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VP One Page Checkout for VirtueMart PluginExtension Specific Addon

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 2.6 and Virtuemart 2.0 - fully responsive and compatible to all Joomla Templates. No hacks, no manual installation. Just install the plugin using Joomla Extensions Installer, enable it and you are ready to go.


- Mobile compatible Responsive One Page Checkout.
- Light in weight and easy to customize.
- Works with all Joomla Templates.
- Extremely easy to setup. It will run in your within 5 mins.
- Fully ajax based system. Complete checkout within 1 min.
- Ajax based email and username verification during user registration. Saves time.
- Comes with two different checkout layout styles. Choose the one which suits you best.
- Comes in both light and dark color styles.
- Ajax based quantity update in cart
- Encourage yours customer to register by showing registration advantages.
- Enable/disable guest checkout
- Set/unset billing address and shipping address by default
- Ajax checkout displays running process this increases conversions
- Show/hide checkout steps
- Additional module position in cart page (cart-promo)
- Joomla 2.5 System Plugin for Virtuemart 2.6/2.0.20b+
- Compatible to Alatak USPS Shipment Plugin
- Compatible to iStraxx UPS Shipment Plugin
- Compatible to Advanced Shipping by Rules Plugin
- Compatible to AwoCoupon Pro
- Compatible to all VirtueMart payment gateways including PayPal Pro, and Klarna
- Compatible to Daycounts VirtueMart Bonus Products
- Auto fixes the User Activation problem of VirtueMart after registration
- Full SSL support
- Fully Bot Protected Ajax System

- You can override the plugin layouts through your Joomla Template.
- You can override the plugin CSS and JavaScript through your Joomla Template.
- Optionally reload payment methods on selection of a shipment method.

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Reviews: 1
This is definitely the best OPC plugin for Virtuemart along with EXCELLENT support. 100% recommended!
Reviews: 1
Very professional work! In my opinion its the best one-page plugin for virtuemart and it solves all your problems. If any problem/conflict occurs, forum and and solution speed are excellent!
Reviews: 3
What more can i say, Great product and excellent support. That is a must in every product sell here.

Again highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
Very rare i do reviews for extensions i buy. But this one really deservers the time to give 5 stars and tell everybody that this a perfect solution for a real One Page Checkout. Easy install in a few seconds, just enable it and ready to use it! Many configurations option and all these at a very reasonable price according to competition. No more complaints from my clients about confusing checkout pages...
Reviews: 6
Just the best one page checkout for VM.
Doesn't need hacks even template override, just plug and play.
Owner's reply

Thank you. Do remember to update the plugin. We keep adding new features to make your life simpler and easier.

Reviews: 2
This is absolutely the best extension for a One Page Checkout.
A small template Java problem was resolved very quickly.
Highly recommended, a must have for every shop!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your recommendation.

Reviews: 2
Easy to install, esay to use, nice coding. This is without surprise !
This plugin is now easy to override. Team is reactive on forum and give right anwser.
Good Job
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review. We have also added few new features to the plugin in version 2.4.

Reviews: 3
Great plugin. Easy to install. Support is fast and always available. This plugin increased my sales conversions. Highly recommended.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much.

Reviews: 4
I use this plugin and I had JS conflicts all over my website. the support team replies so fast and helped me fix the configurations on my website to fix this problem.
its a great plugin, works great, look awesome and also responsive which is very important!
very easy to configure - super recommended!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. I am glad we could help you.

Reviews: 3
I don't normally review extension but I must review this, it is not because of the plugin alone but the assistance VP Team gave me in completion of an Online Shop is unmatchable. They stand by you everytime, rectify problem and tell you what to do when next you are faced with such problem.

It actually you want to build an online shop. Then, you need to have the VM One Page Checkout!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much.

Reviews: 2
Is it worth the expense. Helped a lot of programmers (Jumbo). Not only the development of this plugin. This web site is managed with his help and the use of editing is beautiful.
Quickly answered all my questions arising fund.
Everyone can recommend it!
Thanks Virtueplanet!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much.

Reviews: 2
It is very important for customers is quick and easy to make order. With this extension of the client very quickly be able to open an account or make purchases as a guest. The addition of a very nice and easy to use, according to my subjective evaluation of the currently best extension to this type of Virtuemart. Noteworthy is also the support that helped adjust the plugin to my needs, I could always count on a quick response.
Owner's reply

Thank you.

Reviews: 1
This plugin is what I was just looking for and the support is the best. I did not have any problems with the plugin itself, rather I had problems with my payment plugin not working with this checkout plugin, so developer for this checkout plugin fixed my payment plugin ! Thanks : )
Owner's reply

Thank you. We are glad that we could help you.

Reviews: 1
We had installed this module and the cart had a issue with a third-party extension from istraxx. We could have not asked for a better support service! The problem was not a very simple solve but was completed really fast!

Owner's reply

You you for the review. We are glad we could help you.

Reviews: 2
Wonderfull extension and great support. Highly recommended !
Owner's reply

Thank you.

Reviews: 1
Hate to write reviews as well, but this is the BEST e-commerce plugin ever!! With this plug-in and any e-commerce template you are practically ready to sell quick and easy!
Simple install steps and lots of config fields inside the plugin. Due to many changes I’ve made on my template I had some problems with jquery but response from their support was great, all sorted out within an hour!!
Thank you VP!!!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for posting such a positive review.

Reviews: 5
I usually cannot be bothered to write a review unless the application truly deserves one.

Let's just say I have paid for a tried all the available one page checkouts for Virtuemart and none comes close to this one for aesthetics, ease of use and most importantly, working 100% 'out of the box'.
All the others involved hacking code, bug fixing, css styling and other irritations.

This one installed and worked 100% as intended straight away.

Forget the rest this one is truly the best.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for such an encouraging review. We really appreciate your feedback.

Reviews: 3
This extension does what it says and Jumbo gives excellent support - I would recommend this to everyone who needs a smooth checkout. It installs easily, looks great and works like a charm:) Money well spent.
Owner's reply

Thank you wendiwebgir. We are glad that you like the plugin.

Reviews: 3
Nice looking check out page for virtuemart. I had some small problems with the setting but the support was great.
Owner's reply

Thank you.

Reviews: 1
Excelent plugin for virtuemart! Great support if you have questions. Recommend to everyone!
Owner's reply

Thank you. We are glad that you like the plugin.

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