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NeoRecruit is a recruitment component. You can propose job and internship offers. The offers are classified in various categories and are allotted to a recruiter to which you can give access to the management of his offers from the website.

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NeoRecruit it is not simply a system which presents offers, it makes it possible to recover the CV and the covering letters of the applicants when they apply to an offer or when they submit an unsolicited application. Then, responsible will receive all the details of the application by email, and he will find all these informations on the website. You thus create a true CV database, manageable from the backend or the frontend for recruiters.

Furthermore, the component has now its own search form multi criteria, and a search bot, using the native Joomla! search module. You will find many options too in the configuration panel of the component, to customize the offers cards and to select the informations to highlight.

You can manage the offers for your company or to propose it to your customers or members. They will be able to propose job offers and to manage the applications from their user account.

NeoRecruit is a commercial component, compatible with Joomfish. Three extensions are available with the component too : the two modules NeoRecruit Categories and NeoRecruit Latest Offers, and the plugin NeoRecruit Search.

This component does not have much functionality

The component is too expensive for the little Funkionlität.

Since the somewhat appealing and partly responsive design can not justify the price.

The component is ok for a internal company job offer ... but not more.

In this directory you get also non-commercial components with similar functionality.

Regards H. Nelke

I never publish comments but as Raphael, the component editor, helped me a lot, I think I can post a comment to show him my gratitude.

Since 2008, I have used the component and I've never had any problem until early February 2013 when I updated the component, it did not work very well afterwards.

Our site generates hundreds of thousands of visitors, dysfontionnement was very annoying and Raphael gave us a free outstanding support.

Today everything is back in order, offers are published on a daily basis and candidates apply every day without any problem.

Congratulations and long life to Recruit Neo.


Posted on 25 January 2013

I have this product since 2008 (Joomla 1.5) until now (Joomla 5.2).

Easy to install, easy to operate.

Great works, is stable.

Support has always been very good.

I never had a problem when the error has always been resolved up to 1 day up to 2 days.

thank you

Simple as K.I.S.S

Posted on 22 January 2013

For a Client i had evaluate JobBoard before. It is also a goog component, but the publishing date couldnt change in the backend nor in the frontend. I switched to Neorecruit. It was very easy to setup. Now he can change the publishing date. Also very fine are the url's. The are taken from the categories and title.

What i'm missing are the social plugins. I asked the support and they said this feature is planned, but if needed urgently, they can help me out.


For years i am working with NeoRecruit and in the beginning it was a very handy coded Jobs system.

Latest years development is slow, too slow and the support is dramatic (i never receive feedback or a solution to my problemm i asked them on their website) response is very slow (weeks +)

I am switching to another component soon!

Poor Component and Support

Posted on 03 September 2009

Kurt's review below is right on the money. We paid for this thing and could not get any support and were unable to use the darn thing. 8 months later without a return on our paid investment we have finally deleted it.

Save your money.

the product is too simple for a recruitment extension. and it's hard to get support from the developer. I hope he can improves the product and the support service in the future.

I was a customer for this company since may 2008.

as i bought neorecruit i though this was a good choice because i payed to get support in case of any issue.

I was wrong! It was a painfull year! the last issue was a critical error by applying for a job. I made a all way communication to this company and complaned as lot of other customers the bad service (they are not able to inform customers about a new software version or offer a working download area for customers and had to send new versions via mail - only if you find this information and kindly ask them!!!).

Raphael asked for Admin rights on my page - i granted it (because of a white page frontpage error) and get NOTHING

I asked severall times but no response.

Today i uninstalled this software and implemented a easy solution with mtree.

My sumption after a painfull year to be a customer - the software is a good solution, but not bug free and the Service is BULLSHIT.


if you want to use this software - give it a try. If you need support because you are not a developer - take a closer look to the forum and make your own impression.


Overall - Good

Posted on 19 December 2008

We have used this for a client and had some modifications done by the developers and it is working well. Client is happy.

Some minor issues though. You can't add meta info for jobs, so if you are indexing your pages for SEO, and want to create

separate page titles for each job page, then it is not part of the component. Hopefully this will be part of the next release. We found the support from the developer good and the forum useful. We are going to use it on another site and would recommend it.


Posted on 05 June 2007

This product is easy to install, but is not for the professional recruiter. The problem lies in the template layout You have to setup up the various education, expierence and other staple items. These items need to be added on they fly as each and every job position is different.

Worth using if you have time on your hands to enter the information.


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