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RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

One Page Checkout Component for Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x
This is true one page checkout which really raises your sales. It is simple to install, and fully support multilingual sites including RTL. One Page Checkout uses AJAX for loading shipping methods, supports advanced payment modules such as PayPal Pro and works on all versions af VirtueMart (1.1.x and 2.x). RuposTel OnePage Checkout is bundled in Joomla Installer and has nice configuration backend. This One Page Virtuemart checkout has several fully styled checkout templates. We believe this is the most sophisticated One Page Checkout component available for Virtuemart and we provide continuous support for it since 2008.

One Page Checkout for VirtueMart - Features
- all the checkout steps are at one page right under the basket at the cart page of virtuemart or at the component page. No need to create any template positions.
- Supports checkout from an external site where basket is automatically filled with products set in URL
- One Page Checkout supports registration with already existing email addresses
- One Page Checkout runs on SSL or without, no core hacks are needed in VirtueMart
- One page Checkout supports any shipping methods (such as UPS, USPS, Fedex) and they are loaded faster then in the standard checkout
- One Page Checkout supports many custom payment gateways used around the world (Klarna, Paypal Pro, iDeal, Stripe payment and others)
- One Page Checkout supports inline credit card payments:, PayPal Pro, UK Payment Mehotds, CardPay and ALL default VM methods. WE PROVIDE FREE ONE PAGE CHECKOUT SUPPORT if you find a problem with a payment processor or shipping processor.
- you can choose a default shipping country in registration fields or have a default coutry set by joomla language or Geo Location per IP address
- default shipping has many options such as to choose the least expensive not zero, the most expensive or none, shiping or ship to address can be disabled within One Page Checkout
- hundreds of optional features which you would expect at the checkout (Google Adwords Conversion tracking, Free shipping only to one country, Free shipping as an shipping option, Checkout as link to a subscribtion, Disable a specific payment for a selected shipping, Disable a specific shipping per payment), zero shipping for digital products or gift certificates
- supports AWO coupon system (free shipping coupons and other coupons), vmUpload, vmBonus, k2 and much more
- OnePage Checkout for VM1 has own system for invoice generation and postal cheques from MS Excell templates to pdf with data of the order with a nice order management.
- One Page Checkout for VM1 has own order management system where you can update user data instantly without page refresh with AJAX from backend.
- One Page Checkout for VM2 now has sophisticated affiliate tracking that can be used with Google Adwords, Analytics,, and

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Reviews: 3
OPC worked out of the box like a charm. A must have for great online shops.
I had further Joomla & Virtuemart questions and noticed a high quality support that I never had before. Thank you Stan for your fantastic job!
Reviews: 1
easy configure Opc and also support is just amazing.every time i had problem with Vm stan always help me.

This is unique and i appreciate the time that stan spends for my noobiest problem.

Thank you so much.
Reviews: 1
Perfect extension. Many customization options. It has conversion tracking (Google Analytics and Universal Analytics Ecommerce tracking, and many other tracking options) too. Excellent!
Perfect customer support.
Reviews: 4
The service if off the charts fantastic. Stn fixed my cart problem even though it turned out not to be related to OPC at all. I've never been so happy to donate voluntarily for the extra service.
Reviews: 1
Its my first time when I am writing a review.

The extension is great, helps a lot to your customers.

I appreciate Stanislav for helping to setup this extension for my website!

Also, he helped me a lot to find and delete virus from my website!
Reviews: 1
This OPC software is and has been extremely important for us for making the most user friendly checkout experience available. It has a lot of features and the price is very reasonable. The developer, Stan, is highly skilled and has always helped us out if we have had any problems as well as feature enhancements and payment gateways. He is also skilled in many other areas, such as server side setups, SEO, affiliate- and tracking systems, caching etc. For a VM site to perform well this software is absolutely needed.
Reviews: 2
A great extent, customizable and functional. A fantastic support. Extension recommended.
Reviews: 1
As many reviewers, I have to agree and praise Stan for the support he has provided us with. It clearly showed that this developer really cares about his product and customer satisfaction. Stan made sure to provide all his knowledge to solve the issue with the cart page where OPC had been installed. At the end the issue did not have anything to do with the plugin itself.

