 5 stars without hesitation.
Reviews: 8
I'm glad I have found HikaShop. It's really easy to use and the support is great!
Talk about support,I contacted support for an issue I had and was fixed very quickly, amazing!
Thanks guys for an amazing extension!
Reviews: 1
If you know a little about programming, you can make miracles. It has a great API and the support rocks!
Worth paying because you get something good.
Reviews: 28
HS is powerful, with free and paid options. I have used "Essential" twice (probably upgrading one of those to "Business"). I'm a very limited programmer, with a bit of CSS knowledge and next to zero PHP knowledge.

I gave it a good as opposed to excellent as it's so complex that customization for non-programmers is difficult. All files that you need to customize can be accessed via the dashboard where changes are saved elsewhere so retained on updated/upgrades - this is very important! Don't edit via FTP or locally - only through the dashboard. However, any given page is made up of multiple files so figuring out which file holds the code you want to edit isn't always easy and there's no road map to follow.

The interface is sometimes confusing with editing of php files in one place and css elsewhere, for example. Getting my head around variants and options was tough and I'm still not 100% on it.

Support is pretty fast and reasonably good, though I felt, at times, not being a programmer hindered me from understanding what they said.

Bottom line is that this is a powerful shopping system with add ons like Hika Market (for front end access - I also used this), but a caution for non-programmers that this is a big mouthful to bite off if straight out of the box is not what you want.
Reviews: 2
I tried many non-commercial e-com plugin, but this one actually works for me. easy to install, easy to use and helpful support team.

Reviews: 2
The title is a rhetorical question. I am so very pleased with Hikashop. I tried a few other shopping cart solutions, but they were not flexible enough to meet my needs.

I have had difficulty in setting up taxes, but that's not a complaint. It is simply a reflection on the many options and possibilities that Hikashop offers. Once I figured that out, I struggled for a bit with shipping, but went to their documentation, did a search, and the answer to my problem popped up before my eyes.

I recommend Hikashop enthusiastically.
Reviews: 2
After taking bids of $1,500+ for a customized eBook store, I decided to use HikaShop Business and HikaMarket. Setting up some things was a little difficult, but Jerome in the forum and tech support were quick to help me.
I was able to match eBooks with their authors, and it even lets you split payments so that both you and your vendor get paid at the same time for a purchase. I give it 5/5 stars!
Reviews: 5
Generally, I will use Virtue-mart to build shopping carts in my client websites. Recently, One of my client suggested this component and to be honest it's very good, simple to understand, configure and bug free :)

I strongly recommend this. Soon, I will purchase the commercial edition.
Reviews: 1
The price is very low regard's to support from forum and the number of extensions implemented by hikashop team.Many updates during years are accessible from pay account or in the forum ( php code).The real 2 problems for user is relative to joomla not hikashop. 1) worflow is a mess so it ll be difficult to use anothers extensions ( not a problem since hikashop implement their own ). 2) make work hikashop is really easy but the focus point is css/raster/look and feel/template(edit css code using joomla is not efficient you need a real css editor , HKS ll give you css support even it is not their job to do that). Responsive / Media Query template is vaporware in e -commerce market , focus on fixed width template is enough work .The forum and documentation have been enhance and is like support : accessible without pay. Use the basic verion is not serious for real business go to business.Some css code are hard code in php file and many !important css keywords appear in CSS file but don't know if it is really a problem even it is not recommanded.
The licence ( upgrade) is for 1 year for 1 website ?
Reviews: 6
We integrated HikaShop on several websites and all were built rather quickly and are easy to maintain !

The support team is really efficient and helped us on a very specific problem very quickly !
Reviews: 6
Coming from Magento, I was quite doubtful about setting up an ecommerce in Joomla. I tried several solution, and ended up using Hokashop, which I find to be the best available for this CMS. Documentation could be improved though. Overall, very good extension.
Reviews: 4
Good component !
Higly customizable, and in "one" component, you haven't many modules to install.
Really good support team on the forum.
Quite easy to use. A good free simple e-commerce solution.
Reviews: 3
I've been trying out eCommerce components for my Joomla site. This is the one for us!

It was very easy to set up. The documentation is superb, clear, organised and in good English. The forum was very useful.

The example site gives you access to both the front and back-end of the shop so you can quickly see how things can be set up, which is very useful.

The features were excellent, and had things in that other components charged for. I started with the free version, which I am sure would suit most start-ups, but will go for a paid one soon, as it seems to represent excellent value for money.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
I decided to use HikaShop after reading all these reviews. i see most of the peoples are happy with this extension, so am i. it wasnt so difficult to setup it. I found it has so many useful features that i am going to use day by day. till now its giving me a great service. Thanks to its creators for creating it!...
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