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Editor Switcher Plugin

Switching of Editor is enabled with an editing screen.

for Joomla!1.5

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Reviews: 3
I needed to switch between editors since I work with all sorts of contents and so this extension defiantly makes my work much easier. Very much recommended by me :)
Reviews: 8
What an amazing plugin :) Should be part of the Joomla Core! Removing the need to go to the global config every time I want to change editors has saved me hours of time.

Thanks again!
Reviews: 17
Editor Switcher is a hidden gem that I did not know existed before. I watched the video for easy set-up and it works great on our Joomla 3.2 site. I will be adding Editor Switcher to all of our sites.
Reviews: 5
unfortunately not working for me on Jooomla 3.2.1
Owner's reply

Does not work in a clean Joomla?
My Joomla3.2.1 and 3.2.2RC is OK.

Please check
* Default editor is "Editor Switcher"
* Configure "Editor Switcher"

Reviews: 2
.... often i've visited the JED in the past, but today i was searching for an editor switcher to handle my migration from Joomla 1.5 to 3.2

So i just selected the first search result and add this to my localhost installation.

It works like it should and i think, i am going to love that little nice plug, for cleaning up the mess.... way back to some Joomla 1.0 articles.

3\/()L-ution fly out to the community.

THX! q:D
Reviews: 7
This is a fabulous hidden gem. Works as soon as you install and change your editor!
Reviews: 2
Does what it say:
- easy editor switching
- default editor selectable

Hint: You have to set Editor Switcher as default editor
Reviews: 7
I often work with HTML code in my articles, so it's nesessary to me to see, how my articles will look like. But going to control panel to change editor each time when I want to see page code or complite page is wasting of time. With this extension I can switch view of my articles directly during editing, so now I'm using it all time and reccomend it for all.
Reviews: 17
my default editor is tinymce but I have some module and articles with personalized script and iframe so I need to switch to CodeMirror Editor. With this plugin I can do it on-the-fly.
After install remember to change your default editor to "Editor Switcher" in your admin configuration page.
Reviews: 4
this little plugin saved me a ton of time, since in joomla 2.5.7 tinymce stripp of iframe, this extension became a must-have.

Big thanks to the author
Reviews: 2
This program can be very useful as we have many editors today and need to switch between them, but on my Joomla website 2.5.6 this program is not working at all and there is no documentation, and the program also seems quite out dated
Reviews: 1
I installed editor switcher on a Joomla 2.5 installation.
Enabling the editor and then visiting an article in the administrator site, PHP will fatal-quit because it requires(!) a php-file within the editor switcher directory named like the installed editors.
A quick peek at the code shows it iterating over all installed editor-plugins and require_once()-ing a plg-local file.

Thus, the downloadable package seems 1.) incomplete, 2.) untested.
I also question the concept being used here in general. It means the editor-switcher would require a PHP file for each editor you install. And it will not be able to provide these for custom installed editors or custom editors.
Owner's reply

I want you for me to help for a GPL license.
Of course, although I am testing, it cannot test in the environment which I do not know.
Then, please tell me the editor which you have installed, and environment.

In addition, it is only the selected editor that is requiring.

Reviews: 5
Works like a charm. I use JCE and Rokpad and with a click on the dropdown I can switch from one to the other easy as pie :)
Reviews: 2
Works out of the box.
Simple and very helpful.

Keep it up!
Reviews: 6
perfect!! just made my life so much easier!! ..set global to editor switcher and you're away! Very well done!
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says that it will do, especially helpful in adding javascript to the pages without having to manually turn off the editor!
Reviews: 2
This really what I have been looking for! You did a great job. You save us time and life.
Reviews: 2
Thanks so much for this great plugin, it works perfect.
Reviews: 8
i have to work with different editor and i allways boring to close the content and choose another editor with this simple and excellent editor i do my job best
Reviews: 2
That's a very useful plugin. I thought about coding one myself that does exacly that.

The only problem is there's absolutely no documentation. It took me some time to figure that I need to set my default editor to "Editor switcher". I though a button would appear on the bottom of the editor.
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