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JLex Review is powerful review system for Joomla!.
The third-party of Joomla can integrate into any extension

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★ Key feature:
+ Review item:
→ Multiple rating: Now, multiple rating feature are available in JLex Review 2. You can add one or more factor for each review
→ Split editor: Split main editor to multiple field (eg. advantages, disadvantages and summary). Also, you can easily custom these fields. Fully setting from label title, request field to BBCode third-party.
→ Number stars: JLex Review don't limit at 5 stars. You can custom number star that you want (6,7,8,9 ... ). Also, the summary board will be changed.
→ Gallery/Photo: This feature allow you upload multiple photos/images and embed it into review. All photo will be resized size when upload successful.
→ File attachment: As above, this feature allow you attach multiple file from client computer. Also, you can set access control to manage upload/download command. All files are stored in the safe folder
→ Map embed: JLex Review 2 support some API of Google Map. So, you can embed/insert any map/address into each review.
→ Social sharing: The social sharing feature also supported in this version. You can share review to large social network. Such as: Facebook, Google plus and
→ Comment system: Add comment each review. Addition, you can like/dislike or reply for each comment. In order to receive new comment from a review, you need subscribe this review.

  • Add-ons:
    → Vote/Quick rating: Vote/Quick rating as rating without review. All multiple rating or number star have keep.
    → Global profile: Yes, you can use profile (avatar+url) of third-party. Currently, we are support: JomSocial, Stackidea product, K2, Community Builder and Kunena. In addition, JLex Review profile are supported ;)
    → Applications: JLex Review allow you install plugins that supported JLex Review. Eg: Captcha, Emotion or Gallery ....
    → Responsive theme: Fully responsive template help your site correctly display in all device (smartphone, table or laptop...)
    → Google Rich Snippets: Display user rating and review in google search.

  • Security:
    → Access control: Manage what users can do by setting specific authority levels for them. Apply for each user group
    → Captcha plugin: Anti-spam bad review quality. You need install and enable captcha plugin before use this feature.
    → Blacklist: Deny all request from these users/IPs address. This is the best way to anti-spam in your site.
    → Report manager: Get reports from your users. There is base to filter users/IP address and add them in Blacklist

  • Notification:
    → Remote via email: Manage reviews via admin email address. If you are admin of site, you can delete/publish review in email UI.
    → Subscriptions: Subscribe to get the latest page's review and comments or replies. So your visitors will never miss any updates from your page.

  • Administrator UI:
    → Statistics number review, comment

Best Review Extension

Posted on 21 February 2015

Great functionality

Ease of use

Very easy to handle


The best support in the market


crystal and clear

Value for money

gain more pay less

I used this to: I really needed a great extension for article review and i found the best extension. JLEX Review will exceed your expectation and you will be amazed with the great support.

Just from a customer of

I really mis the ACL support here to prevent clients need to see the complete componenttree

Owner's reply: Hi guy, thank you so much. Now, ACL-Permission + Blacklist are available in JLex Review 2. I hope it can help you ;)

Must to have!

Posted on 08 July 2014

I consider this component with structured data absolute must for small business websites. Excellent support – amazing and fast. I tested few different components for reviews and this was the best. At the price you pay it is real bargain. But most important, support was unbelievable!

And if you are busy developer, working with clients you don’t have time to waste on bad extensions or component and you understand how vital is timely support.

Highly recommend.

Sincere thanks to the Developer.

You are the best!

Posted on 11 June 2014

Best plugin for the reviews that I've seen. And the best support I've ever met. Help on all issues.

I created my account solely to give a review for this extension. This team definitely deserves more attention as they have gone out of their way to help me implement this extension on my site. 5-Star service and 5-star extension. I have searched a long time for something like this and tried my luck with this one, was truly delighted with the result. good job guys! keep up the good work!

I also made this account to review this plugin. It's the best system because it has a detailed professional description of the reviews using a chart and testimonials. They also helped me make a rich snippet on the front page of my site showing stars and linking to google. Great service and great work.

This is my first review and i only registered to give my support to this great Extension.

Jlex works really fine and the support is really great.

Thank you dor this great tool!

Very good

Posted on 23 March 2014

Very good. Great extension and great support.

The pro version is the best and it is very cheap.

Work fine on all component. Mobile version is perfect

Nice extension just as I wanted. I needed some custom modification with the component and they helped me very well. Satisfied.


JLex Block

JLex Block

Paid download | Site Access | JLexArt
2.5 3
5 reviews
JLex Block is an extension of Joomla CMS. It helps you easily protect and change the content of any pages, elements on your website. It currently providing 7 ways to help you protect content in the best way. Main features: ★ Password: This is the most popular method on Joomla. You can set password to any pages or elements that you want to protect. In addition, you can customize, add new theme (template) in your way. On the same page, you can protect many elements at once. ★ Country manager: Deny / Allow requires from these countries. Each client have one IP, JLex Block will detect client country base on IP. Now, JLex Block providing more 100 countries. So, it will reduce the amount of spam. ★ User Group: This method will collect all groups of Joomla site (like: Public/Guest/Manager/Administrator/Register... and you can add or modify group), and it deny or allow requires from users of these groups.View image ★ User manager: Same as above, this method will deny or allow requires from special users. You can set up multiple elements on same page and assign this element with users that you want them to see. ★ IP manager: Deny / Allow requires from these IP. Same as country manager method, it will reduce the amount of spam. ★ Access view level: The basic, Joomla CMS provide 4 view level : Public / Guest / Register / Special. This method allow you set a minimum level that members can see. Ex: If you set level is Register, users of Register and special level can see content. ★ Stop publish: This method can replace / hidden content of element or page indefinitely or for a period of time. Watch a short introductory video about JLex Block: p/s: JLex Block apply for any extension and not affect SEF URLs (SEO).
c p
Youtube Feed Pro

