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Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla. CB has a huge user base, a long history and a great future.

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Social websites go far beyond Facebook look-alikes and CB has literally hundreds of built-in features and can be extended with extra (free or commercial) add-ons from the CB Team and other parties that will help you realize your very own - tailored to your specific needs - social networking website.

The hundreds of built-in features will help you accomplish the following:

  • Gather important for your use-case profile data during or after membership registration
  • Delegate new member sign-up approvals and proper behavior reporting with extended workflows and frontend moderation
  • Configure awesome looking mobile ready profile pages for your members
  • Promote interaction between your members with configurable and searchable user lists
  • Provide powerful and engaging profile applications to your members
  • Continuously motivate and engage your members with great built-in Joomla, Kunena (forum), K2 (content) and uddeIM (private messaging) integrations
  • Keep your members involved with personalized and targeted ad-hoc mass mailings
  • Manage everything from your mobile device or tablet

Community Builder allows you to:

  • Create profiles for your members
  • Identify users with first/middle/last name fields
  • Add avatar photos to profiles
  • Add unlimited CB fields to your profiles (text, image, textarea, html editor, integer, checkbox, multi-select checkbox, drop-down, multi-select drop-down, radio, date, email, weblinks - more available with add-ons)
  • Use Custom HTML fields to put customized HTML code in profiles
  • Configure fields to be read-only, for profile viewing, displayed with title, to appear on registration form, etc
  • Control of core fields (email, username, etc), and ajax email and username checkers
  • Custom field validations
  • Organize fields in tabs that can be displayed in different built-in profile positions
  • Create extended registration form
  • Allow login using email address and password
  • Manage registration and profile image approval in frontend with CB Workflow module
  • Create unlimited CB User lists with powerful searching
  • Let members connect with each other (mutual consent or one way)
  • Display # of connections on profiles
  • Show connection path between profile viewer and owner up to 6th degree
  • Moderate your community with FE reporting, banning,
  • Let members interact (using email or PMS extension)
  • Built-in integration with Joomla articles (show article links in author profiles)
  • Built-in integration with Kunena forum
  • Use built-in integration with uddeIM messaging

Joomlapolis hosts free community driven support forums.

Optionally, Professional or Developer memberships can be purchased giving rights to same/next business day guaranteed forum support and access to many additional optional add-on plugins and privileges.

PHP 5.3.9-5.6.x and MySQL 5.0.4+ database are prerequisites (PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5.1+, same as Joomla 3.3, are recommended).

Please do not use the reviews to post support issues. Use our free community forums or paid support system at

Just fantastic

Posted on 28 March 2015

Awesome feature set and plugins for pretty much everything

Ease of use

Pretty snappy user interface; well laid out and easy to get around



I used this to: I bought this mostly because I needed something that would let me get a lot more info from my users when they register. And because of all the additional functionality it provides Joomla. I tried a few other products but just not as comprehensive as CB. Love it!


CB offers us exactly what we need: managing members, lists of different member groups, etc.

Ease of use

Kinda involved for the novice, but not horrible. Just takes some getting used to.


Support for free stuff is kinda iffy, but the forum is fabulous for digging out your own answers. I've found most of my issues solved there.


You have to pay for the documentation manual, which is a downer. OTOH, the forum provides lots of information on issues that arise.

I used this to: two membership sites, one pay, one free. On the pay site, CB allowed us to set up an application with three membership groups, create member lists for each group, integrate with Kunena. Makes our job in managing members MUCH easier.


The quality and custom-ability of the code exceeds my expectations every time. They seem to think of everything, or consider many uses.

Ease of use

There are very simple scripts I've implemented and more complex configurations... and I am still a novice with Joomla!, more of a designer.


I've been using Community Builder for over five years and it is really unparallelled in quality of the code and level of support included.


With thorough, easy-to-find / downloadable documentation, you also get video tutorials and a very good, well organized and manage Forum!

I used this to: I like using CB every change I get on a variety of websites! It adds the interactivity that visitors and users like. Such as setting up profiles, sharing and connecting documents and posting updates. It's a value added element for clubs, artist guilds, & other similar interests.


Community Builder gives you a full featured user database foundation.

Ease of use

I had trouble migrating from Joomla 2.5 to 3.3, but that was mostly my fault. I know how to do it better now. The new system is great.


I haven't needed support, the system works so well.


There are online guides from others to step you through, and Joomlapolis has videos, too.

I used this to: I have a database of over 4,000 users. This allows our users to update their profiles, lets us maintain annual training statistics, and gives our members options to participate on the site.

Joomla and Community Builder are so perfect together, they should be married :-) CB is fantastic, support is awesome, control is great.

