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Catproduct Plugin

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Catproduct is the only tool for adding multiple products to cart directly from VirtueMart product page.

Catproduct primary display child products, but it can be use to display any product!

You can use it to display different variants of product, tools for main product, accessories for product, related products, or anything you imagine! You can also use Catproduct for displaying kits!

Default layout is a table of products on main product page with quantity boxes on a side and one Add-to-cart button. But Catproduct support custom layouts so you can have different layouts for different products!

You can select how Catproduct will sort products. You can sort them by id, sku, name, weight, length, width, height and price.

You can attach other products to the table with child product. That means you can put one independent product to many parents. Simple put product ids in plug-in configuration and products will be shown in parent product layout. You can also set custom title for attached products like "Accessories". Look example in J2.5 DEMO.

With Catproduct you can set, what is the minimal and maximal order quantity. You can also set quantity in box and only multipled value of that quqntity can be ordered!

Catproduct support dynamic price update. This is used for quantity discount. This makes calculation a little slower so it can be turn off if not used.

Main Features:

- adding multiple products to cart
- display child products
- display attached products (Can be added with product_id or product_sku)
- support multi currencies
- support children order (by id, sku, name, price, etc.)
- support minimal and maximal order quantity
- support "quantity in box" so only multiplied value of this quantity can be ordered
- support dynamic price update (quantity discount, etc.)
- support multiple groups of attached product.
- support different layouts
- choosable product fields for display

You can choose which field you want to show. You can set default values or set params for each product in product page. You can style layout with CSS.

Fileds avalible:
- product image
- product id
- produck sku
- product name
- product short description
- product weight
- product sizes
- product stock
- product min quantity
- product max quantity
- product step quantity
- product base price
- product base price with tax
- product discounted price
- product discounted price with tax
- tax amount
- discount amount
- sum of all that fields
- total values of all that fileds

Plugin works with child products or with Stockable plugin. It is not working with custom non-stockable attributes! It works on Joomla 2.5 with VirtueMart > 2.0.14.
Older version works with VirtueMart > 2.0.8, but doesn't support all features.

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Reviews: 1
This is a very good team of support staff. Courtious, and responsive! From our team at Wholesale Drug Testing.Com, LLC we say Thanks for the great products and support!
Reviews: 1
There are no words to describe here the quality of this extension and their team support. The design and functionality is excellent, but the support is where this people really shine. I can expect a meaningful answer in a very short time. I got my replies very soon, later I found they live in central Europe and replying me while it was 11:30PM there. They even replied my question regarding installation which did not issue with their extension. They are very gracious.
I strongly recommend this extension for all website with child products.
Reviews: 1
Purchased I'm two plugins from those firm and mostly satisfaction!!! Support is also top - level.
Reviews: 1
Hi! I purchased a full subscription for catproducts and catproduct content. I needed products to be shown as a list in an article, this is the only solution I found and it does exactly what I needed. I had a few request for support to fix certain things according to my needs and I always got an answer within a few hours. Greatest support ever!! :-D
Reviews: 1
Absolute great support! Had some problems with another plugin and these guys fixed it in minutes! Great product and even better support!
Reviews: 11
I ve been bought this extension to use it in my new J 2.5 shop, but from my fault I did not notice that this plugin can not add to cart, sub products and the main product, with only one button "add to cart" as I need.
After my request the publisher made the fix for me, and now with this plugin you can add to cart, subproducts and the main product, with only one click!
Thank you very very much!!!
Reviews: 1
I am using this module to do something a little outside the box, It is coded well and easy to understand.

I had an issue getting the module running and Sandi was happy to help, even gave me remote support through TeamViewer.

Best support I have ever had from a module developer.

Thanks for a great product!
Reviews: 4
This plugin didnt work out of the box for my needs, I had specific mods that needed to be implemented, this was outside of normal support realms, but Sandi just jumped straight in, there was no hesitation he just wanted the plugin to work for me, after quite a few hours we succeeded to implement my mods into his plugin, it was amazing support, needless to say I offered to pay him some money for his time, it was only fair, as he didnt ask for an extra penny.

Thanks very much Sandi
Reviews: 13
The product is great and it works as it says.

AND Support is Excellent. It is easy to use and have very great and detailed options.It's Unique.

And if it can support another plugin to work in articles/other components (like flexicontent) it would be EVEN GREATER.

Thanks Sandi
Reviews: 1
This is an excelent product! Does exactly what it says.
Easy to customize and use.
The support is very good, all my questions was answered in 6-12 hours. I even get an e-mail from them telling me when and why I shouldn't upgrade to VM2.0.22 due a javascript change.
Just excellent!
Reviews: 1
This is a really great extension and makes working with VM parent/child very straight-forward. I was having major difficulties trying to configure child products with stocking. This plug displays the product options in a tabular format and uses standard parent child relationships in VM - and it works! It also enables related products to be selected from the same screen, again with the stocking option. The best part however is the level of support from the developer. This is truly outstanding
Reviews: 1
Excellent product works like a charm, thumbs up to the developer!! Also the support is great, fast response. Definitely recommend CatProduct
Reviews: 1
Great support from Sandi.Excellent product - fast reply. This plugin was exactly what i needed. Works perfectly.I totally recommend it for those who want to avoid struggling with Virtuemart 2 in order to get some control on the sorting of child products.
Reviews: 3
This is a fantastic plugin for anyone with multiple parent/child relationships, as it saves lots of manual work. I had a small issue with some images not displaying and the support was amazing. Far better than many other extensions I have paid much more money for.
Reviews: 2
Extremely helpful and works great,very clever extension for a very reasonable price,any questions answered with speedy response,support service that far beyond the asking price of the extension..
I had problem with that extension and contacted the seller they replied fast to my email and within less than 30 minutes they fixed my problem
this is very clever solution and saved me lots of time and i recommend it if you want to save time,make it easy to add options in same page, your customers do not have to go and browse the whole site to find products they can find it just in the same page
Excellent job Sandi, Thank you so much
Reviews: 5
Great support from Sandi (over the weekend too!) to eliminate a couple of small issues with currencies, commas and points and it now works perfectly for me.
Reviews: 1
Excellent product and great support - fast reply. Thx.
Reviews: 2
This extension offers an easy way to show a list of related products with an Add To Cart button on a product page.
This was exactly what was needed for a Bookstore website.
Thanks Sandi!
Reviews: 1
Before I found this plugin I spent hours trying to figure out how to achieve the required result. This plugin solved the problem, not only that the developer modified it to achieve exactly what I needed.
Excelent product and support
Reviews: 1
Having spent ages trying to get VM2 child products to work as I wanted it, this plugin was like a breath of fresh air. Easy to set up, easy to use and when I had a question / feature request for the developer, he responded quickly and with the solution. Can't recommend enough if you're running VM2
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