Youtube Feed Pro

Paid download | Social Media | JLexArt
2.5 3
2 reviews
An essential module for updating or creating the list videos from Youtube. THE KEY FEATURES: ★ Support multiple methods to get data from Youtube: -> From special videos -> From a specific user or the video that person favorite -> Add from Youtube playlist -> Especially, look for the video query. You type in any phrase and it will list the video required. -> Update hot videos by day, week, month on youtube ★ Custom Youtube player. Almost parameters of player are supported. Example: Information Video, Control bar, Youtube Branding, Auto Loop, Relative video... etc ★ Sorted your video as you like. ★ All template fully responsive ★ Thumbnail image quality improved significantly ★ Automatic play quality HD video when running the page (Use API). ★ Adjust the number of results displayed ★ Popup are available. ★ Customize the easy interface. ★ Screen standard 4:3 and 16:9 ★ Touch for all device (iOS, android, ...etc) Hope you will enjoy it! :)
Gallery Content

Gallery Content

Free | K2 extensions | JLexArt
2.5 3
3 reviews
Gallery Content is a plugin that allows embed one or more slideshow into your article. (Use for Joomla Content, K2 and VirtueMart). Main features: - Find and auto create thumbnail images from folder selected. - Embed images Picasa, Flickr or remote URLs - Optimizing your site loading speed - Setting size image, lightbox, auto start, effect,image Alignment..etc - Add title, description and link for each image - Enable fullscreen function - Support video from Youtube, Vimeo services - Include 5 package template. - Easy code editor - Fully responsive - Works well on all browsers ----------------- Change log --------------- v1.2: - Fixed bug structure of code - Fixed resize image feature v1.3: - Fixed size of thumbnail v1.7: - Fixed flickr request
JLex 360

JLex 360

Free | Panorama | JLexArt
2.5 3
1 review
JLex 360 is plugin to display 360 view of product or images. Customers will have a more holistic view of your product. It is easily integrated into articles, K2 and Virtuemart extensions. Features: - Find and sort images in the selected folder - Animated rotation and inertial motion. - Intuitive operation. Supports both mouse and touch. - Apple, Blackberry and Android mobile devices supported. - Many options - Support JPEG,JPG,PNG,GIF


Free | Maps & Locations | JLexArt
2.5 3
1 review
Map JLEX is module for Joomla. With Map JLEX, you can add multiple marker in ONE map. Attach logo, title, description, link. You can change default icon of Google Map, auto find coordinate. Option control, zoom level, map type ... v1.2: - Update number marker from 5 to unlimited. v2.2: - Fixed bug no-response from Google Map service
Media Kits

Media Kits

Paid download | Images | JLexArt
2.5 3
1 review
Media Kits is the third-party of Media Manager. It contain popular tools to edit and modify image/photo. In the addition, you can use it to transfer images from URL. There is the way to save time Key Features of Media Kits: ★ Transfer image from URL ★ Resize and Crop (Can progressing with large image) ★ Rename or create new file ★ Add watermark to image ★ Use direct with both page and frame of Media Manager Watch a short introductory video about Media Kits Hope you will enjoy it! :)
Gallery Anywhere

Gallery Anywhere

Paid download | Galleries | JLexArt
2.5 3
3 reviews
Build and insert any responsive image Gallery/Slider/SlideShow/Carousel into Joomla! site. Main features: ★ PLACED ANYWHERE Create and put it anywhere that you want. Components, module or any source code. ★ IMAGE MANAGER All basic features are available at here. Create folder, upload or edit (rotate, resize, crop...) images. ★ MULTIPLE SOURCE Picasa & Flickr services are supported. Many method and unlimited request for each gallery. ★ UNLIMITED GALLERY Unlimit gallery in each web page. You can use different galleries at the same page. ★ INTEGRATION EASILY You have a gallery and want to add it. Gallery Anywhere will help you. ★ THIRD-PARTY SERVICE Youtube, Vimeo or Frame are supported in some Gallery builder. ★ GALLERY + We will add ONE gallery buider in a month. You can get it directly in your site Watch a short introductory video about Gallery Anywhere (v2.x): Hope you will enjoy it! :)
Search JLex

Search JLex

Free | Site Search | JLexArt
2.5 3
0 reviews
Search JLEX is module for Joomla.It help synchronize the search results on your site using the Google search engine. You will see the sites, photos & videos are displayed right on your page. In addition, users can also search for other information through this module.

JLex Review

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Nov 19 2014
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