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Zh GoogleMap ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Module for component Zh GoogleMap.

Displaying any maps as module

You have to update component to the latest version, because you need addition field in table and interface.

Usage: publish module, in Basic Options set MapID to display your map. Your module have to be only one map for a page (like as a component call)

All Features of Component are supported in Module

Use Zh GoogleMap Plugin to display map in article

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Reviews: 4
This module is what brings the whole component together! Thank you!!
Owner's reply

Thank you. You can use plugin too :), it is very convenient too.

PS: Yesterday I create full support for Joomla!3 (component+plugin+module), and now it is on final tests before I do release in JED

Reviews: 8
Truly an exemplary component (and module addon) with unrivalled forum support, and best of all prompt Action! I am convinced this developer would reinvent the wheel if you asked him to. And for free. What more can one ask for?

I have only scratched the surface with this feature rich component, but found even the basics very intuitive and useful. I look forward to using this again and again in future projects, however complex the requirements.

Thank you!
Reviews: 3
Not too bad a module, the main issue I have (and this is with the component in general) is that markers can only be assigned to a single map, that means that if you want to have a map shown in a full page and also in a a smaller module somewhere else you need to duplicate all your markers and assign them to the new map, which is a bit of a pain.

On the whole though this component rocks and this module just extends its functionality a bit futher. Thanks
Owner's reply


It is not true.
You can show one map as a component, as a module and as a plugin.
May be you don't understand right.
You create a map, for example with id=2.

Then you create menu and assign component call for this map. And you'll get map :)

After that you want to show this map as a module. Welcome. Create page, publish module and set MapID property to 2. After that you've got the same map as a module.

After that, if you publish this map in an article, you create article and call {zhgooglemap:2}
And get this map in article.

As for assignments placemark to map. Yes, placemark connected to a map, but you can show your's placemarks in the other maps by different ways:
- plugin call by placemark group - in this case you can show yours placemarks, belonging a definite group in your map, and in this case placemarks can be initially connected to different maps
- plugin call by category - in this case you show yours placemarks, belonging a definite category, and in this case placemarks can be initially connected to different maps

Or another case - you create one map with all yours placemarks. And want to show in 1-st article placemark#1, in the 2-nd article - placemark#3
In this case you simple call plugin call with placemark id
Article#1: {zhgooglemap-marker:1}
Article#2: {zhgooglemap-marker:3}
Thats all.

As for size:
- when you show map as a plugin call - you can override map size
- you can set width=0, in this case width=100%, and you can set height=0, in this case height=100%.
And you can control your map size as you want. For example, apply my simple template for full screen to get full screen map, or develop your's as you want.