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The ultimate Joomla forms solution, every kind of form is possible, contact forms, payment forms, autoresponders, article form, survey, captcha, multi page and more!

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ChronoForms is more than 8 years old, started at the early Joomla days, today it has a HUGE list of features and a very easy to use interface to help you build any type of form you may need, some of the features included are:

1- Drag and Drop or full custom code forms builder, different forms styles and layouts, with Bootstrap responsive support.
2- Totally configurable email setup for your forms.
3- Full Client and Server data validation.
4- Store forms data into database or Google sheets, you may also export it to CSV/XLS/PDF files.
5- Full security and spam prevention tools for your forms including Captcha, ReCaptcha, Google noCaptcha, Security question and Honeypot.
6- Different Joomla functions. (Joomla registration forms, User Login forms support, Article submission forms)
7- Groups permissions support for full control over who can access any of your forms.
8- Payment Integration ( - Paypal Pro, IPN and PDT -
9- Other features include: File uploads, File downloads, date pickers widget, fields masks, Multi pages, Session read and write, database data loading, dynamic fields events, dynamic data sources, Auto completer, page redirects, cURL, Email verification, Email encryption, Meta data control and others.
10- The most modular forms designer, build your own form processing routine or use the simple mode for quick setup.
11- More than 17 demo forms built in presenting many features.

1- Huge FAQs section covering all your common questions.
2- Free forums with more than 100,000 forums posts covering almost any question you may think about, We try to answer everybody's questions and comments on our forums or through private emails.

You are welcome to visit us :)


It covers all my needs. The available options cater to everything I use on a website.

Ease of use

Direct, from simple to complete in a few clicks


A striking point is the documentation. I found answers to all my questions regarding the installation and use of the component.


A striking point is the documentation. I found answers to all my questions regarding the installation and use of the component.

I used this to: Created forms of contact for specific actions, achieving 100% of assertiveness in my demands.


It certainly does everything I need in the way of validation and security, including custom javascript and php.

Ease of use

A bit of a learning curve, but questions easily answered by existing forum q&a. It's REALLY slow with MAMP at times


It's been around long enough that pretty much every question has been answered already.

I used this to: Simple forms, but I wanted some custom actions for sequential dates and email template. These were simple to do and almost impossible in anything else I tried. I gave up after my first try and then came back to it.

Best forms sofar

Posted on 20 January 2015

Easy to install. Build a form including acymaling subsciption in less then an hour.

Ease of use

Very easy. Use documentation.


not needed yet. But looking at the forums. Questions are answered


Good and understandable

I used this to: Membership subscription including newsletter


Fantastic! I truly recomend!

Ease of use

Piece of cake! Anyone, even without any knowledge will be able to create amazing forms!


The support is fantastic! Max answer all our doubts faster than the speed of light! One of the best support services I've ever seen!

I used this to: I create exam forms for my language students. So easy with this extension!


Posted on 22 October 2014

Easy to use and works fantastically. Only thing I'd say, improve your so called "demo" by about... 500%! There's so much more you can do with chronoforms than that and yoiu simply don't care enough to show it off. Demo is awful! I expected more from you. The product itself gets the 5 stars. Highly recommend this product, even with the crap demo.

I've been using Chronoforms for years and in my opinion it's the best and most user-friendly form creator out there. It's really easy to use, considering how advanced you can make your forms if you need to.

The support team is also very friendly and helpful.

Havin tested many form generators in the last years, I find chronoforms the most intuitive one.

I had some bugs in the free version. Sometimes the form cannot be connected with the database. I think it's a javascript problem. Nevertheless - thanks a lot for this extension!

Chronoforms has been my extension of choice for adding forms for years. It's amazing how much you get for free; it's not only the whole component, but also access to a top quality support and docs (remember, for free). And if you need more, you have paid stuff available.

On the technical side, you get full control over forms: layout, behaviour, custom CSS/Javascript/PHP, integration with Joomla core components and functions, integration with many 3rd party extensions... and yes, most of it for free.

I can't thank "Greyhead" enough for providing this great component for years.

Great Extension

Posted on 07 August 2014

This component takes Joomla far beyond imaginable capabilities. I keep discovering new and exciting ways to use it. It should just be included in Joomla's core, it's indispensable. Great job!

Best on my lists

Posted on 30 May 2014

Actually I've used Chronoforms for years, on several websites and it's always excellent. So I'd like to salute the developer(s) and to recommend it to the users.

Chrono Connectivity

Chrono Connectivity

Free | Content Construction | Chrono Man
2.5 3
10 reviews
ChronoConnectivity is a raw CCK (Content constructions kit) for Joomla, it helps you list and manage (delete/update) the data in any of your database tables, with full permissions support, and full integration with Chronoforms. The interface allows you to connect multiple tables together, build complex tables relationships and to present your data nicely. You can list your data in tables or in custom HTML lists, build editable lists, or do custom data processing, all is possible.
c p


Free | Forum | Chrono Man
2.5 3
8 reviews
After failing to fall in love with any Joomla forums extension, and falling into troubles with bridged forums, I decided to build ChronoForums, and today it may be the best free forums extension for Joomla, check out a quick list of features below: Categories -> Forums -> Topics -> Posts structure. Lock/Stick topics or set forums announcements. Topics tagging and advanced search by relevance. Posts reporting and topics manual activation by admins. Posts attachments. Favorites list. Featured topics list. Users voting and a reputation system. Private messages. Auto replies. Global and distinct forums permissions. BBCode and WYSIWYG editors. Quick reply feature. Extended new topic form fields. Users profiles and ranking system. Topics subscriptions. Notification emails. Themes/Styles support (only 1 is provided). Strong moderation tools (mods can drop spammers and/or their topics/posts with 1 click). Reply to posts directly by email (IMAP required) Bootstrap theme support. Simple data migration tool for phpBB bridged forums & Kunena to ChronoForums. Multi language support, currently we have the following ones: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portugese and Swedish, thanks for our users! And more.....
c m


Free | Forms | Chrono Man
2.5 3
0 reviews
Building forms for your Joomla! website will never be easier, use this new simple and innovative forms builder to build quick and clean forms in just a few seconds, in 1 step you can design you forms using a drag&drop wizard or using your own custom HTML, setup emails and auto responders, secure your form with Captcha and/or server validation. Hassle free forms builder, presented to you by the ChronoForms developers to satisfy every Joomla! user. :) Minimum server requirements: PHP 5.3 PHP PDO extension enabled. PHP PDO MySQL extension enabled. Most web servers today meet the requirements above, don't worry! ;)


Chrono Man
Last updated:
Feb 16 2015
Date added:
Dec 17 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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