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HikaShop is a native E-Commerce extension for all versions of Joomla. It is built for simplicity and flexibility.
HikaShop also has a wide range of marketing tools, but also powerful statistics displayable on your HikaShop dashboard to help you manage your store.

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It provides advanced taxes, zones, languages and currencies management for worldwide sales as well as advanced customization capabilities of your online shop in order to meet your website ecommerce needs.
HikaShop Starter is a complete e-commerce solution which will allow you to have a full-flegded online shop on your Joomla website in minutes.

- Unlimited number of products & categories
- Optimize your SEO with HikaShop's support of meta data, canonical URLs, Open Graph and microdata
- Advanced pricing options with several currencies, with quantity rebates, etc
- Variants, options custom fields systems for your products
- Handle downloadable goods (with possible restrictions) as well as shippable goods
- Related products
- Products badge system (new products, discounted products, etc)
- Native vote and comment system and integration with jComments and jomComment.

- Products and categories display module with a wide range of options
- Translation interface to easily translate HikaShop in your language and share it with the community
- Compatible with the translation override system of Joomla
- Joomla content tags in order to add "add to cart" buttons, product prices, etc anywhere on your website
- Responsive design with Flex

Cart & Checkout
- Highly customizable checkout process (workflow as well as layouts)
- Checkout steps reduced as much as possible to increase transformation
- Multiple currencies, with auto conversion based on currencies rates and currency switcher module
- Coupons and discounts
- Advanced tax management with multiple taxes supported + TaxCloud plugin for automatic tax calculations
- A ReCaptcha integration plugin which enables you to display the recaptcha on your registration forms
- User address custom fields
- Possibility to force SSL on the checkout

Extending HikaShop
- More than 60 FREE payment plugins to handle online credit card payments including:
Paypal Standard, Pro, Advanced and Express Checkout, Google Checkout, with AIM and SIM, Moneybookers, Bluepaid, EPay, Payment Express, Payza, eWAY, SIPS ATOS, SIPS ATOS v2, Monetico, HSBC CPI, iVeri, PayJunction, ServiRed, CardSave, AliPay, MIGS (for Bendigo, Commweb and ANZ egate), OKPay, VirtualMerchant, iPayDNA, PostFinance, PayBox, Ogone, CECA, eSelect/Moneris, Stripe, BitPay, Amazon Pay etc
- Credit card plugin to collect credit card information for offline processing
- Bank transfer, purchase order, check offline payment plugins
- Australia Post, Canada Post, UPS, USPS, FedEx, CanPAR, etc FREE shipping plugins
- Configure shipping rules per weight/volume/zone/post code/product with the manual shipping plugin in order to accomodate with any combination of shipping pricing
- Integration with Community Builder and JomSocial for orders listing in user's own profile
- Integration with XMAP, OSMap and MapX for site map
- Integration with Joomla's breadcrumb and search module
- Integration with sh404SEF and Joomla's SEF systems
- Integrations available for hundreds of other systems, extensions and third party services (accounting software, ERPs, shipping tracking, subscription systems, payment gateways, shipping platforms, etc)
- Events triggering plugins enabling you to extend easily HikaShop using standard joomla plugins without any hack
- Views customization override interface (compatible with the Joomla MVC)

- Orders invoice, history and edition
- Dashboard statistics widgets
- Customize your order statuses
- Reports system in order to output advanced sales reports
- Emails history
- Import/Export products/categories information and export of orders
- Powerful mass action system allowing to generate actions based on triggers and filters (like notifications after orders, modifications of product data in batches, etc)
- Front-end user control panel for your customers to access their orders history, addresses, carts, etc

- HikaShop is available in more than 30 languages
- Integrated Documentation
- Administrator/User email notifications
- Multilingual support compatible with Falang
- Import from VirtueMart, MijoShop, RedShop and OpenCart
- Compatible with Joomla 2.5, 3.x and 4.x

and much more...

Hikashop est très fonctionnel, le passage en caisse est totalement modulable, nombreux plugins gratuits ou à prix très abordable.
Ease of use
Personnellement je trouve Hikashop très facile à utiliser, à customiser et à adapter à mes besoins sans connaissances en php !
Le support est excellent. Réponse rapide et efficace. Nicolas trouve toujours la solution !
La doc est assez complète et précise mais peu être améliorée. J'utilise surtout le forum qui complémente avantageusement la documentation.
I used this to: Grâce à Hikashop j'ai pu réaliser moi-même mon site de vente en ligne de bracelets cuir avec seulement des connaissances en HTML et CSS. Merci à toute l'équipe d'Hikari Software.
Hikashop is very functional, with many modules and plugins. Everything can be set up in your own measures, depenids on your site.
Ease of use
Hikashop, it is very easy to use and admin-friendly. Even if you have problems understanding the feature, there is always the help button.
The support is awesome. They always answer, giving the solution that you are seeking. Also the forum is useful, the answer will be here.
Examples of all the features that you are about to use. Detailed notes on every field, helping to understand how sth works and how to set up
I used this to: I used Hikashop for retail e-shop with toys, books and school supplies..
Като говорим за функции, тук няма никакъв компромис. Можете да изградите висококачествен магазин или дори цяла платформа.
Ease of use
Никога не съм имал затруднения в неговото използване, дори ако съм имал, екипът винаги е готов да ми обърне внимание.
Винаги са готови да ти помогнат дори и на най-малката прищявка. Едно огромно благодаря.
Има пълна документация, понякога се консултирам с нея за да разработвам нови функции.
I used this to: ????????? ?? ?? ?????????? ?? ???????????????? ??? ?????????. ???????????? ? ??????? ????? ?????????? - ????????? ? ???? ?????? ????????????. ?????? ??????? ????????? ? ??????????.


