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The 'Attachments' extension for Joomla! allows files to be uploaded and attached to articles and other types of content. URLs can also be attached. 'Attachments' includes the ability to attach files and edit attachments from the front end as well as from the administrative back end. There are options to control who can see the attachments and who can upload them, along with many other options to increase its flexibility and usefulness.

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INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE: Use the Joomla installer with the single installation zip file. The component and all plugins are installed in a single step. Attachments uses the Joomla "upgrade" capability and can be installed over previous versions of Attachments.

There are two versions of Attachments:

  • Version 3.2+ for Joomla 2.5.7+ or 3.x
    -- The 3.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 1.5
    -- See demo video:
    -- DOWNLOAD:
    -- FORUMS:

  • Version 2.x for Joomla 1.5
    -- The 2.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 2.5 and later
    -- See demo video:
    -- DOWNLOAD:
    -- FORUMS:

NOTE These sites will be migrating soon (check back here for updates)!

The Attachments extension files have been migrated from to:
-- Source code: /
-- Translations: /

If you would like to subscribe to an email list for announcements about the Attachments extension, please visit:

Releases 3.1+ and 2.2+ give you several ways to add, edit, and delete your attachments on the front end, back end, and in article editors on the front and back ends (including during article creation). There are many options to control who can see attachments. When you add or edit attachments, page updates are done quickly without full page reloads.

If you plan to use this extension for sensitive files, use the 'Secure' mode. This provides secure storage of attachment files and prevents access by anyone without logging in.

Attachments 3.2.0 includes many features:
--- Continues to support both Joomla 2.5.7+ and 3.x!
--- Various fixes and improvements (see release notes on github).
--- Tested with Joomla 3.3.6
--- For more details, see:

Attachments 3.2.1 includes many features:
--- Fixed problem with filenames of the downloaded files

Attachments 3.2.2 and 3.2.3
--- Fixed issues due to Joomla 3.4



Ease of use


I used this to: I used your extension in many site and was working just fine, but when I updated to 3.2.3 it crashed the website, I tried to remove the plugin manually from cpanel but nothing happened!
Please help!


Actually i loved it, but have some issues when upload the site to the server.

Ease of use

Global configuration turn white. :(

Bery good but

Posted on 11 June 2015


Ease of use






I used this to: My Joomla site is dissapeared when I wanted to upgrade. As written in the documentations one can simply install new version and it will automatically upgraded and old version will be deleted.
I used version 3.0.1 and when press the install button my site dissapeared.HELP
Owner's reply: Sorry you had difficulties during your upgrade. I'm willing to help out so you should feel free to contact me: jmcameron_at jmcameron_do t_net



Perfect, easy to install, configure and manage.

Ease of use

Absolutely easy to use by my users/publishers.


I had no problem for years, I had a problem with the last version and the support (Jonathan) was so e kind and careful and I solved.


In the forum there is a lot of information.

I used this to: An italian public administration site since 2008 with several hundred of attachments and twenty users/publishers.


Hi Its working fine except update the existing .While updating the existing file

Ease of use

The error shows The most recent request was denied because it contained an invalid security token. Please refresh the page and try again.



It works very well. I just had some questions and the support was very good.

Ease of use
I used this to: importing Attachments from Joomla 1.5

Excellent component

Posted on 15 October 2014

I am using this component in several sites. It is very easy to install and configure.

I appreciate the option that downloads are just for registrated users only, if desired.

And the developer is very helpful. I experienced this myself when he solved a problem with documentrights within my site (which was my own fault after all).

Simple and elegant

Posted on 26 July 2014

Nice and simple attachment manager, working with no problems at all.

I Recommend!

Perfect extension to upload attachment with articles, have ACL features, nicely blend with template, control of displaying attributes in frontend and backend logs. It has the features you need and very prompt reply I have got fixing an uninstalling issue.

I've used Attachments for many years on a 1.5 website. We're currently upgrading the website to 3.x and it was a real pleasure (& relief!) to find Attachments works with 3.x. A big THANKS for your extension :)

Attachments for JEvents

Attachments for JEvents

Free | Downloads | Jonathan Cameron
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Attachments plugin for JEvents (for Joomla) This plugin allows users to add attachments to JEvents items in Joomla. This version works with Joomla versions 2.5.28 and 3.3+ however it requires Attachments 3.2.2 or later. You may obtain the Attachments extension at The Attachments for JEvents relies on two plugins that are maintained on github: Release 3.2.2 is the first release of this pair of plugins.
p e


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