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NeoRecruit is a recruitment component. You can propose job and internship offers. The offers are classified in various categories and are allotted to a recruiter to which you can give access to the management of his offers from the website.

NeoRecruit it is not simply a system which presents offers, it makes it possible to recover the CV and the covering letters of the applicants when they apply to an offer or when they submit an unsolicited application. Then, the recruiter will receive all the details of the application by email, and he will find all these informations on the website. You thus create a true CV database, manageable from the backend or the frontend for recruiters.

Furthermore, the component has its own multi criteria search form, that you can easily customize, without any technical knowledge. You will also find many options in the configuration panel of the component to customize the lists of offers, the offer page and the application forms.

You can manage the offers for your company, or you can let your customers or members publish their own offers. They will also be able to manage the applications from their user account.

NeoRecruit is a commercial component, available in english, french, spanish and german. Three modules are also available with the component : NeoRecruit Categories, NeoRecruit Latest Offers and NeoRecruit Search Offers.

Cannot review due to lack of functional website or sign up process. Emails from site never arrive after sign up.
Ease of use
Cannot review due to lack of functional website or sign up process. Emails from site never arrive after sign up.
Cannot review due to lack of functional website or sign up process. Emails from site never arrive after sign up.
Cannot review due to lack of functional website or sign up process. Emails from site never arrive after sign up.
Value for money
Cannot review due to lack of functional website or sign up process. Emails from site never arrive after sign up.
I used this to: Cannot review due to lack of functional website or sign up process. Emails from site never arrive after sign up.
Very rich and good functionality. Component works very fast on the website.
Ease of use
Absolutely intuitive for non-tech skills users. You can administrate it very easily, all the functions I found was valuable.
This part is the best. The owner of the component gave me excellent support even after the 5 years I bought the extension.
Not necessary to read because component is very intuitive. Documentation was good also and all features are display in good manner.
Value for money
Absolutely. I searched a lot which component will be the best for recruitment needs and this one is simply the best one I found.
I used this to: Recruitment and job purposes. I can easily post the job, and I always get lots of CV. It's very easy to use for people. I had no issues with component in 5 years
Yes is great! It has all necessary functionality for jobs recruitment sites.
Ease of use
Yes was easy to use! The only recruitment extension to use and ive tried several of them!
Amazing support Raphael is very helpful and made several modifications to the core software for me.
Great yes and support is available for any questions you may have.
Value for money
Yes great value for money! And a lifetime license! Amazing value! :)
I used this to: Ive used several joomla jobs/recruitment extensions in the past which was VERY disapointed with, neorecruit is absolutely great! The only usable joomla extensions for jobs/recruitment!
This component offers more than just displaying a list of job offers. It helps to reduce the communication efforts aswell.
Ease of use
After about 10 minutes the component is ready to be filled with jobs in different sections. There is no much time needed to get familiar.
I had a very great experiance with the developers support. He even helped me to get the component´s design work with my template - THANK YOU
Everything that is needed to get this component started is well described and the UI is intuitively designed. Not too much - nothing missing
Value for money
It is good a developer gets some money for their work. Here the money is a good investment.
I used this to: The companies job offers are displayed with this component. The only thing that is really missing are multilanguage capabilities. But I´m sure this will come with one of the next updates, ;-)
Overall it has everything my client needed to run a job board, so excelent.
Ease of use
Fairly easy to set-up and customise once you find where everything is.
Fantastic support! There were some small bugs on the new release and the developer was super fast to respond and fix then for us.
Value for money
It's not a cheap component, but given it works well out of the box and the support is great I think it's a fair price.
I used this to: Client job board in a recruitment agency.
This component does not have much functionality

The component is too expensive for the little Funkionlität.

Since the somewhat appealing and partly responsive design can not justify the price.

The component is ok for a internal company job offer ... but not more.

In this directory you get also non-commercial components with similar functionality.

Regards H. Nelke
I never publish comments but as Raphael, the component editor, helped me a lot, I think I can post a comment to show him my gratitude.

Since 2008, I have used the component and I've never had any problem until early February 2013 when I updated the component, it did not work very well afterwards.

Our site generates hundreds of thousands of visitors, dysfontionnement was very annoying and Raphael gave us a free outstanding support.

Today everything is back in order, offers are published on a daily basis and candidates apply every day without any problem.

Congratulations and long life to Recruit Neo.


Posted on 25 January 2013
I have this product since 2008 (Joomla 1.5) until now (Joomla 5.2).

Easy to install, easy to operate.

Great works, is stable.

Support has always been very good.

I never had a problem when the error has always been resolved up to 1 day up to 2 days.

thank you

Simple as K.I.S.S

Posted on 22 January 2013
For a Client i had evaluate JobBoard before. It is also a goog component, but the publishing date couldnt change in the backend nor in the frontend. I switched to Neorecruit. It was very easy to setup. Now he can change the publishing date. Also very fine are the url's. The are taken from the categories and title.

What i'm missing are the social plugins. I asked the support and they said this feature is planned, but if needed urgently, they can help me out.

For years i am working with NeoRecruit and in the beginning it was a very handy coded Jobs system.

Latest years development is slow, too slow and the support is dramatic (i never receive feedback or a solution to my problemm i asked them on their website) response is very slow (weeks +)

I am switching to another component soon!


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Oct 04 2023
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Dec 08 2006
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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J3 J4

Uses Joomla! Update System


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