Posted on 31 May 2019
Beaucoup de fonctionnalités déployé dans ce composant et ce, sans nuire à l'expérience utilisateur.
Ease of use
Comme tout composant riche en fonctionnalités, la prise en main se fait progressivement. Mise en place de la boutique par défaut très simple
Efficace et consciencieux, Nicolas ne lâche pas le morceaux avant d'avoir trouvé.
Riche et bien organisée. Les développeurs y trouverons l'information utile pour la personnalisation de plugins...etc
I used this to: Plusieurs boutiques dans divers domaines (Détaillants, enseignement...etc)
The application works great... if you can figure it out. Which isn't always easy.
Ease of use
Some things are intuitive, others are obtuse. It's a mixed bag.
Not great. They keep referring you to their documentation, which is not very well written (as a non fiction author, I know!)
Pretty hard to understand. Written as though you already know the component. Not great.
I used this to: Customer sites.
Owner's reply: Hi,

While that's true that we often refer to the documentation, as many questions have answers already written there or it contains steps to follow to find out where problems are coming from, we also reply with solutions directly. There are always things to be improved to the documentation, and we regularily improve it. Many users actually praise us for our documentation and support so we're really sorry you had a bad experience. Based on your username I suppose that you're refering to this thread of our forum where you asked questions about tax setup:
I believe we did all we could to help you as we even went in your backend to fix the settings of the taxes for you in the end. I really hope that you'll have a better experience with our software and our services in the future and reconsider your position.
Différentes versions disponibles selon les besoins. La version gratuite permet de démarrer avec la majorité des fonctionnalités nécessaires
Ease of use
La prise en main est aisée
Un support ultra efficace : rapidité des réponses avec des explications complètes
Documentation en ligne existante pour démarrer avec l'extension
Excellent functionality and covers off everythign you need for an online shop.
Ease of use
Pretty easy to use once you get to know it.
Superb! Responsive and knowledgable
Not as user friendly as the product but good.
I used this to: Building online shops

Works Well

Posted on 16 January 2019
It has a learning curve, especially when you have to embedd the shopping cart into an article. However, it can be done.
Ease of use
decent. It's setup like you would expect an ecommerce store to be setup on the backend. I like the "full retail" option
I used this to: Selling premade online content & custom articles - hence the need to be able to embed it into an article. My clients must be able to tell me what they want as well as pay for the content. It was a tossup between this and the J2Store. J2Store does not include paypal. HIka won
Les fonctionnalités sont nombreuses et stables....Bravo aux développeurs !
Ease of use
Une fois pris en main, oui il est facile d'utilisation...
La réactivité du support est toujours rapide et efficace
Le support et les informations sont extrêmement bien référencé...
I used this to: Cela fait plus de 5 ans que j'utilise cette solution E-commerce pour mes clients, j'ai pu comparé à d'autres, certaines très connus, mais aucune ne dépasse en terme de souplesse et de personnalisation Hikashop, et ne parlons pas du prix, il est accessible à tous !


Posted on 10 August 2018
When it works, it has a solid featureset for a freemium product.
Ease of use
It can be frustrating to figure out sometimes.
The English quality in the docs can make things challenging.
I used this to: Multiple client stores of various shapes and sizes
Owner's reply: Hi,

You're saying that because of this thread:
As anyone can see there, we did told you where the problem was coming from and it had nothing to do with HikaShop. The problem was not even localized to HikaShop but even the login of Joomla didn't work on your website because of a wrongly configured cookie path.
So saying that their is no support seems a bit harsh.
Paid download


By Hikari Software Team
HikaShop extensions
HikaAuction is a Bidding extension for all Joomla versions. It's quick to set up and will enable you to easily create, manage, and follow auctions on your HikaShop online shop. Your customers will bid for the product they want and the customer with the highest bid will win the auction. Full description : Build your auction website ! HikaAuction is a Joomla! component for the e-commerce solution...


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Oct 21 2019
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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