I use Community Builder and extensions on a lot of websites for many years and it is really a very good product to build complex communities. During the years they do a lot over very powerfull usefull upgrades, like auto actions etc.

They support is the best of the best and quick. I suggest this

Top extension

Posted on 17 October 2014

I am building the website for a small dojo association and was looking for an extension to add custom fields to users profile when they register.(like their sensei name, dojo location, etc) I must say Community Builder made that pretty easy! I got the advanced subscription to support the team and get the whole documentation. After fiddling a bit more with CB, I found out it is a very flexible solution. But with flexibility often comes complexity, so I was glad to see that the documentation was very well written and complete. I found out about the privacy plugin feature for fields and how to add private tabs, etc. All in all, we managed to build very nice profiles for our users, and we are now looking at the other features like private messaging and allowing users to post their own blog and gallery.

What I also truly appreciated is that, while I am no programmer, I suspect CB API is really easy to use because of the amount of extensions that provide a plugin to integrate to CB profiles. CB itself is also pretty stable. I can't speak for 2.0 since it's been out for only a few weeks, but v1.9.1 ran without a hitch without problem.

And finally, the support. I got nothing but praise for it. While sometime I didn't like the answer(like: "This will be fixed in CB 2.0" which was months away back then) they have ALWAYS answered within 24 hours on their forums. The memberships price are not cheap(but you can get the basic extension itself for free), but I am glad I took one as a "thank you" for this great extension. It is unique in it's field right now, and v2.0 fixed the only small annoying things I had to say about it(the registration form and login box were not responsive so it would not display correctly on a tablet or phone. All fixed now). 5 stars

Excellent code and functionality!

The support is superb too!

And the paid plugins like Groupjive have no comparison.

I've been using it for years and by far is the best joomla component to create social networks

We have been using Community Builder in our sites for over 7 years now and we have always loved the great features CB brings to our Hobby based sites.

The support from the CB team is top notch, and we always get an answer to our questions in a timely manner.

We are Professional level members because of the added plugins and enhancements they add to the site. If you are looking to offer outstanding features to your sites members this is the only way to go.

Also the direction of the CB project is great with the soon to be stable release of CB 2.0, cant wait for the new version to be used on all our live sites.

Way to go CB Team, keep up the great work!


I have been using CB since 1 year. This component is Superb! I used it to create a dating site, a corporate intranet & now the community for a sport steam.

It is really a very good product to build complex communities. It is very Flexible and easy to install

There are endless possibilities that also shows in countless other components that include "CB integration".



Paid download | Community Builder extensions | CB Team at
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2 reviews
CBSubs is a powerful, extremely flexible and field-proven paid subscriptions membership management solution for any Joomla (3.0, 2.5, 1.5, 1.0) website using Community Builder. Add unlimited subscription plans, sell merchandise items and accept donation on your website. Great solution for a broad range of e-commerce use case websites including (but not limited to): Traditional Membership clubs, Download clubs, Customer support sites, Training services, Electronic content subscriptions and combinations of these use cases. Subscription plans support flexible plan durations (from minutes, days, weeks, months, years), grace periods, early renewals, maximum number of renewals allowed, concurrent subscriptions for same user, conditional upgrade proposals, etc. There are literally thousands of available features. There are also physical (configurable) calendar year plans for Traditional membership clubs. Using the built-in content protection mechanism (no need to use Joomla ACL if you do not want to) to automatically protect any Joomla content element (single article, all articles in a given category, module appearance, menu item access, extension access) and require a subscription for access. CBSubs will even propose which available plan will unlock a given protected content item! Built-in integrations with many key Joomla extensions like: Community Builder, GroupJive, Virtuemart, eventlist, jAwards, DOCman, Remository, AcyMailing, idevaffiliate, post affiliate pro 4, alphauserpoints, etc. SQL and URL-parts integrations for Kunena, MoseTree, etc. CBSubs has multi-currency support with daily automated exchange rate synchronization and a built-in VAT tax system. Single and auto-recurring payments are supported. Payment gateways include: Paypal, Paypal Pro, Google Checkout,, 2Checkout, Ogone, CCBill, Payza, QuickPay, eWay, WorldPay, Telemoney EasyPay, Moneris eSELECTplus, Swiss Postfinance and more continuously added. CBSubs marketing tools will help you create great automated or coupon-based promotions for your sales process and to define automated personalized mailings based on extremely flexible criteria conditions. This is one of the most complete membership products available on the web as it is feature rich, has a great detailed manual with many detailed use cases and it is backed by excellent support. CBSubs is available as a pre-built Joomla 2.5/3.0 installable extension package with CB, modules and main plugins, or as a CB Plugin.
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