As for the One Page Ckeckout plugin, it turns this awkward default check out experience on VM 1.x.x into a clear and easy way to make a purchase on a website.

To sum it up - really useful plugin and a great support.
Reviews: 3
Before i comment on the plugin. A special thanks and praise goes to Stan (The Man) who not even solved our issue, but crossed the service barrier and sorted everything out for us! Stan, i will never deviate from another one page checkout again!

As for the plugin, this plugin is great and so flexible! Thre is really so much you can do with it that you dont need to think about using another plugin for virtuemart!

If i could rate this plugin and service, the plugin would be a 10 and the service a 15!

Great job guys! Great job!
Reviews: 7
One page checkout has been on my site for 2 years and it looks and works great. Easy to customize and easy to use.
Reviews: 8
RuposTel’s One Page Checkout immediately solved all support issues from users trying to navigate the VirtueMart standard checkout. No more complaints, no more confused check-outs, and way fewer dropped carts. Every user complaint about our (native VM one page) checkout process was solved by the features in RuposTel One Page Checkout.

It also gives you deep integration to Google Analytics allowing you to closely analyze conversion rates, sales trends and a million more data points.

Another nice feature is the array of prebuilt checkouts built-in. Along with a back-end CSS editor, make new themes and edit the themes already installed and you have a native check-out experience that your users will love.

In addition, I noticed some weird behavior and Stan already had a patch to fix this small issue.

Great software from a talented and helpful developer. Must Have.
Reviews: 3
Very useful extension with lots of options, easy to configure, checkout process is now much easier on sites and shipped with different layouts.
Support by Stan is excellent and quickly helped me modifying template style.
A must have extension!
Reviews: 2
I *love* this plugin! It works exactly as described, right out of the box! The support is excellent and very friendly, and the variety of options and ability to tune things to meet your specific needs is excellent!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Thank you, Rupostel, for creating such elegant and useful software!
Reviews: 1
Excellent Component doubled site revenue once installed. Excellent customer service, immediately fixed a problem I was having with an incompatible component. Excellent features and price. Love this component! Highly recommended and should be mandatory for all e-commerece sites.
Reviews: 1
The developer sorted a problem with my template at first attempt.
works a dream
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension. I had a problem with generating pdf invoices - the developer replied to my support email immediately and even though the problem was not actually related to OPC - he took the time to fix it. BRILLIANT :)
Reviews: 1
Using this extension now for a couple of months. It is great, the checkout is now much easier for our customers.
The adjustment of the layouts is easy and the support of the developper is great, he is responding in a couple of hours and if needed an update is available within a day!
Reviews: 10
Virtuemart's standard checkout is poorly designed to say the least and enough to make some customers give up and shop elsewhere. This One Page Checkout will solve that problem.

The design and layout is obvious and intuitive, making the checkout process quick, straightforward and attractive. A choice of multiple pre-designed templates is also a blessing. Configuration is a little overwhelming when you first glance at the component's Admin panel but even that is laid out well and provides for exceptionally fine-tuning.

I had some initial concerns that a 3rd party Australia Post shipping plugin (essential in my case) may have compatibility issues and after asking the developer the question, he generously offered me an evaluation copy for testing. Developer also provides free 3rd party plugin fixes, although in my case it was not required as the Australia Post plugin integrated seamlessly.

And I have to mention the included "Payment methods based on selected Shipping". This is another shortcoming of Virtuemart. Fortunately, this extension also takes care of that problem for you too! Brilliant!!
Reviews: 12
OPC is as my title suggests Awesome & a must for every virtuemart site.
Some users think that this should be part of virtuemart core functionality, but I believe that its best to keep it as a 3rd party component.

The amount of time that Stan puts into developing OPC and keeping it the best VM extension is unbelievable.
This is the same for his approach to support, he always helps with support , setting and listens to feature requests.

If a new version cant be out with a feature request (that is worth adding) you have mentioned within a few days, Stan will have a solution for you.

Excellent Component, Excellent Support, keep up the great work Stan & Rupostel!
Reviews: 2
Yes, this is one of those essential extension that will make your VM site much more user friendly. A must have!
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