ChronoForms is the best Joomla forms builder in the market:

  • It's super flexible, you can build almost anything using the Views/Actions/Behaviors system included.
  • Very Simple and easy to use interface, huge list of configuration options hidden by default, but can be enabled when needed.
  • It can work on any Joomla website, and we have a version available for WordPress in case you want to copy/move your forms around different websites.

ChronoForms is a FREE Joomla forms builder

We believe in freedom and simplicity, you can download ChronoForms7 without any payments or registrations!

Chronoforms builder provides amazing performance and nice looking forms

We use one of the best UI frameworks available to display the form, only the necessary CSS/JS files are loaded and appended to the page code to boost your web pages performance.

Chronoforms includes all form fields

Whatever form field you are looking for is available, if you can not find one then you may use the HTML element to show your own HTML code which may include PHP

Chronoforms includes digital signature support

Accept digital signatures

Upload files with ChronoForms builder

Users submitted files can be uploaded to your server, attached to emails and/or saved to Google Drive

ChronoForms has unlimited emails support

Send 1 or 10 emails when the form starts or ends, you have full control on the number of emails any the processing sequence.

ChronoForms saves all your forms data

Just enable the "DB Log" form behavior and your form data is going to be stored for later review.

ChronoForms provides efficient tools for Spam protection

protect your form against spam by using the simple security icons element or the Google reCaptcha

ChronoForms validates your fields data

Apply validation rules to any field, you may also define your own validation functions in either PHP or JavaScript

ChronoForms builder has multi page form support

Divide your form into multiple pages easily using the multi page designer included

ChronoForms builder can Read,Save or Delete data of any database table

The Data actions lets you work with one or multiple database tables very easily, different tables can be related using the relation behavior.

ChronoForms supports Conditional fields

Show, Hide, Disable, or apply many functions to any form field using the flexible Events Behavior

ChronoForms Scheduling & Restrictions

Limit any form based on dates, weekdays, hours, number of submissions (per user) or IP address, you may also limit the whole form or specific parts based on the user's group!

ChronoForms builder creates responsive forms

All your forms will look great on both desktop and mobile screens!

ChronoForms builder generates PDF template of your form data

Use the TCPDF action to build PDF files out of any form data available

ChronoForms can connect to external services

Connect your form to any service or API using the included cURL action

ChronoForms builder includes Email Encryption

Encrypt your email data for more security with the included email encryption behavior (requires the Crypt_GPG lib)

ChronoForms builder data listing

List data from any database table using the Table view, export data to Google Spreadsheets or to an Excel file


1- Huge FAQs section covering all your common questions.
2- Free forums with more than 100,000 forums posts covering almost any question you may think about, We try to answer everybody's questions and comments on our forums or through private emails.

You are welcome to visit us :)

No support

Posted on 09 October 2021
Basic functions are fine, but if want to do sophisticated tasks, it will be an uphill battle.
Ease of use
Not easy to learn, the learning curve is long, if you not technical competant, better avoid this.
not answering questions, very impolite, will not recommend this extension to my clients anymore(sales # 74875.20190905.035249.535922)
I used this to: Integrate Chronoforms for my customers' websites to generate invoices.
Bien, graphisme réussi en construction de listes, de nombreuses fonctionnalités, accès à toutes les tables standards de Joomla.
Ease of use
Reste complexe à mettre en place pour les liaisons entre les tables (par exemple pour les champs additionnels.
Beaucoup trop faible, beaucoup de questions restées sans réponse.
Elle existe. Aide importante mais quelques manques d'exemples avec la gestion des champs additionnels.
I used this to: CCK, création de listes et de formulaires avec possibilité de modifications de champs en frontend sans donner l'accès au backend.
All the intuitive functionality has thrown out of the window since version 7
Ease of use
This truely was an excellent component which i have been using since the Joomla 1 series
There is a forum where questions are answered now and than. Besides that the previous version had a great pdf
There isn't hardly any documentation on version 7 besides some basic youtube video's which are useless for advanced functionality.
I used this to: all kinds of functionality, simple forms to advanced database and event triggering solutions
Owner's reply: what intuitive functionality was thrown of the window ? almost every v6 feature is available in v7 in a much more flexible way, this is why we have videos, this was requested by the users.

As good as it gets

Posted on 02 October 2020
The most robust form builder that there is. Nothing Ive have used, on any platform, has come close.
Ease of use
The basics are really easy to grasp. Complex tasks are not too obvious
Unbelievably good support. Stumbled across a small bug, Within 1 hour Max had replied and sent a patch. They have been brilliant for years!
This needs some work. The basics are there. But the more complex functions are not covered. Though they are working on it.
I used this to: Building a coupon redemption platform that integrates into 3rd party APIs.
CF works exactly as advertised. it's always easy to drag-n-drop the pieces I need, and there are a lot of pieces you can add,
Ease of use
It's very easy to use. Drag and drop! You can move things around so that you have EXACTLY the form you need.
The support is first-rate! I've been working on a project and Max has been a huge help, spending hours via email helping me get set up.
This is the one place that I think needs some work. While it's fairly self-explanatory, it would hep if there was a full, well-written wiki
I used this to: Creating all my forms, from contact forms to forms that work through cURL to add data to an external application.

Just What I need

Posted on 16 March 2020
It has more than I need. The most powerful functionality that very useful for my cases are when I need to customize and secure my inputs.
Ease of use
Straightforward. Once you get into it, you'll never look into another builder.
I used this to: I use ChronoForms extensively everywhere on Joomla websites I built. It's very helpful.
What makes you wonder when this is a free extension, it fully satisfies my requirements
Ease of use
It's not easy to use, but in return you can read the documentation to be able to use it, the document is very detailed
I used this to: Projects need a flexible form to handle input, customers often suggest rsform but if you want a free extension, this is the extension you should think about
I purchased this which came with upgrades until version 6 came out. THere is ZERO - and I do mean ZERO info to set up for v6!
Ease of use
TERRIBLE! Does not come with explanation of their verbiage. No "i" information button next to each field and it's entirely different than v5
TERRIBLE! I have contacted support for 2 weeks and can NEVER GET A REPLY with instructions. There are ZERO tutorials for v6!
All documentation is for v5 which is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT than v6!
I used this to: For customers to sign up to affiliate program and on a claims page. Unfortunatley this was a complete waste of money and two weeks of searching every thread and forum for correct set up with v6! I highly do not recommend this version as there is no support and not intuitive

Very poor tutorial!!!

Posted on 23 March 2019
Reading the features of this extensions seems that is fantastic, but when I tried to use in my site I found many difficulties!
Ease of use
I tried to use this extension reading forums and some manual/tutorial around Internet, but it's very complicated building a functional form!
There isn't a official clear documentation!! The tutorial I found in Internet are partial, confused and non easy for beginners!!!
I used this to: Build form to read, write and modify data in a custom database.
Best form extension . Unfortunately version 6 is limited on localhost and can't register it to use locally and I develop on localhost.
Ease of use
Steep learning curve but it's expected with such an advanced extension.
Good but sometime a little dismissive. Overall trustworthy.
Mostly relies on a book written for v3 but online help available at forum.


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